Papa's Sonata (ANIMATION) (4K)

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On the brink of an economic crisis; a mother plays a bittersweet sonata, a father's forced into working longer hours as a builder constructing houses. Whilst their son longs for a father figure, the father becomes increasingly immersed in his work, building homes for others, yet he forgets to recognize that his own is falling apart and that this will be the mother's final sonata; Papa's Sonata. Papa's Sonata is the result of a 4 year long passion project. There will be more work from me to come so stay tuned, if you want to support me it's as easy as liking and sharing my content :)! ////////////////////////////// CREDITS : Writer, Director, Editor and Animator : Marcus Graham Artwork : Lyndsay Harper Marcus Graham Piano Music : Julian Cipollone Work Music : Angela Grima Joe Goddard The Father : Dean Irwin The Son : Lachlan Roland-Kenn The Mother : Michela Carattini The Boss : David Attrill Older Son and Extra : Edric Hong Extras : Jett Barton Chris Mackay Christian Gienau Marcus Graham Producer, Casting and Script Doctor : Jenny Tran Co-Producer : Marcus Graham Cinematography : Conor Deans Clapper Loader: Conor Deans Jenny Tran Marcus Graham Sound Design : Joe Goddard Marcus Graham Sound Engineers: Luke Payne Simon Baldock Jeremy Childs Jay Cusack Borna Crvelin Quinn Musulin Josh Cesana Papa's Sonata contains royalty free sounds from freesound under the terms of CC licenses, more information can be found at this link : 3D Door Models/Animation : Chris Mackay Stock Effects : Videocopilot Creation Effects Special Thanks to : Pete Malicki Victoria Allen Tin Tin Grassi Andrew Osman Michelle Stankiewicz Angela Grima John Buckmaster Adrian Graham Lyn Graham Stephen Graham Helga Graham Chan Walrus Leandro Gabales Turramurra High School MorphCostumes Sydney Film School Isserley Thanks to : Eddie Chew Uracha Oliver Andrea Davis Lal Craig Geoff Craig David Carte Akhilesh Pratap Singh Pete Ireland Rosannie Li Caite Adamek Vanessa Nash Christina Park James Kauter Caitlin Doyle Leon Ong Emily Santiago //////////////////////////////

Comments from Youtube

MCSapling : This short film is really unique it kind of reminds me of the first 10 minutes of Pixar's "Up"

Special Video Service : why did you upload this to youtube instead of doing a festival run?

More Views and Subscribers for your Channel : hahaha nice animation.