Carlton is called a sellout

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Godot : The worst kind of racism is when it’s from someone of the same race as you

Lewis Peter Eastland : To me there only two types of people: 1) Those who are cool! 2) Those who are assholes! And Carlton is one of the coolest!!!!!!

Kitkatkittycat : "Being black isnt what im trying to be its what i am" DAMN THE POWER IN THAT QUOTE IS BEAUTIFUL AND INCREDIBLE

Exiverence : Carlton slapped the fk outa that dude verbally

Nicanor Mercado : I know Carlton and his speech were the main focus of this scene, but I always get goosebumps when Carlton stops Will from going at that guy.

Ulquiorra Cifer : Carlton is what all black men should strive to be. He's intelligent, hard working, kind, and respectful.

Darkside2205 : This scene goes beyond race. It applies to everyone. The moment you start imagining some sort of correlation between race or social class, and character, you messed up. If you dont act a certain way, you're not really black. If you're white you must be privilaged or you must act a certain way. Its bs.

VENDETTA BEATS : There's no such thing as "acting white" or "acting black"

Clymax01 : “Being Black isn’t what I’m trying to be it’s what I am” Very wise words

youtubasoarus : Still can't believe Uncle Phil is gone. :(

kman 4443 : "When are we going to stop doing this to each other?" Great question. I don't know

GT Thomas : Carlton may have been "preppy" but he was far from passive

Tavarus Overstreet : THE TRUTH IS....Carlton Banks exemplified BLACK EXCELLENCE. He is what black men should be TODAY....regardless of what their peers think. Will knew that.........

Kit Carson : This problem also exists in Latino communities and culture.

Manuel Correa : The Fresh Prince of Bel-air tackled a lot of racial / prejudice issues. A great show!

Miguelito Reigns : Yup, I was harassed perpetually throughout my childhood for being an "oreo" because I listen to rock and heavy metal as a Black man; and also because I was a bookworm. I was homeschooled and was taught to stick with proper English and to avoid slang, so that didn't help my ability to fit in the poor neighbourhoods of South Philadelphia. To this day I am still a social outcast, but I have been successful professionally and academically. I joined the U.S Army to get out of the hood back in 2002, my quality of life has been better ever since, even though friendships are nonexistent. I don't mind being a loner; society is judgemental and cruel.

Aron Kelley : I don't know what's worse, being called a sellout when you work your a$$ off to have a successful life, or ignorant people (sometimes family) who try to criticize and hold you down. 🖕😠🖕

tortuga388 : This scene really gets to me. People have been telling me I 'act and talk white' my whole life. I am white, though. So I don't really care.

Wicked Amoeba : You still see stuff like this today. I still get call an Oreo because of the way I talk and act.

kelonwashington96 : I empathize with Carlton so much. He was raise a certain way and like things that the average black person wouldn't. I was once describe as an "oreo" black on the outside but white inside because I acted 'white'. What the hell does that even mean!? That made me feel so type of way and it came from my own people. I speak with manners without the slang, I like to pull up my pants instead of letting my ass and underwear be visible so everyone can see. Or listening some Spanish and J-Pop like Selena or Azu cuz I like experience a different taste in culture, watching anime like Naruto or DBZ Kai, playing games that isn't all about GTA and openly admitted I prefer to date outside my own race cuz I want an interracial relationship while my own people view it as racist. "Being black isn't what I am, it's what I'm about." I choose to be different cuz I like it. If i was same as everyone else, I would be questioning my identity everyday asking "who am you? And what do you *WANT?* ". The worst kind of racism isn't from the other ethnicities, but from your own race.

Marvis Smith : This person was jealous of what he didn't have. It wasn't Carlton's fault that his father provided his family the best life possible.

N P : God I love this show. Not in the Bullshit SJW way either.

Reubenofthedead : It's the crab mentality. Simple enough.

aunesty jones : My favorite thing about Will was that he was never fake. He was a great cousin when it mattered.

Eric Kruckenberg : My wife is Ghanaian. Her mother was an accountant for the Ghanaian Government. She has been living in America since she was 5. She speaks better English than I do and I was born here. She gets crap like this ALL OF THE TIME because she speaks well and doesn't use drawling accents or slurrs. Its incredible to me that there are people like this who truly believe they are something they are not but somehow think theyre superior because of their cloths, haircut, accessories, lifestyle choices, etc. My wife barely scoffs at people like this and says "You can be cultured but you can't wear it." My daughter and two sons will be forced to endure a life filled with racial biase, prejudice, and intolerance because they will be seen as not black enough by one side or just black enough by the other, and there is NO book I can read NO lecture I can listen to NO seminar I can attend to prepare me to tell my babies what to expect beacuse of their mother being black and their father being white. The only way shit like this ends is when we finally realize regardless of skin color, language, birthplace, and so much more doesn't really mean anything. Its that we are all of us the same. Ten fingers ten toes two hands two feet a head with a brain and a heart in our chest. Love is love and hate is hate. Sorry for the wall of text rant I'll get off my soapbox now

