Belfast Zoo Chimpanzee escapes Belfast Zoo enclosure

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Thomas Clark : they'd have got away with it too if it wasnt for those meddling kids

DJ Elbo : vengeance for harambe

Jeff Kingsbury : I have my doubts about the safety of this kid

Bryan Masis : This is how planet of the apes started

MechaAkuma : Uhm... Chimps are kind of dangerous to humans for a multitude of reasons. I wouldn't stand around casually watching them escape. It's a animal with the strength of 3 grown men trapped inside a 5 year old.

Tim Higgins : Looks like a Chimp took the video as well, what dummy holds their phone vertically when videoing if not a Chimp.

Jake : They’re evolving!

Steamzombie1838 : Someone needs to listen to a kid!!!! He's the voice of reason.

liam b : Real life planet of the apes right here

Hawkszone : Kids with Irish accents sound adorable!

Ben Reed : "Don't escape, you bad little gorilla!" Wait, wasn't that Stormy Daniels' nickname for Trump?

A AM : that accent. :) lovely

Jxndee _ : Just in bbc Ulster there now

Pat : *ficken der juden!*

Никита М : Золотой вам воли и чистого неба, братаны!

Blaster324 Blaster324 : Wall stopped these chimps until some weather intervened. An average illegal not much smarter.

Труба Зовет : The girl voice reminded me Ewoks from Star Wars :-D

AFC4LIFE Seamus : Perhaps they thought they part of the good Friday agreement 🤣🤣

Virdeo : Escape? there is already 1 standing out of this


StraightUp Oldies : That wall should be 3x bigger plus at the top should have electric fence wire on it... Stupid cunts looks like a farmers wall for sheeps

tikus 1970 : I pray to God that the chimps don't come in contact with AFRICANS. Smoked monkey meat is parcelled from africa to Ireland to africans, who miss bush meat 🍖. It's a favourite delicacy in Africa. Majority of the asylum seekers from Africa in DP are constantly complaining about the standard of food being served as disgusting. You can only imagine what they will do to the helpless chimps if they had crossed their path. Please god guide and protect the chimps from being mutated.