How to Cook Steak on Coals
How to Cook Steak on Coals

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Perfectly grilled steak in mere minutes.


octoberasian : The comments here criticizing this method make me want to slap someone.  There is a lot of misconception in the comments. 1.  The skirt steak is NOT raw, it's MEDIUM RARE.  This means that the internal temperature is around 130F to 135F (or 55C to 57C).  MEDIUM is more pink, and is reached at 140F (or 60C).  If you want rarer or what's typically called "blue steak", cook until internal temperature is 120F to 125F.  That would mean lesser time on the coals than this "recipe" asks for, which is less than 35 to 40 seconds. 2.  That is NOT blood coming out.  That is normally called myowater or myoglobin, which are the protein laden fluids that have denatured during cooking.  Blood is darker red and coagulates, myowater/myoglobin does not. 3.  Steak doneness is done by PERSONAL PREFERENCE!  For gods sakes, if you think this is "too raw" for you, cook it another minute or two longer on each side until it reaches your OWN PERSONAL PREFERENCE! 4.  This is natural charcoal made from actual hardwood.  This is NOT CHARCOAL BRIQUETS that you buy from your local hardware store or supermarket, which normally have additives and other chemicals in them.  Natural charcoal made from actual hardwood is nothing but pure wood heated to very high temperatures to burn away the natural gases and other material in the wood until it becomes something closer to pure carbon.  Therefore, it is technically SAFER than your store-bought briquets. 5. PEOPLE LEARN TO READ OTHER SOURCES OF INFORMATION BEFORE COMMENTING.  IT'LL PREVENT YOU FROM MAKING STUPID, UNINFORMED, AND UNFOUNDED COMMENTS!

Robert Horton : "This is my grill. There are many like it but this one is mine." The grillman's creed.

Peter Brown : We had a lot of skirt steak in my house. Honestly I think my father just like beating the hell out it with a mallet visualizing the people who annoyed him that day...

duftyr : "A little ash never hurt anybody..." WHAT ABOUT POMPEII MR. BROWN? WHAT IF THE YELLOWSTONE SUPER VOLCANO GOES OFF?????

ToFurkie : So... 60 minutes of nothing but raw meat relaxing. Less than 2 minutes of searing. 15 minutes of cooked meat relaxing. Little effort for a great steak. Sounds like some good eats to me

AlphaAsFuark! : DON'T do this on charcoal briquettes.

roastbeefdinner : he is right about the skirt...why do you think you can never find it? because all meat cutters are aware of the taste of it and they keep it for themselves.

kainoamh : 1:59 Ultimate prank idea: Tell someone that it's a hairdryer and watch them use it. It's hilarious! They'll die laughing!

Scott Ripley : Trust me, I COULD smell it through my computer.

kooky216 : 0:46 Glad to see Alton and Thing are still working together. :)

Josh Barnardo : go for natural coal, you don't want Kingsford or other crap brands, which contain rock/dirt

Ultra Window : vegans are seriously missing out

Travis Milne : Alton - let's get a dope Mac & Cheese recipe! I'd love to learn a great recipe that has a nice, thick & creamy sauce, all made from scratch.

filteredcreativity : weirdly attracted to you...

IsaraiLee : OK weird moment i'm having here. Did this on accident one 4th of july and have been trying to replicate the results not knowing what i did. Felt like trying something different as i hit a "aHA!" moment before putting my grate on, we had some to spare so i just slap a couple skirt stakes right on the coals, in revolt my friend got on my case about the whole thing so i just took it off and put it in a separate foil from the raw ones, then when i was about to put them back on the grill i noticed they looked pretty done, since i'm the only who like them rare i kept them for myself and had a damn flavorgasm. now i know what i did right and what i've been doing wrong trying to replicate it

SJW96 H : In the north of Mexico steak is a big part of the culture. The skirt steak is called arrachera and many people say it is the best steak for grilling

Samual Iam : This is the only steak I cook now.

sinfulldreamer : It's good to hear Thing still has a job.

AirplaneRandy : Oh shit, that framerate enhanced as soon as he pulled the grill in.

The Graceful Savage : remember folks, you NEED to slice this steak how Alton did otherwise this cut of meat with be chewy as hell. you literally cannot slice this cut any other way.

Lone Wolf : 3:47 You... are such a tease...

Archibald Doogan : This non-recipe produces some of the simplest and most flavorful steak, without relying on a bunch of magic dust or finnicky cooking methods. It's actually rather difficult to go back to anything else!

Dante Rosales : 4:20: Braise it.

mychannel : Hey thanks for reminding me to "grill smart". The other day I forgot it was better to grill smart so I grilled stupid. Boy was that a mistake! Thanks again!


Michael Worthy : Mmmm.  Steak cooked on coals... *drools like Homer Simpson*

Acromat /ak-roh-mat/ : I was ecstatic when you said skirt streak - by far the best cut.

Theodore O : Come on Alton! You know full well that I can't smell that delicious grilled aroma, stop reminding me with your tortuous teasing.

Daddy Cooks : I have absolutely got to try cooking this, this way! Totally awesome!!

MulcheArcade : I so happy that you're doing videos online now. I absolutely love your show.

tenou213 : Best ending to a steak video ever - just sit there and eat the glorious meat. I didn't know I wanted to grill until the end of this video. Time to notify the local burn ward in advance.

PCheezo : "Thank you Thing" LOLOL

Jeralamo : Thank you Alton Brown

slitor : Holy shit! firering up coal using a heat gun....BRILLIANT!

Ben Rajan : I keep coming back to this video to rewatch it. That looks so damn good.

DAHLIND : Alton Brown you are my spirit animal.

growlingbehemoth : I accidentally ated the sleeve on my shirt :(

Johnathan O'Neal : Oh no! He spoke with food in his mouth again! This is going to annoy so many annoying people...

Christopher Panossian : Fireball we missed you!

Beerf : a little Ash never hurt anybody? You've never seen Army of Darkness.....

stephane matis : Thank god I ate first ...

PUNKem733 : Love ya Alton, but it will always be a bone in rib eye steak about 2 inches thick

Michael Kirbish : Hey, Thing is back! I guess Alton gave him a personal assistant job. Nice to know he's still helping the old Good Eats crowd out. I wonder what the Yeast socks are doing these days?

Anthony Largeanus : Omg he made a reference to full metal jacket

James P : I think I am going to cook some carne asada this weekend. Thanks Alton!

Corex12 : He is like a mid class Gordon Ramsay lol

Idaho Jake : Actually no I cannot smell anything ever. No sense of smell. How did you know?!

Juan C Salinas : when he started cutting the meat I bit my lip. I think I love food too much

Wheat Thins : Alton you never cease to amaze me every time I watch you.