Flight 8969 Hijacking - GIGN Raid

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Gnalysis : Thanks GIGN. And now Rainbow 6: Siege remade this into a map. :S

DCD Chango : "Counter-Terrorists win"

Regal Two : This is why the GIGN are amazing.

arleitiss : I used to absolutely hate French. Until I visited France. I love French people now, even though I don't speak any French and only spoke English, the people were very welcoming and tried their best to help me explain things and directions in English. I have big respect for France and French now.

Heath Slaughter : "To save lives without regard to one's own" is the motto for the GIGN. That's exactly what I see in this video and kudos to them for doing so!

Tchongy : GIGN members have more chance to die during training sessions (16 casualties) than anti-terrorist operation (2 casualties). You can't compare GIGN and SAS since the first one is a police unit, the second one a commando unit. GIGN released more than 700 hostages, killed 20 terrorists or criminals, and captured more than 2000 of their ennemies.

TheDGP17 : It appeared they wanted to crash this plane on Paris, so actually GIGN more or less avoided a "French 9/11"... One of the world best police special forces, if not the best one (trained the US swat)!

Dave Davis : GIGN don't play.

Idontlikeyouropinion. at all : And people say the French are pussies. These guys are mad men, look at the intivative when they try and open the door. The stair ladder moves bak and instead of jumping the GIGN operator holds onto the door, opens it then leaps back onto the stairs then assaults the plane. Not to mention all the guys jumping all over the place.v

Maxx Yang : GIGN is NOT the equivalent of S.W.A.T. It's more an equivalent to SAS or FBI

ACE : vive la france

Sakata Gintoki : lol at 1:19 that guy jumps from high with heavy equipment on him and still his leg didn't gave a single fuck! :D

pdrafter : They did it again!. All terrorists dead! GIGN really do kick ass! Congrats from the US! Job well done.

Skanzool : That has to be one of the greatest raids ever undertaken. To neutralize the enemy and sustain no deaths to any of the passengers or raid team member in such a confine space is simply amazing. Excellent work that.

Nhan Nguyen : Counter-terrorists win

Player DeOuf : No contest GIGN is the best...

bobby4500 : they killed all 4 of them, happy ending

henry gonzalez : It takes some serious balls to storm a plane/room filled with murderous hostage takers who could give a fuq about dying....

Jason Allain : That first group that went in the door was about as bad ass as they could possibly be! About one in a million has the guts for that and they had a whole group! Just the guys for handling terrorist vermin.

Lane Green : Ahh yes, the GIGN. Probably more hardcore than our SEALs or DELTA teams

DavidForce : GIGN is not a SWAT, its a special forces unit of the French Armed Forces. The commentator are on crack.

MilitaryMotivation : Good job our brothers -from across the channel!

ToasterStrudel Gaming : This is why the SAS and the GIGN are my favorite, they come in, be badasses, then come out with all the squad members alive.

Adolf Hitler : Now I like to play as GIGN on the plane map in rainbow six siege

Maurício Cavalieri Machado : all four terrorists were killed" music to my ears.

Erwin Nicolas Espinoza : i admire gign ,, they are better that americans


Pushies : 1:11 what a massive jump, a co-pilot can survive a jump from 5 meter? really, he still could walk like normal

Tyler Tuthill : Much respect to GIGN.

Desi : the most unbelievable thing is: all hostages including captain and copilot trapped in the cockpit were saved. Any unit could have ripped apart the whole plane front, killed terrorists and several hostages in a barrage of fire in the process, they would have still be celebrated as heroes or supermen for this dirty job. But no, they chose the riskiest painfulest most difficult most sacrificial route. For the sake of innocent lives. With total disregard for their own safety. And succeded, unbelievably, only 2 operators were hurt.

Darren Lynch : Have some of that!!! Takes serious balls to do these jobs, utmost respect to these men for risking their lives for others!

Ashaebi // DyG-Apollo : I'd rather have the GIGN and the SAS. I dont really care about the SEALS as they are almost exactly like normal US military. The SAS and GIGN however, are one of the most badass CTU Forces I've seen in action.

darren angel : yeah thats true not equalivallent to swat but the world elite, sas, gsg9, etc my honest opinion at the moment i think gign is world no 1 in hostage rescue, welldone from wales uk.

TacticallyPractical : Go France1 From your half-cousins in Canada!

ComradeJTA : GIGN are badass! they have only had 9 fatalities in it's lifespan (established in 1973) two of wich were during operations and 7 during training.

eternalR81 : Wow ! Ive never heard of this Assault before by the GIGN till now . French Ninjas :)

Paul-Jam Guitton : Equivalent of SWAT? Hahahaha GIGN is military and is nothing compared to police.

Fluffy McFluff : I'm calling hacks on the T who perfectly shot the bullet through the muzzle of the gign member

Francis Begbie : I can't deny that everytime i need a pill of courage to do something, i watch this video.

Guild Guild : GIGN equivalent in USA isn't SWAT, but SEAL

odeus predrinn : GIGN forever !!! aaaamazing!

corne koppelaar : With Dutch nationality I only could hope the Netherlands had something similar to GIGN. Than we would have taken the site where the shot down Malaysian Boeing in the Ukraine had to be secured. I really admire these elite troops.

Giorgos280 : Congratulations from Greece (OYK-ΛΟΚ). GIGN did a great job! #Brothers

Chaotic Neutral : counter-terrorists win

Double RD : ive always wondered what that explosion was on the gign member, but having all the rounds go off in your gun?!? thats crazy

Ryan Shepard : Counter Terrorist win!

amesbancal : Curiously no usual comments on alledged French cowardise from Americans... 😆

DrSunTzu : Compare this to the Manila Hostage crisis which took 1 hr and 30 min with just one suspect in a bus...

Craig Smith : Most successful anti-terror operation ever carried out.

cyka blyat : Look at 0:53 he almost fell xD.... but i guess gsg9 wont make any mistakes THEY ARE BETTER THAN SWAT..but i dont know gsg9 vs gign....