Carlton is called a sellout

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Godot : The worst kind of racism is when it’s from someone of the same race as you

Vincent Brown : "Being black isn't what I'm trying to be, it's what I am." I love that statement. I've been called "coon", "sellout", "trying to be white", etc, because I don't think the same way as my fellow black contemporaries. This needs to stop.

Skip Trickman : 25 years later and the relevance is still razor sharp.

ImmaSingWhatIWant : "Dude, stop the music! Those guys are having a mild argument!"

MC Rome : The last line of the episode was “I have worked had to give my family a good life, and now there is a penalty? When are we going to stop doing this to each other?” The chills

youtubasoarus : Still can't believe Uncle Phil is gone. :(

afarensis : THIS is why I loved Fresh Prince. In season 1 Will might've seen what the frat guy was talking about, but after all the character development, he defends Carlton despite him teasing Carlton for the same reasons

Mark Mazz : Carlton has always been a figure in pop culture to look up too. And uncle Phil was a great role model for children of all colors.

Kenecia Russell : He meant Barry White y'all!!!

Raiku Uzumaki : This really hit me when i first saw this scene. Me and my sister were both raised by our proper mother who did all she could to make sure that we had a good life. For a while it was good, me and my sister were well behaved and hardly got in trouble. Me and my sister were pure imitations of our mother. But that changed when the peer pressure and taunts got to my sister. She did a complete 180 changed for the worst when she started jr high. Its a shame that most in the black community bash others that don't have the same interest as its portrayed we have in TV with the rap and hip hop. Thankfully for me being the younger sibling, i saw the mistakes and consequences that led my sister to were she is today. i didn't let the pressure ever get to me to the point where i couldn't recover. And by the time i went to the same jr high school it had already lost its bad reputation. I'm proud to be a black guy who likes anime, rock music, and videogames that have nothing to do with basketball or football. And anyone from the black community who has a problem with it can kiss the darkest part of my caramel brown ass.

Nicanor Mercado : I know Carlton and his speech were the main focus of this scene, but I always get goosebumps when Carlton stops Will from going at that guy.

Andy J : I love how this show included comedy while attacking such real subjects

Dustin Boyd : Uncle Phil's final line was on point. If this ep was indeed from 1994, then look how far we've come in 24 years: things have gotten so much worse. Racist attitudes are more rampant than ever, and basic human rights are being violated every day. And we want to "fix" other countries! We need to fix our own country first!

Nintendog140 : What black republicans go through.

Zackary Gray : Can we send this to Don Lemon at CNN?? He needs to hear this. Success and wanting better jobs is not a white concept that betrays our race. We are capable and hard working!

Lewis Peter Eastland : To me there only two types of people: 1) Those who are cool! 2) Those who are assholes! And Carlton is one of the coolest!!!!!!

7Be : First things first, rest in peace to Uncle Phil

Arnold Ramos : Honestly I always use to look at kids at my school with nice cars and good clothes and say “it’s all mommies and daddies money” never realized how petty and jealous I was until I saw this episode and Uncle Phill talked about how he got his success to put his family ahead, I did nothing but judge but I shouldn’t when those kids parents put all that hard work and demotion for they’re kids future RIP James Avery your character was an inspiration and a treasure.

Proy Esclasis : Anytime Carlton says hes got it, he got it.

IntoTheFray : My favorite sitcom of all time. They do not make TV shows like this anymore. No more moral message or new understanding.

TheHuskyK9 : As a black man myself, I've personally been through this before. This type of stuff happens way too much in the black community. They tell me "We gotta stay strong and succeed" but then when I'm succeeding and they still where they were at before, they like "Oh, so you better than us now?"

Anime Protagonist : Look at Will’s loyalty to his family here. Man...that alone was enough to cure my depression.

iheartsamus : Fast forward to 2018... message still NOT received...

