My New Haircut: Original Version

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Random Videos : whos watchin this in 2018

Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places : Great video! Definitely a YouTube classic from back in the day. Glad to see it's still around and just as entertaining as ever!

killzer990 : i feel honored to have watched this when it came out

Shawn : This is a part of history. The Berlin wall ain't got shit on this.

forman208 : These guys warned us about guido's before they became mainstream

Majic : This guy birthed Jersey Shore, Dom Mazetti and Bro Science all in one transcendent performance.

Nicholette Casey's Trains : I blame this for the reason why I like Jagerbombs so much

Jack Roberts : the original broscience

Cmolnar Productions : If you don’t reference this when you order Jäger bombs for the bois, then you’re not really a broski.

TemperDXaon : Dom Mazetti before Dom Mazetti.

Torn Aesthetics : Haha been watching this video for 9 years

iraqilemonade : watching in 2017 cuz Ive lost control of my life

unlocked : This video is the reason Jagerbombs were popular when I was in my first year of university.

Andrew Folts : It's actually pretty impressive how unintentionally genius this is...

Erik McCarthy : Still laughing in 2018? 😂

EastwoodGames : S/O to everyone who saw this before speedy brought it up.

jessiib12 : This never gets old.

A man with one hand : Dat nostalgia tho.

Tim Brown : "I told her she better get that plan b, if she knows what's good for her." LOL. It's called The Kidd Almost Famous- The Drought Is Over. He's a real douche, but he's right on point on how girls really are. Lol.

Matthew Adams : Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuut! Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuut! Wuuuuuuuuuut!

Barry Redman : HAHAHAHA. I saw that guys video! "I did the behind the back, reverse titty grab!" lol. I think it's called the kidd- the drought is over. So funny!

XXL LegendaryD : Who watching this in 2017?

HPStone GoPro Footage : If your from the ny, nj area, this hits home lol

Watrous : I give it 30 mins till all the comments say "speedy sent me"

james hawkins : Video is a classic!

CoolestGuy 11465 : This guy reminds me of that douche bag pc principal for South Park.

Dan Gerharts : This is Dom Mazetti's dad right here

Brian H. : BroScienceLife's #1 subscriber

twistedmisery666 : Rotfl this video never will get old

William Gebhart : Dafuq did speedy make me watch?

Christian Duque : still funny to this day!!!!!!

Connor Diaz : I remember seeing this so fucking long ago and dyingg!! there was another version and at the end the guy said, "HAWAIIAN PUNCH".. anyone know what the version is?!?

dejavu1for2 : I am here 2017 again

Fendi Monsta : Did he really dye his hair for this video lol he's Irish making fun of guidos

liquid0001 (Squadalaxd) : Where is my Protein mom? Did i hear that right.. Epic macho man that lives with his mother. Skanks? Don't talk about women like that, your mother will hear you. lol

TruthOasis : This guy is cool.

Marley : SP33DY pls

Timothy Burrows : Jagerbombs books you a first class ticket on the Blackout Express.

Jon Matthews : In tribute to the Broski, on my first day off in a month, I will drink Heineken and Jager Bombs all night.

Javier Bautista : Thanks Trevor James a.k.a the infamous "Food Ranger" for bringing this gem to my life.

FOUADN72 : this lit shit popped on my recommendations couldn't be happier

James Hendry : Still funny in 2019.

NotoriousFIFA - I believe in Jesus Christ! : I remember this video..... lmfao.

Alexis Barron : SP33DY

John O'Connell : this guy has me laughing so hard every time I watch this, haha!!!!!! it never gets old.

Dana Pendley : Yes. Until the end of time, this video, yes.

Mark Krok : Pretty much

JLUCMAN : 2008 throwback

Richard van Rijn : fuckin skanks.

FlyingMagikarp : Speedy sent me here