Carlton is called a sellout

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Godot : The worst kind of racism is when it’s from someone of the same race as you

Wicked Amoeba : You still see stuff like this today. I still get call an Oreo because of the way I talk and act.

aunesty jones : My favorite thing about Will was that he was never fake. He was a great cousin when it mattered.

David Richardson : This and the _Mistaken Identity_ episodes are my favorite. Very poignant and pivotal episodes in my opinion. Alfonso _killed_ the Carlton role every time.

pyrostrike uk : this is a problem within the black community that needs to be addressed if it's ever going to advance this whole "i'm more blacker than you' crap needs to stop and be called out

Lewis Peter Eastland : To me there only two types of people: 1) Those who are cool! 2) Those who are assholes! And Carlton is one of the coolest!!!!!!

TerminalCarrion : If there’s one thing Carlton showed here, it was integrity. He likes things and stands by his preferences. He doesn’t base his persona or identity off of the rejection of something else. He doesn’t prescribe to the idea that he has to act or dress a certain way to be “genuine”. He’s unironic, straightforward, and is true to who he is

Ty Nickerson : "I'm running the same race as you are so why are you tripping me up? You said we need to stick together but you don't even know what that means....if you ask me YOUR the real sellout" Personally I felt for Carlton,I listen to rock(and sometimes country) speak proper and hang with a different crowd,I don't speak ghetto nor do I participate in ratchet behavior therefore I know exactly what he's talking about.

youtubasoarus : Still can't believe Uncle Phil is gone. :(

professorrob : Nothing wrong with being successful or privileged just always make sure you help the ones who can’t help themselves or those who don’t have an opportunity. Not forgetting those on the bottom where you came from and now all of a sudden you forget. Now you got the I DID IT, ME ME ME ME ALL ME SPIRIT

HAPPY PERSON : “I’m running the same race and jumping the same hurtles you are so why are you tripping me up?” Damn

Dmanpoke 88 : Uncle Phil: "When are we gonna stop doing this to each other"? RIP James Avery

Jeb Voorhees : How can success be seen as selling out? that's one of the most insane things I've come across. The African American community needs to wake up and break the bonds of victimhood.

Michael Eyob : My parents ironically treat me like this and call me a sellout because of my "advantages"

CJ Warren : One of the reasons this show was great

Jeremy Stanton : Pro blacks are the real sellouts. They have crabs in a bucket mentality. Holding down successful blacks and wanting collectivism. Blackistan will ALWAYS hold blacks back from their true potential. Damn I miss Uncle Phil man. R.I.P.

Ross Best : As Rob Parker would put it "He's a CornBall Brother"..

Nicanor Mercado : I know Carlton and his speech were the main focus of this scene, but I always get goosebumps when Carlton stops Will from going at that guy.

Anotha YouTubah : “Penalty for success” Today it’s called “Check your Privilege”

Kerrie Eversley : I think a lot of people here are misunderstanding the video. It’s not really about what being black is or isn’t supposed to be. It’s about how we as black people are always talking about being at the bottom and as suddenly as someone dares to overcome struggles and climb to the top, people focus on the end product without understanding the struggle, hence the jealousy and other unwarranted treatment. Instead of pulling each other down, we need to positively encourage and draw inspiration from each other.

Lil Deku : As a Mexican, I have to say I can relate to this as well. Mexican's I know think I'm not full Mexican because I don't know much Spanish, a comic book nerd, tho I am not as crazy for sports I love em, I just be myself and all of the sudden, almost every other Hispanic I know hates that and think that's weird. People who think I should act a certain way is honestly stupid as hell.

Daekwon Da Prophet : As the rapper, Ice Cube, once said and I quote... "Coming up's just in me, but the black community's filled with envy".

Sun Fire : At the end when uncle Phil said *when are we gonna stop doing this to each other ?* 😧damn that's a question the we can't answer for over 20 years

Trevorton Thompson : I’m black and I speak proper English, don’t listen to today’s rap/hip-hop (except for 80s-early 90s rap), like cartoons, game shows, TV news, and various other things that aren’t considered “black” these days. I’m also getting A’s and B’s in college. It’s a shame that this kind of racism exists within the black community. You are getting bullied for being successful. It’s still happening today. Such a shame.

beethoven's trance : frat guy = black culture carlton = black guy

Troy Bailey : Carlton wasn’t, isn’t a Sellout. He was brought up to Respect others and honor The Senior Community. I too believed as Carlton and was savagely attacked for being who and what my Parents brought me up to be. A Free Thinking Honest Man.

Tyson Jones : A successful black man is a sellout? I love how some black people blame the white man for all their problems, but are the quickest to call a black man an Uncle Tom, coon, etc.

mingram511 : "Being black isn't what I'm trying to be, it's what I am." Get'em Carlton.

Zach Haywood : Just goes to show that Carlton could hold his own when it was called for.

Kent Darden : This scene always get to me. I relate to it on so many levels. There were always these "Blacker than thou" brothers who think they have the right to dictate what "Black" is , how we should act, what music we should listen to etc. If we talk proper English, we're bring white. Blah blah blah. We're not a monolithic people. Not everyone grew up like the Huxtable family. But not everyone is from the Hood. We really do need to stop doing this to ourselves.