Caesar Vespasian : Uncle Phil >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dr. Huxtable

Leonidez Garza : Carlton put that fool in his place!!

Wicked Amoeba : You still see stuff like this today. I still get call an Oreo because of the way I talk and act.

Marc Touss : there are legitimate uncle tom coons out there working hard against us... but carlton wasnt one... liking tom jones over tupac doesnt make you a sellout...

Computer Curry : Such a powerful scene. sad reality of the black race

Obaas Yaa : I’ve been through something similar. When I was in year 8, I sat at the front of the bus and a black guy in a year above me said “Why you tryna be white?” I was so baffled by this I even wrote a poem called ‘why am I not black?’. Can you imagine, simply because I sat at the front of bus🤷🏽‍♀️

Spadizzle92891 : Pretty crazy how relevant this is, even today.

aunesty jones : My favorite thing about Will was that he was never fake. He was a great cousin when it mattered.

Christopher Rizzo : "WHEN are we gonna stop doing this to each other?"

MusicKimberly2 Francis : Carlton speaking truth he going through the same struggles as a black American as we all are and as a man he speaking 100% truth❤️

yoshikid18 : Carlton definitely pulled an Uncle Phil at this part.

batman1736 : It's funny how the Music Stops and everybody stops dancing when Carlton addresses him LOL in real life nobody would have been interested in what they would have been arguing about are talking about they just wouldn't lay them dudes over there and upset about something they tripping or he told him some people would have been listening or maybe nobody considering how loud the music was lol

mingram511 : "Being black isn't what I'm trying to be, it's what I am." Get'em Carlton.

R King : When jealousy raises it's ugly head, race is a nonfactor. Bullies are real. Ignorance is the issue.

Nathan Thompson : Guy with the glasses is Don Lemon, Carlton is Kanye West.

Woloud Books : This unfortunately is still relevant today

sunny shrivastava : This feels like the story of Donald Trump and thousands of black folks who vote for him , who are patronized On a daily basis by liberal fools

SHADOW-BLACK : I miss shows that had a message.........

Manuel Perez : Reminds me of how Kanye was recently treated by so many in the black community or when any black person decides they don't want to support the democratic party like Candace Owens. So many black people immediately brand them as 'uncle tom' or some other racist and condeming insult instead of realizing what the democratic party has done to your neighborhoods over the past 40 years.

JockBaloney : This is some POWERFUL race and social commentary if there ever was any such thing. I am moved and obliged to say that for all of you 'Carltons' out there, THIS CARLTON IS SIMPLY THE BEST! It is hard to imagine seeing something like this on PCTV today. There would no doubt be gunfire and bloodshed in its wake for sure!

Erock Gman : This message from this episode is still true to this day. Sad for black American culture. May take generations to realise truth

Daniel S : Black culture = The horrible loser slavery mantra of 'Keeping it Real' The thugs from the Republic of South Chicago are looked up to, because they are Keeping it Real. This mentality keeps its own people in chains.. The Uncle Tom is a greater relative than 'The Brother' Be less real. If a 99 year old lady asked you how you like her new hat that she enjoys, apply Uncle Tomish mode. Don't express your REAL opinion. In other words, be nice.. Be a winner.

Kris J : As a black woman this is so relevant in today's culture it's ridiculous.

Rocket Groot : Sadly as a black woman I don't have black friends and don't care to, or it won't hurt if l never do... I have the most DIFFICULT time getting along with blacks... they say I'm too weird, not black enough, and act/talk "white". I always got along better with people non blacks... it's that bad and needs to stop!! How do we expect whites to respect us if we don't respect ourselves!?!?

anthony mitchell : I love Fresh Prince. After having a Black President, everyone should realize they can be anything they want. I never like Obama. Not because he was black, but because I did not like his politics. It's 2018 now why can't we just be one race. "Human".

mugensamurai : This show taught integrity something I rarely see in sitcoms now.

calvin . : this is what's happening to Kanye for real✊