How Arthur The Dog Found His Home | Short Documentary | 2017 HD

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Missy M : I loved it,I am crying and smiling at the same time.Beautiful Ending and Thank you for rescuing the Furry Baby.I rescued a Dog from Greece.Like you I could not leave him where he was.I had to bring him home.I have had him just over 4 years now.I wish you and your furry baby all the best for the future.

Iván Egües : I'm crying. Thank you for this video.

lorofcb3 : Dogs are love and can help us love, not just dogs, but fellow humans too.

Richard Whalley : I cried a river! It's got to be the most beautiful story I've watched! A great relationship between a dog and a man!

Jingky Hipolito : This moved me.

Schnick Schnack : amazing story 🐶

Emma Hermogenes : What beautiful tale of friendships, survival and unconditional love.

SSS Pf : beautiful story

Barbara Prokup : I admire you enormously. Maybe a humanitarian award. I do not know what one can do to thank you and your team and your family for giving this most magnificent being all you could possibly give him. I wish this happened more often. You are a hero. Welcome to another world Arthur. I have read the book and have given it as a Christmas gift to many of my friends.

Sara Mcgaha : 😍

JNM11787 : Poor nice swedes...other people take advantage of their generosity and then spit on em for it

Suede Milless : iTunes gift card plz