Will Thomas : For all the times he used to clown him, Will was ready to throw some hands for his cuz when it came down to it.

TRILL : "Black isnt something Im trying to be its something I am"

InoMercy : Anyone else notice the bald brotha in the background while Carlton and Topdog are having it out? He just sits back, lest Carlton handle his business, and when it's over makes Topdog understand, under no uncertain terms, that his way of thinking is not how the fraternity does things. I just like that little touch.

Jose Brador : It’s crazy because I had a teacher give me an F on a dissertation I had to present in front of my class. The other 2 teachers gave me 100’s and this dude gave me an F. When I asked him why, he said that he was sure I had plagiarized the contents of my dissertation. My vocabulary apparently didn’t sound like what an inner city, Dominican kid’s vocabulary should. Boy was I pissed.

guyverjay : 20 years later and this is still relevant, how sad

Exiverence : Carlton slapped the fk outa that dude verbally

Danny L : Carlton when angered is a very sharp and calculated man.

Trey Warnock : This mindset is not just a black community thing; it’s very much a liberal mindset. Think about it; liberals look down on success and being rich as some kind of defect (the “1%” is an insult) or somehow the person who achieves it was “lucky” or “undeserving”. Liberals feel that one can become “too successful” and somehow need to be brought back down similar to how this guy treated Carlton. In fact, Bernie Sanders entire platform is based on this (penalizing the successful).

Ricky Williams : This was the moment that I could relate to a character more than any other character in my life. I'm pretty much like Carlton. Growing up I never acted the same as other black kids in my school. I didn't really care for rap music, I wasn't big on the slang they used, I didn't care about parties or sex, my grammar and enunciation was better, and I like traditionally "nonblack" things like video games and anime. So I was mostly ostracized by the other black kids for not "being" black enough. They would bully me and treat me like absolute shit. I was called a sellout, coon nigga, oreo, house nigga, and every other horrible name designed to take away my "black card." I had to deal with this torment from 1st grade to graduating high school. This unfortunately warped my view on black people in general and I'm ashamed to say that it kind of does even though I feel I've grown past it. Even though they never said it I always felt that my parents were ashamed to have a kid who wasn't "black enough." So I would hate who I was and every now and again would try to change literally everything about myself just to "be black." I even had a cousin similar to Carlton who was the most "black" you could ever meet. Everything I didn't like in black culture he was obsessed with. Yet, he loved me all the same. Didn't care about my likes and always wanted to hang out with me. So I always turned to him to "turn me black." When I saw this episode as a kid I couldn't stop crying after it ended. Even though it was a character in a sit-com for that one moment I felt like I wasn't alone. That I'm not the only one to be treated like that and that it's not wrong to be what I was. It didn't change my outlook on myself throughout the rest of school but it helped me to coup with what was happening. This one episode put the show above just a beloved show. It helped me to see that there are people like me in the world and helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life.

vest816 : Uncle Phil would be so sad to see that, 25 years after this episode aired, his words have been forgotten by a social-media crazed generation of new youth.

Brain rich : I've had people tell me that I wasn't "Mexican enough" just because I don't know that much spanish, don't always drink tequila, dress up like the ranchers, etc. It's so damn bullshit. I am proud of and love my heritage but I don't have to act a certain way to show it. PS Miss you Uncle Phil! RIP

chriskoob : Only in television does someone stop the music just because someone is having a conversation at a party

tortuga388 : This scene really gets to me. People have been telling me I 'act and talk white' my whole life. I am white, though. So I don't really care.

Frank Castle : Will was finna beat dude ass over his cousin. Family all day.

Mitzi73 : Kanye West is now in the Carlton role!

Pedro Kantor : One of the best TV dads.

TheHuskyK9 : As a black man myself, I've personally been through this before. This type of stuff happens way too much in the black community. They tell me "We gotta stay strong and succeed" but then when I'm succeeding and they still where they were at before, they like "Oh, so you better than us now?"

Dan USA : The acting of all 3 of them is really good here. I know the one who plays the bad guy here was in some movies after this.

Reubenofthedead : It's the crab mentality. Simple enough.

Da BIGOMN : I seen happen too many times to my friends that are black growing up back home in Brooklyn. I never forget this young girl who was Jamaican very beautiful that came running to me one day crying saying they said she was not black enough, made me mad that someone would tell a beautiful young black Jamaican young woman that she was not black enough. made me think my god why do this to her? but among my own latin people I seen it happen, we a saying "ese es un vendio" which oddly enough is the same thing translated he's a sellout. its so sad and its not just a black or latino thing I seen happen to white people and Asians, heck bruce lee himself when he started teaching wylo was basically told he could not teach wylo to the white or black man. its sad to see what we the human race do to each other we murder those who come to teach us a new way. we all did it to very own son of god jesus and after him we done it to many others j.f.k , reverend martin luther king and so many others. its like the lord himself says we need to learn to love one another and not hate one another. something another martyr like tupac said and look what that got him. god bless in jesus name .