Belfast Zoo Chimpanzee escapes Belfast Zoo enclosure

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Chimpanzee escapes Belfast Zoo enclosure


Bryan Masis : This is how planet of the apes started

Jeff Kingsbury : I have my doubts about the safety of this kid

Steamzombie1838 : Someone needs to listen to a kid!!!! He's the voice of reason.

MechaAkuma : Uhm... Chimps are kind of dangerous to humans for a multitude of reasons. I wouldn't stand around casually watching them escape. It's a animal with the strength of 3 grown men trapped inside a 5 year old.

Ben Reed : "Don't escape, you bad little gorilla!" Wait, wasn't that Stormy Daniels' nickname for Trump?

Tim Higgins : Looks like a Chimp took the video as well, what dummy holds their phone vertically when videoing if not a Chimp.

Jxndee _ : Just in bbc Ulster there now

Труба Зовет : The girl voice reminded me Ewoks from Star Wars :-D

A AM : that accent. :) lovely

liam b : Real life planet of the apes right here

Blaster324 Blaster324 : Wall stopped these chimps until some weather intervened. An average illegal not much smarter.

DJ Elbo : vengeance for harambe

AFC4LIFE Seamus : Perhaps they thought they part of the good Friday agreement 🤣🤣

Никита М : Золотой вам воли и чистого неба, братаны!

Hawkszone : Kids with Irish accents sound adorable!

Pat : *ficken der juden!*

Virdeo : Escape? there is already 1 standing out of this