The Cayley Expansion - Objectivity #174

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R.C. Whitehead : David is one of my most favorite guests on Numberphile, Brady. I am so happy to see him on Objectivity. Perhaps a future discussion with Dr. Eisenbud regarding hyperdeterminants and multidimensional matrices is appropriate?

ProgHead777 : O... M... G..., David Eisenbud has a VELVET voice, too?! Can we just have a twenty minute episode of David and Keith having a one-on-one conversation about, oh, I don't know, ANYTHING?

Alexander F : Brady please get David Eisenbud to do a Numberphile video on determinants.

dsiefus : Keith is the head librarian but... how many librarians are there in total?

TRiG (Ireland) : Have you ever made a video about the history and architecture of the physical building? Was it purpose-built or procured? Was it extended? Were extra basements dug out?

remm : Just struck me how well these videos are produced now.

Liou : It gives me butterflies to my stomach seeing the actual handwriting of brillant mathematicians and physicists of previous generations. It is kind of sad that next generations won't be able to do the same with scientists of our time, papers being typed today. (PS Dr. Eisenbud is such a gentle person, i love to see him in your videos.)

Freakoutski : David sounds like Mr Burns.

elago : I think you meant director of the Spiritual Home of Numberphile.


culwin : 7:49 Cayley put the FUN in Fundamental

Leo Barlach : Marvel: Infinity Wars is the biggest crossover in history. Objectivity: hold my gloves.

Koen Baart : I love this video

PinkChucky15 : Not to be creepy, but I’d love to smell those old books.

orangesims : An Australian, an American and an Englishman walk into a.. library.

Ivan Mazeppa : 0:55 Would anyone join me in a crusade to bring back that hairstyle?

Tim Beaton : Never ceases to amaze me. Yet another excellent video, that gets several dislikes. Are there people who literally go through as many YT videos as possible, and just Thumbs Down every one they can? Quite what is it that some (ok, only 3 as of now, but the principle stands) people dislike about this video? Is it just bad mouse control.."meant to click Like but hit Dislike by accident"? Or just pure malice? I despair of humanity sometimes!

Alexander F : This guy's way of speaking reminds me so much of my grandfather.

Dr. Kaii : I am fairly certain Keith could pull that oiled down hair look, if he hasn't already tried it

Buck3n : I always love the way Keith stares into the camera at the start of these videos. It's like he's staring into my very being. ;)

Sidd Somarriba : objectivity videos tend to have especially high like:dislike ratios. what a great channel!

GiggitySam Entz : Waaaah old maths!!

Punocchio : 3:50 Matrizes can be used to solve systems of equations, that's why they're used everywhere. :)

Ashish Gupta : Those were the days when you could take the grant money and say I would publish the results at a later time

Feta Cheezz : David Eisenbud's voices sounds like a deeper version of Mr. Burns.

Chris Smith : He was always my favourite character in “Minder”

Kyle Chormanski : 1st

prussian7 : I want to know more about Author Cayley. And his math.

Scanlaid : That synchronized head turn at the beginning though

Fake_Blood : The 23 fundamental thingies wouldn't have anything to do with the number of dimensions string theory started out with right? I remember from numberphile's -1/12 video that 12 has some significance and string theory is down to 11 dimensions now iirc?

Dylan T : twins?

elad lerner : I could listen to a podcast of Keith reading old scientific papers. It would be the most relaxing thing ever.

HAMID SHARIF : ooh, the books... precious more than diamonds... can we copies the original... would the royal society allow for this... I think a digital copy put online will be highly appreciable.

Martin Conrad : David and Keith actually look a lot alike!

Dave H : 0:51 Love that studio portrait. His hand is "resting" on a balustrade which is painted on a flat background. Nineteenth century version of photoshop?

Udip Adhikari : 26th

wHIMiam Strength : Montgomery Burns

Ma Mi : I love the golden ratio Shirt of Brady's. Any tips where i can get one just like it?

PopeLando : PBS (in the UK) last night showed a film about Benjamin Franklin's LITERAL "skeletons in the closet", a cache of bones in his old house, and Keith popped up! Increasingly the TV star!

Robbie Gittens : Hell yeah, I'm glad you got professor Eisenbud to do a video on this channel. Great work you guys.🍻

Jayjeet Chakraborty : I like the Invariant Theory.

Alice H : I could listen to Dr Eisenbud talk for hours, I love his voice

maxiewawa : You made a T shirt out of the flower pattern thingy!

Josh : Yey.

CheshireTomcat68 : Another very enjoyable video I didn't understand! I love the way that 23 was so nicely written with an ink pen too.

Dr. Kaii : Brady PLEASE get a 4K camera!

Ranolden : first