The Real My Buddy Commercial

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Never before seen My Buddy and Kid Sister commercial. Director/Writer: Brent Weinbach Actors: Paul Grace, Jackson Fox, Max Jenkins Editor: Brad Besser Cinematography: Dan Levin Producer: Michelle Fox Creative Consultant: Dustin Bowser Gaffer: Drew Johnson G/E: Andrew Crighton Wardrobe: Diane Herlofsky VHS Layback and Digital Asset Reacquisition Artists: Showfriendz & Brad Schulz PA: Lindsay Robinson Special Thanks: Mike Farah and Funny or Die Originally posted on Funny or Die here:


aVon656 : They force him to watch! AAAAHAHHAAHA

UpTheButtWithPower : wherever i go, heeeeee GOZE.

John F : That escalated quickly

Connor Stolte : Brent makes dope beats.

Twiton : Mother of God...

Michae Thompson : Please produce a feature film recorded with a VHS camcorder

Wralth Chardice : My buddy is ready.

Fol Imon : Those kids are so gangster XD

ayman2b : so this is where 50 cent's my buddy song comes from

Dargio : Sometimes I feel like kids now are more brutal than kids then .

BBProduction001 : sooo cute :)  i wanna become a father now.

Lawrence Of Canadia : imma remember dat.

Mr. J1S : im glad i saw this

J J : isnt that dude the psycho niqqa from the Gangster Party Line vid?

Retha Lockhart : Well, that was disturbing.

Катя Романова : You are genius, man!

patrick smith : This struck a nerve haha... chucky came out around the time I had one of these My Buddy and Me dolls, I was young and did the same as those children did to my doll after asap:/ funny shit tho...

MTNTHF : Reminds me of Wonder Showzen. RIP wherever you may be.

Google User : WTF did I just watch?!

Damon Tripodi : That was fantastic, thank you - and I completely bought into it because the video quality was perfect!

Phexism : this song is deadly catchy.

Jp Tecson : It’s clarence’s lil buddy

Mari : this is very creepy

tuptup345 : im crying laughing

Heather G : lol this is hilarious. thanks for the laugh!

Dargio : Poor Teddy! He had to watch the whole thing!

MrHellfish666 : i used to have one of these dolls and would only punch it.

Brent Waller : Brent! Making the name look good. This was almost too beautiful.

daryl Ingram : Played it at .25x slowed. Creepy af 😳😳

Frostfield Dalisay Bustamante Batters : lil buddy created by Clarence

Dragonking1984 : now we know where the idea for the child's play movies came from.

Juan Chavez : i actually like this jingle a lot, and i'm 26. lol!!!!!!!

Skinny Papi : This is how boys play with dolls.

Josh Kennedy : I appreciate the hell out of this.

チロ : RIP my buddy

Hula Hula Saturn : Now I cant sleep.

Heather Ward : oh my havent laughed that hard in a long time

OneWordWesley - Vlogs, Skits, and Music : Man, you're great

2D's blue-ty shorts : KILL CHUCKY's BROTHER BEFORE HE KILLS YOU! lmao

Brandon Hutchison : Yes!! xD

digitalwaffle : WHY DOES THIS HAVE SO LITTLE VIEWS?!?!?!

cattlebeast : AMAZING !!!!!

keephurtingaza : oh, hell yeah!

777JRyan : That made me laugh so hard!

OneGiantPunch : Brent's in the running for my favorite person ever.

BeasTxMode2000 : lmao. if i was a director i would cast brent as a hitman. Funniest shit ever!

robert bromley : not gunna lie this song is actually amazing

*• Jazzy •* : well, that escalated quickly.

Violet Nocte : Be sure to kill the doll before it kills you.