Croatian firefighters before Rakitic penalty shooting against Russia..

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水陞火降 : They never look back when they hear the emergency bell.... They are hero.

Lorenzo Mariani : Respect from Italy. Go Croatia!!!


megaman jr : I'm not surprised. The one which isn't dispatched is surprise. The countries which are being praised are different in sense of values. The country which is being praised is a developing country. The life of the person is more important than World Cup. Japan isn't also newsworthy.

105L 24 : What a hero...respect all firefighters.

Regaizz : That was very quick

226 ago : Clear work ethic. I admire you guys.

Caroline Evans : I respect Croatia!!!!!! To be world champion of World Cup and fire fighter! From Japan.

뱅 뱅 : they are hero - from korean

이문혁 : nice Croatia!

Aşkın Gökçe : respect! Greetings from Turkey. Go Croatia!

wakang Lee : that speed :)

rejoyce 8888 : No one hesitated themselves at this time. Respect their responsibility!

멍뭉이 : 존경합니다

지상의별처럼 : HERO

David Kim : Respect! Never see backside.

as Coldpen : Respect

빛나는감자 : hero

Rhine District Resources : real heroes in action!

zoiuduu : amazing, in some countries people would refuse the call to watch the sport.

Carlos Figueiredo : The only thing that felt a bit suspicious for me was the guy in white at the end. Other then that, go Croatia!

Lawrence Kim : So emotional

컴린이 : Respect from Republic of Korea!! 🇰🇷 GO Croatia~!! 🇭🇷

조민건 : respect

drhan : respect

유희적좀비 : 응원합니다

심우재씨 : 짠허다..

Vasil Gyaurski : Fake

neumiers : Man kann gar nicht so viel Likes vergeben, die sie verdient hätten.

Mlg : Respect from mexico

Hank : Those guys are bad ass! Thumbs up from a US, big city fire fighter.

Chang-Mo Kim : RESPECT

MICHAEL LEE : Respect!

Mel : Firefighters: the Masters of Quickchange

asd asddd : I respect firefighters all over the world

없어이름 : real hero

seongdong kim : hero

shahidul islam sohel : This is a public awareness campaign

ktangku : real hero

Yinglak Nithipinyolert : great fireman

Satchury : heros.

Lorenzo Mariani : Amazing.

long lider : gakooi

임푸름 : They are real hero.

朝霞太郎 : これが真の漢達。

반디에라 : 너무 멋지십니다