Lori Wolfcat : “I cooked, I cleaned . . .” “Everything your Butler does for You!” Sooo, Actually being a hard worker, even tho You don’t do that for yourself, is bad? You’re an ignorant bigot who doesn’t know the first thing about decency, loyalty, respect, hard work, or the use of the word sellout. The fraternity won’t save you, so stop while you’re ahead before you humiliate yourself and show the world how pretentious, pompous, illiterate and ethnist you are.

Nesi 808 : This scene is still relevant today

s Drew : "A penalty for success" is just about everywhere.

TheHuskyK9 : As a black man myself, I've personally been through this before. This type of stuff happens way too much in the black community. They tell me "We gotta stay strong and succeed" but then when I'm succeeding and they still where they were at before, they like "Oh, so you better than us now?"

Trey Gowdy : Classic. Blacks been holding blacks back since before 1993. Nothing has changed here in 2018. Obama certainly did not help, either.

thepac12andbig10suck : And it's this type of mindset why logical black people at times just have to disregard the black community as a whole. It's more toxic than helpful.

FreddyB 2K4L : A black man from the hood is trapped in stereotypes. A black man from a loved privileged family is the next president of the United States.

IBlewUponYourFace : Kanye West made it Okay to wear Ralph Lauren in the Hood & urban areas now. Blacks now make fun of you for not having it instead of the opposite.

mingram511 : "Being black isn't what I'm trying to be, it's what I am." Get'em Carlton.

vivi44 : Black America never stopped doing this to each other and it never will.

edison correa : I love Will’s response when Carlton is called a sellout “yo man you can stop 🛑 all that!”

TheUnP0ssible : I want nothing more than for the black population to get the chip off their shoulder and be successful

Deanna : Hmm. Yeah, this is still a problem. What I really like is how black men will be all about black power and black lives matter, etc, (which I dont have a problem with per se), but then go chase after the lightest , brightest, non black woman around. Which I also dont have a problem with per se,you can date whoever you want, its the hypocrisy that really gets me. And then call you a sellout because you date a non black dude, or because you dont subscribe to some random specification they have about what being black is about. This happened at my college campus because my friend and I didnt want to join the black activist/sorority/fraternity. Its ridiculous.

IceMan24 : I'm black and I've had people call me a sellout, why? because I don't go to clubs and sleep around with a bunch of women or do drugs and drink alcohol and especially I don't like rap/hip hop music. and most importantly I've never been arrested so if all those things make me a sellout then at least it's something worth selling out to

Ashanti Hunter : When are WE gonna stop doing this to each other?

Paul Hawk : Carlton dance,still cracks me up....would have loved to see Elaine from Seinfeld and him dance together....😂😂😂

Jonas Thirtysix : Why the music stop right when they start talking lol

mike howard : There is a prejudices between the have and have nots in every race included BLACKS so lets not act like it doesn't exist. I have experienced well to do blacks that think they are better than lower economics blacks and I have witness dudes from the ghetto frown on dudes from the suburbs. Its more of two different cultures verses the color of your skin. I irony is many black dudes who hustle would rather be the kid who lives in the suburds with supportive parents while the kid in the suburbs desire to be the thug an experience the hood to prove they are down!.

chriskoob : Only in television does someone stop the music just because someone is having a conversation at a party

okandrew42903 : Shit was too REAL!

Astro theultimate : Lmao it would've been easier to say Carlton's a dweeb

Odysseus Rex : It's too bad that it only seems to have gotten worse over the years.

Mr Vuck Fiacom : Back when people actually frowned upon selling out. Oh how the times have changed....

S Home Movies : "When are we gonna stop doing this to our selves" ..That's the million dollar question right there

Imani Dominguez : i see all these comments about other black people saying they went through this or have had some experience about situations like this , but let me tell you. this is definitely not just in the black community. its in several race cultures. i'm dominican and black. i was born and lived in DR until i waz O3 and we moved jersey. 23 years later , still here. been here all my life and DR is still my secondary home , always going back every summer and holidays. so i was raised in BOTH cultures. but , i was always somewhat excluded from the two cultures my entire life and personality was embodying. too black to be a "real" latina , too dominican to be a "real" black girl. never fully belonging to either one in people's eyes , even though my skin is the same shade. its a lot of cultures and i cant wait until everybody is so mixed that all this racism bullshit can FINALLY be put to rest. ( thats not the reason i'm #teamswirler 😅 , but dammit , its DEFINITELY a perk. 😉 )