I Bought the Most Hated Car on the Internet (and made $1000)

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ChrisFix : PLEASE READ: I wanted to update you guys just in case you dont follow my instagram (you should def follow)... 1.) I just dropped new swag for the holidays: http://bit.ly/ChrisFixSwag 2.) I have been working on this video for the last month which includes buying the car, sourcing a high quality battery, taking a class on how to safely and properly replace high voltage hybrid batteries, etc so I hope you love it! 3.) Two weeks ago I did a drift event for charity where I had you guys jump in the passenger seat. I gave over 100 ride alongs and I wont ruin the surprise but we raised a ton of money! 4.) No luck with my house/driveway/garage search which is upsetting because it is becoming increasingly difficult to do what I do in my current location 5.) I was on the West coast last week for SEMA and did 3 different meet-ups and met hundreds of fans which was awesome! You guys support me so much and I am thankful! 6.) Feel left out, follow my Instagram because I give updates for all this stuff!!! #ChrisFixit

Engineering Explained : "New cars with modern electronics are too hard to work on." ChrisFix: "Hold my beer."

Michael Hawthorne : I can't believe no one has commented on the quality of this video.... It was slick and very professional... Very clear and precise and made good use of clever video techniques. I doubt I'll ever have a Prius but I loved that video... Thanks for that Chris

The Dro : While you have your car completely dismantled might as well build it back up inside your living room for the lulz

Rob wor : By far one of the best DIY videos on youtube. I dont even have a prius or plan on getting one. I started watching to see what the most hated car was. Then could not stop watching till the end. Great Job Chris!

Toyota Prius : Excuse me... that’s not true. Everyone likes me right guys?? ...guys....


Elliott G : Hey just wanted to say when I'm pulling stuff apart and want to keep track of what screw goes where, I just grab a bit of cardboard, do a small sketch of the part and push the screws through in their corresponding location. On my Honda bike I have a lot of M5 screws, but they're all different lengths! So I found this the easy way to put those longer screws back where they belong. Also I was saying to a workmate last week, how there are all these TV shows about people buying houses to fix them up and sell, and how good it would be if there was a TV show about flipping cars. Guess I found it.

schr4nz : "Dealers and Mechanics hate him, but that's why we know you'll love him... ChrisFix" - YouTube DIY community

NumbersGame : He makes it look so easy....

Carmelo Santana : Amazing I don't even have a Prius and enjoy watching this video. Great job man

JohnStax : Anyone else instantly think of Prius as soon as you read the title?

Top 5 Auto Repairs : Most hated but reliable and good gas mileage

Daz Dee : Nearly time for a ChristFixmas video isn't it?!

Zakk Gardner : 350 bucks to pull the vent motor and blow it off with compressed air? I'm in the wrong business.

Heiko Böhm : 19:14 DEEZ NUTS

Cars Overdose : 9:24 who said that Prius's don't have turbos. 😂😂😂😂

maximus stevenson : I'm 12 I can't drive but I've watched all ur vids and I've even gave my dad tips on the car and because of I figured out what was wrong with it

Shan Kurrim : WOW! The effort that you put into this video shows. Very professional and helpful throughout. Thank you for taking the time out to share with the community.

Phil Timson : Love your videos I’d buy a car off you

MrPeanut106 : Everybody knows that the most hated car on the internet is a Fiat Multipla.

FixBroz : Watched the whole 26 minutes of the video. Thanks

Mosxidi Gaming : 19:15 *deez nutz*

Daryl Griffin : Well done. Now I feel I can confidently replace the battery in my flashlight.

Matias Vera : you are amazing dude!!

bayu dewanto : Do turbo installation

Paper Chasin : Am I the only one who has absolutely no plans on changing a hybrid battery or really anything he does on his videos but watch his videos any way ? 😂😂

bob ross : Is this profit paying for the drift stang supercharger?

cepterbi1 : Great instruction

Cai Lewis : 20:41 for some serious torque satisfaction.

M&A TV : It seems like he uploads a video each month, cmon Chris

Lonely Taunt : Do I need to know this? No. But I can't resist a ChrisFix video!

The Living World : Are you dead we are dying for the New video

Hector Ortegon : That fan looks like a turbo😂

Shayan Munir : Please come back to YouTube I wanna see new vids and also love ur vids keep it up!

hyper shadic 95 : Hey I’m a huge fan of your work and if its not much to ask i have a recommendation for a future project that you could do and if you could get a 1990 Chevrolet Cheyenne 1500 stick shift and I would like to se what changes I could do or at least give me an idea of what I want to do because I have one. And again it’s just a suggestion 🤔😅

Joseph Erwin : I’m an auto transporter. I have a love/hate relationship with Priuses. They’re small, so they transport easily, but the folks who drive them tend to be total morons in traffic.

Cocoa Delgado : Face reveal? Like if you agree when you do just know we all think ur pretty

FREX LIGHT : Thats..... 😶

BlackShadowGaming AKA[BSG] : with the looling it looked like a plastic turbo

The Living World : Your yt story has made me more exited

Kid Bike : “Car dealerships hate him! Learn how to fix your car yourself with this one sneaky trick!”

Agus Supriyanto : Chris where Is the drift project

TOYODA 7 : Turn it into a drift car

scrub129 : Could you do a video of installing a speaker system?

Brandon Rosete : I come part of "Un poco de todo" :D

Alexis Zaldivar : You should do a how to install a turbo??!!!!!


Evan Webb : Hey Chris, I know this is a few weeks after you posted the video, but do you think you could do a video on affordable remote starters such as the Avital 4103LX? I've been considering getting one myself for the winter, but I don't want to waste money on something I don't know how to Install. The product information says additional accessories may be required for 2007 vehicles or above, but I have an 04 Impala.

Daimler Pogi : Please teach us how to Install Nitrous in my car hyundai Genesis coupe