Bart Revises For And Passes An Exam - The Simpsons

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David McGinness : There is no worse feeling in the world than when you put your heart and soul into something only to fail at it anyway. It's a very harsh and cold reality but I never saw a show capture it like the Simpsons did in those seconds where Bart starts crying

Bonniefan3000 : I never saw Bart cry like that

MrGojira95 : I can relate to Bart. I thought I failed this College term. I even emailed my professor that I studied hard on the Ethics final exam, only for me to blank out. But professor told me I passed his class with a 70.00%. The lowest C possible to pass. I officially graduated college. Now I'm moving to University!!!

Christopher Jorge : 90s Simpsons is the best

MasterJo Cohen : I studied real hard at Biology and I still failed. I'm okay at school, I'm good in particular subjects like Drama, History, R.E., Art, English, I.T., but when it comes to Welsh, Maths and Science, I'm terrible.

LukeMM95 : "This is as good as I can do...and I still failed." That line hits all too close to home.

Sam Rader : Bart wasn't acting there. He wasn't just putting on a show for sympathy. He was genuinely heartbroken at his failure.

MrRibbotron : There's a newer episode where Bart gets sent down to the third grade and he doesn't even care. This shows exactly what was great about the earlier episodes, which the later episodes just can't capture. There's just no room for any character development anymore because the show has gone on so long, so the characters never learn anything.

Caps_Unlocked : This is actually a really heartwarming scene, because teachers aren't supposed to give points to students for "applied knowledge". She gave him the points because she could tell how hard he actually tried.

Jodomo : "I know, another year together. Ugh, it's going to be hell." Try 26 years.

Kari Chandler : This scene actually broke my heart, even though it is only a cartoon. :(

Nathaniel Dance : What Mrs. K (I dunno how to spell her name) did here for Bart is legitimately the nicest thing anyone's ever done in a cartoon.

Amiel : As a teacher, if a student is close to passing (by 1-2 marks). I just give it to them. Life is too short and cruel to be held back by a few points. I remember how heart broken I was to miss out on being on the Dean's List in University because I was off 2% from achieving an A+. I told myself I would not hold back anyone from attaining a greater grade if they are within 2% of it.

The Pancake God : Seeing Bart cry almost made me cry, tbh. Wtf, I'm emotionally attached. I mean, the dude is getting bullied, abused by his father, and feels like a failure. That sh@t makes me cry. 😢😢😢

LaBarata12 : This one hurt as a kid. Hurt bad.

anime king : Damn,This hurts so much to watch Bart cry his heart out. So weird to see the Simpson's have so much emotion back then.

john mckay : I found it touching how Mrs. Krabappel is shown to comfort Bart in this scene. It felt like she actually cared about him. Back when Simpsons was the best show ever.....

SoldierGryphon : Anyone who had ADHD knows this struggle.

Dan Lewis : I passed! I passed! I..KISSED A TEACHER!


RickAZCA : I felt his pain especially being a cartoon and all.  I was held back in the 8th grade, missed graduation, missed out on freshman year in high school, missed the graduation dance and had to let go of my friends/classmates. I cried harder than he did.

Overwatch Soldier : When Bart wasn't a sociopath.

PhoenixFIrebird : 7 people know how George Washington felt when he surrendered Fort Necessity to the French in 1754

AndyGHKFilm : You know? This scene is really goddamn downright heartwarming.

Angel .O : They just don't make them like this anymore. Not just the Simpsons, almost all of the animated shows these days.

Mr_StephenB : This scene where Mrs. Krabappel feels bad for Bart and helps him out a little really makes it one of the best moments in the show. It's still got humour but it focuses more on the emotional investment with Bart trying hard but still failing and Mrs. Krabappel seeing him so upset and not like his usual self. It's just such a nice moment in the show and something that happens very rarely through the Simpson's series.

You Zhou : I wish my parents could be proud of a D-... I get 90s all the time but it's not enough for them :/

Rotten Raspberry : 'I passed, I passed I passed, I-Kissed the teacher **spitting**'

Dblove : i think there should be different ways to test people on knowledge, bart is a perfect example, he knew the information but just couldn't get it on the paper. A lot of ppl are like that, they just don't test well in the standardized format. Perhaps not for University, but for elementary and middle school i think giving kids different test formats caterered to the way they learn and retain things is a good idea. Maybe it's too much to ask though :(

Evan Sageser : Attention everyone, we get it, different schools use different grading scales. The Simpsons just used the standard 10-point grading scale. Likely because it's easy to recognize (common for many American schools and universities) and is easy to identify the correspondence between letter and number grades. Thank you.

xFoxySupreme : man i feel for Bart's pain in this video, studying so hard to still fail, makes you feel like a bigger failure

AbsoluteZero77 : I'm gonna be honest here. I freaking cried during this scene

ScottishTwinsFan120 : Poor Bart :(

Togepi1234 Gaming : This is probably one of Krabappel's best moments. I mean, most of the time you can practically FEEL her hatred towards Bart, but here she shows quite a bit of care. Down to even giving him extra credit. Kinda sad her actor (and the character) passed away.

Jolo : This is why old Simpsons was the best. It captured all the emotions.

wtfskz : When Bart started crying, so did I... I can't help it!

Pinguin Präsident : This scene broke my heart... the crying sounds so damn real !!! It's like hearing yourself crying

Gearoid Mc Naught : So I wonder what's worse getting an F or kissing the teacher?

Dan Kester : That... was Edna Krabappel. You only get one chance to be with Edna Krabappel. And Bart took it

S.ponge TM : Who else cried when bart is crying? I cried :,(

Nebby and The cosmog revolution : Who else worked so hard on something only to fail so easily?

Sarah Walter : I'm really happy the teacher helped him out in the end So many wouldn't

Appleboy78165 : I can relate to Bart all too well here...

Walter Salmon's Cartoon Crossovers : that episode was very sad that I felt very bad for Bart

Craig Davidson : 1:29 - This moment marked a turning point in animated television, and a significant milestone in animation history. When Bart Simpson cried, animated television proved to be the equal of theatrical animation, perhaps even more so. After decades of low budgets and parental criticisms, of Scooby Doo clones and shameful toy tie ins, animated television truly came of age. That's because at that very instant, in that very episode, Bart became more than a mere caricature, given a voice by a voice artist, rendered in pencil sketch and ink and paint, and shot on 35mm celluloid. He became a real living, breathing human being, with real emotions and feelings. And as he cried, we, the audience, were crying too, because we could empathise with him all too well, struggling, sacrificing, and still failing at fulfilling our full potential. In the realm of animation milestones, including Gertie the Dinosaur, Steamboat Willie, Flowers and Trees, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bart gets an F would fit perfectly between Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Toy Story as turning points worth remembering. For this marked the beginning of a legacy. The Renaissance of animated television had truly begun.

Grabacr 8492 : Studied night after night using over 100 flash cards studying anatomy and the class average on the final was a D. Barely passed and I get the feeling.

keep the blue flag flying high : I was 13, I trained so hard fort local semi pros youth team trials. Poured my heart and soul into it and injured myself a few days beforehand, my right knee just jerked... I attended and attempted to play though the pain and had such a poor game.. safe to say after seeing this video and reflecting, I can see where I buried my pain and gave up on life... It's funny that I realise this 9 years later because of a fucking cartoon.

Raspberries Rrandom : Who else cried for bart?

Molly George : I can relate to Bart so much even when I try my hardest I end up failing. Trying is the first step to failure ~ Homer Simpson

Nicholas Keefe : The bit at the end when Homer tells Bart everyone is proud of him always gets me right in the feels. The Simpsons is brilliant.