Carlton is called a sellout

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Godot : The worst kind of racism is when it’s from someone of the same race as you

JDB : Back in the day when tv shows actually had a message!

Ulquiorra Cifer : Carlton is what all black men should strive to be. He's intelligent, hard working, kind, and respectful.

Darkside2205 : This scene goes beyond race. It applies to everyone. The moment you start imagining some sort of correlation between race or social class, and character, you messed up. If you dont act a certain way, you're not really black. If you're white you must be privilaged or you must act a certain way. Its bs.

ppcoqi2 : Damon Wayans once said “I’d rather my son be a nerd then the cool kid on street”... dam right!!!

Nicanor Mercado : I know Carlton and his speech were the main focus of this scene, but I always get goosebumps when Carlton stops Will from going at that guy.

Manuel Correa : The Fresh Prince of Bel-air tackled a lot of racial / prejudice issues. A great show!

Tavarus Overstreet : THE TRUTH IS....Carlton Banks exemplified BLACK EXCELLENCE. He is what black men should be TODAY....regardless of what their peers think. Will knew that.........

Aron Kelley : I don't know what's worse, being called a sellout when you work your a$$ off to have a successful life, or ignorant people (sometimes family) who try to criticize and hold you down. 🖕😠🖕

kelonwashington96 : I empathize with Carlton so much. He was raise a certain way and like things that the average black person wouldn't. I was once describe as an "oreo" black on the outside but white inside because I acted 'white'. What the hell does that even mean!? That made me feel so type of way and it came from my own people. I speak with manners without the slang, I like to pull up my pants instead of letting my ass and underwear be visible so everyone can see. Or listening some Spanish and J-Pop like Selena or Azu cuz I like experience a different taste in culture, watching anime like Naruto or DBZ Kai, playing games that isn't all about GTA and openly admitted I prefer to date outside my own race cuz I want an interracial relationship while my own people view it as racist. "Being black isn't what I am, it's what I'm about." I choose to be different cuz I like it. If i was same as everyone else, I would be questioning my identity everyday asking "who am you? And what do you *WANT?* ". The worst kind of racism isn't from the other ethnicities, but from your own race.

youtubasoarus : Still can't believe Uncle Phil is gone. :(

Youpeople Arecrazy : Carlton was uptight, but when it came down to it, he had integrity. Anyone that doesn't recognize integrity isn't worthy of your time.

Caramon Majere : This is *EXACTLY* the problem with the American (mainstream) Black Culture. All it glorifies is "Thug" Culture and Athletics. They should, instead, be glorifying morally and ethically sound individuals.

Poppa J Walker : I can’t believe how compassionate Will is in this episode standing up for Carlton like that.

Idiodyssey87 : This mentality continues to this day. The black community will gladly band together to denounce problems from without, like police brutality, but there is a code of silence when it comes to talking about problems from within, like the astronomical rates of undiagnosed mental illness and child molestation.

Lewis Peter Eastland : To me there only two types of people: 1) Those who are cool! 2) Those who are assholes! And Carlton is one of the coolest!!!!!!

Lori Wolfcat : “I cooked, I cleaned . . .” “Everything your Butler does for You!” Sooo, Actually being a hard worker, even tho You don’t do that for yourself, is bad? You’re an ignorant bigot who doesn’t know the first thing about decency, loyalty, respect, hard work, or the use of the word sellout. The fraternity won’t save you, so stop while you’re ahead before you humiliate yourself and show the world how pretentious, pompous, illiterate and ethnist you are.

Nintendog140 : What black republicans go through.

el habahi 80 : Let's not forget the whole point of the scene. It was Carlton dance moves. Why isn't anyone taking about how he was doing the naenae in the 90's

Eros Hermes : Uncle Phil and his wife were the best examples for black family

TheHuskyK9 : As a black man myself, I've personally been through this before. This type of stuff happens way too much in the black community. They tell me "We gotta stay strong and succeed" but then when I'm succeeding and they still where they were at before, they like "Oh, so you better than us now?"

Dustin Boyd : Uncle Phil's final line was on point. If this ep was indeed from 1994, then look how far we've come in 24 years: things have gotten so much worse. Racist attitudes are more rampant than ever, and basic human rights are being violated every day. And we want to "fix" other countries! We need to fix our own country first!

thepac12andbig10suck : And it's this type of mindset why logical black people at times just have to disregard the black community as a whole. It's more toxic than helpful.

vivi44 : Black America never stopped doing this to each other and it never will.

T Morgan : Hillary still doesn't have a clue

aunesty jones : My favorite thing about Will was that he was never fake. He was a great cousin when it mattered.

Ashanti Hunter : When are WE gonna stop doing this to each other?

Paul Hawk : Carlton dance,still cracks me up....would have loved to see Elaine from Seinfeld and him dance together....😂😂😂

Zackary Gray : Can we send this to Don Lemon at CNN?? He needs to hear this. Success and wanting better jobs is not a white concept that betrays our race. We are capable and hard working!

Jonas Thirtysix : Why the music stop right when they start talking lol

mingram511 : "Being black isn't what I'm trying to be, it's what I am." Get'em Carlton.

Eric Kruckenberg : My wife is Ghanaian. Her mother was an accountant for the Ghanaian Government. She has been living in America since she was 5. She speaks better English than I do and I was born here. She gets crap like this ALL OF THE TIME because she speaks well and doesn't use drawling accents or slurrs. Its incredible to me that there are people like this who truly believe they are something they are not but somehow think theyre superior because of their cloths, haircut, accessories, lifestyle choices, etc. My wife barely scoffs at people like this and says "You can be cultured but you can't wear it." My daughter and two sons will be forced to endure a life filled with racial biase, prejudice, and intolerance because they will be seen as not black enough by one side or just black enough by the other, and there is NO book I can read NO lecture I can listen to NO seminar I can attend to prepare me to tell my babies what to expect beacuse of their mother being black and their father being white. The only way shit like this ends is when we finally realize regardless of skin color, language, birthplace, and so much more doesn't really mean anything. Its that we are all of us the same. Ten fingers ten toes two hands two feet a head with a brain and a heart in our chest. Love is love and hate is hate. Sorry for the wall of text rant I'll get off my soapbox now

Bektoye07 : All my life I’ve been told that I’m not acting black enough or watch it because I’m starting to act white. It breaks me inside and I hate that people still think you have to act a certain way because of a skin color you can’t chose. I know it’s just a TV show but I hold this episode close to my heart and I truly wish one day that everyone will understand the concept of what Carlton is saying here. Then no one can tell me anymore that I’m supposed to act a certain way because of my color and I can just be Rebecca like I’ve always wanted to be nothing more nothing less.

Vita Love : Crazy how this is really how it is in the black community. Your not good enough bc your parents provided better than what they had.

Trey Gowdy : Classic. Blacks been holding blacks back since before 1993. Nothing has changed here in 2018. Obama certainly did not help, either.

Wicked Amoeba : You still see stuff like this today. I still get call an Oreo because of the way I talk and act.

TripleRp : Will always repped for his family when things got real.

Kira Lunar : When will Black people realize that people like Carlton to succeed. These are the Oprahs of the world these usually end up being the successful and inspiring Black people of the world. At this point, if a bunch of stereotypical people call you a sellout, then you're most likely doing something right.

Veeral Patel : This is what society today needs to see. People are always complaining about how some people have more of something than they do. They don't realize that these people whom they are complaining about also go through difficult times in their lives. Despite these differences, they are all united through their belief in making a better world to live in. I wish society would realize that instead of trying to tear itself apart.

merph1 : Pernell supposed to be doing life.

joseph robinson : I have dealt with this growing up in the hood being call a sellout just cause I didn't dress or act like everybody else but it's really called being an individual and I take pride in being different

Odysseus Rex : It's too bad that it only seems to have gotten worse over the years.

Demonix Realms : A great meta analysis of minority communities. There are those of us who want to tear each other down for being successful. Sometimes the greatest enemy comes from within.

BIG A MEMPHIS 10 : Unfortunately, we're still doing it, R.I.P. tv Pops.

Drew EX : And black on black racism still exists today smh.

guyverjay : 20 years later and this is still relevant, how sad

Vincent Brown : "Being black isn't what I'm trying to be, it's what I am." I love that statement. I've been called "coon", "sellout", "trying to be white", etc, because I don't think the same way as my fellow black contemporaries. This needs to stop.

amanda davis : Funny that we have all these great shows and movies from the 80s and 90s exposing racism in the most poignant way, and look at our society today. Stirring up racism is the number one tool of the media and the Democrats. They are disgusting.

Dara Carr : Carlton came from the Black upper middle class that knew they were black so this situation pertains. However you cannot deny There are some black folks who get money and raise kids to think that they are better than their race. So although Carlton maybe still black, it doesn't necessary bring up how priviledged he is coming from his background and why certain black people like the dude in phi beta gamma would think of Carlton as such. I think all black people at the end of the day need to realize if it was 1785 everybody(from rich black to poor black) would be on the plantation.

DJ Maier : Just found out Uncle Phil did the voice of the Shredder on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series when we were kids. He was awesome! RIP