I Bought the Most Hated Car on the Internet (and made $1000)

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ChrisFix : PLEASE READ: I wanted to update you guys just in case you dont follow my instagram (you should def follow)... 1.) I just dropped new swag for the holidays: http://bit.ly/ChrisFixSwag 2.) I have been working on this video for the last month which includes buying the car, sourcing a high quality battery, taking a class on how to safely and properly replace high voltage hybrid batteries, etc so I hope you love it! 3.) Two weeks ago I did a drift event for charity where I had you guys jump in the passenger seat. I gave over 100 ride alongs and I wont ruin the surprise but we raised a ton of money! 4.) No luck with my house/driveway/garage search which is upsetting because it is becoming increasingly difficult to do what I do in my current location 5.) I was on the West coast last week for SEMA and did 3 different meet-ups and met hundreds of fans which was awesome! You guys support me so much and I am thankful! 6.) Feel left out, follow my Instagram because I give updates for all this stuff!!! #ChrisFixit

Engineering Explained : "New cars with modern electronics are too hard to work on." ChrisFix: "Hold my beer."

Dry Roasted : I watched the whole video and I don't own a Prius.  Very well presented information, Thanks.

Francesco Tridori : For the april fools video you should make a tutorial on how to install turn signals on a BMW😂😂

Jduth : Who are the miserable human beings that come to this channel and this video and down votes it? What? Did he not use the same tool as you?

Yutae Gil : Challenge: Drink a shot every time he says remove


Khaled Ali : The most organized guy in the world 👍🔧

peter baxter : use an egg carton or 2 for nuts and bolts. mark on the cardboard where they go

gadgetcruiser : I have fixed several Toyota and Honda hybrid vehicles with battery pack problems, I only have one problem with your repair procedure information. Before ever placing any tools especially standard tools that are non-insulated on the high voltage terminals of the battery pack ALWAYS CONFIRM THAT THE HIGH VOLTAGE RELAYS ARE OPEN BY USING A CATIII VOLTMETER!!!!! The battery pack has enough voltage to kill or severely injure. I always use electrical linesman gloves and leathers just for safety until I break the battery down.

Gummay YT : That's not a pt cruiser

JohnStax : Anyone else instantly think of Prius as soon as you read the title?

Sunny shah : OMG, this is just horrible, i can't believe dealerships charge almost $4,000 to fix something like this, it only takes around 26 minutes and some editing to fix this, why charge $4,000 for it ????

CannCoder Triballian : This video is Pro Work. Nice job.


Michael M : I totally want to own a Prius now. DAMN YOU CHRIS.... lol

FixBroz : Watched the whole 26 minutes of the video. Thanks

john4kc : Great video! Anytime you use vinegar to soak rusty or corroded parts you need to then soak them for a bit in water mixed with baking soda to neutralize the acid in the vinegar. Without neutralizing the acid it will continue to eat at the metal. Don't leave parts in vinegar too long either!

Brian Dong : Just love your videos, I don't own a Prius and probably will never want to perform this, but still I watched this from beginning to the end frame by frame. Feel satisfied.

Ted Lewis : Hey Chris, great video as usual, but the vinegar trick removes ALL the protective zinc plating from the nuts...not just the corrosion. You should have used a dielectric grease on them when you reinstalled them to give at least a little protection. I imagine that they will corrode pretty quickly now, and that will shorten the life of your new battery. Otherwise, great video and good tips on tools and how to organize a job.

Vaun Hebda : phew, thought you bought an Aztek

Cars Overdose : 9:24 who said that Prius's don't have turbos. 😂😂😂😂

O se : The new owner is lucky a good price and work done by someone who knows what they are doing.

Unselling Jungle : Chris fix I broke the door handle on my Honda del Sol. Could you do a video on how to replace the exterior door handles in your Honda del Sol

P0T4T0Turtlez. : 14:46 Chris starts getting tired

Shayber : Just a little tip from a high voltage car mechanic wait for 10 minutes before you work on the high voltage system. So the high voltage is gone in the system

Alexis Zaldivar : You should do a how to install a turbo??!!!!!

That bmx Guy : Supercharge the driftstang

James Simpson : Still looks easier than working on a Transmission

Voz Anderson : 19:15 hehe

Jeep Dude : pt cruiser or chevy HHR are the most hated cars. Prius is just made fun of but still respected.

Mike H : Holy Moly, Batman!!! No wonder the dealership charges $4K. That is a lot of work. Not sure the average guy would want to do it.

Julie Meadows : Maybe a dumb question, but I noted a filter on front of the battery air intake duct that you seemed to ignore, yet you went through the needed time & trouble to clean out the fan. Shouldn't that filter also be cleaned or replaced while you are doing this procedure?

Every Day Discovery : _So. Many. Bolts._

Track Of terror : I’m better off with a engine and a petrol car. I hate electric cars

Rick Jones : Great video! Is a Tesla howto coming in the future?

Hunter : Do I need to know this? No. But I can't resist a ChrisFix video!

Emmanuel Palmares : The prius isnt the most hated car in the internet, the most hated car is a Fiat Multipla

Manny C : Can you make a video on how to fix a car that isnt blowing out any air from the vents?

Brian Lamberts : Nice vid, Chris. Really gets to the point and all the tedious stuff is edited out.

Danny L : now you wont be able to find a Prius with this problem lol

WJ Handy Dad : you definitely earned that $1,000... that was a LOT of work! Another great video. You are the master of Youtube DIY videos!

Carlos Rivera : This is why you don’t buy a hybrid

DJRomanN : Just fixed my 2007 Prius by swapping three cells only instead of all 28. As soon as you can't really find brand new cell except the dealer, all the cells you can purchase on Ebay, Amazon and so on are used. If you have some time to spare you could use my method- buy a 4 channel balance charger, charge/ discharge each battery pack three times (it takes about 20-30 hours for one cell, but since I've got a 4 channel I can do 4 cells at once, so 28/4= 7 days), charge them at 7.8-7.9V, writing down all the data for each cell, so you can mix and match your own cells in pairs. After that you have to connect in parallel all positive and all negative poles to equalize the voltage (basically you'll have a 7.8V battery with crazy current) for about 12 hours, disassemble the temporary harness, and connect everything back. For the copper shims I tried the vinegar trick then neutralizing with baking soda and they came really beautiful, tried to do the same with the nuts and they turned black as well, so I just bought on Ebay a set of 56 nuts for $12.50. The sensors shims on the right side of the battery were corroded as well, gave them a vinegar treatment then soldered all the wire/shim crimped joints. The car runs great now, before the battery would charge and discharge very fast, now it's pretty consistent between 50-80%. Budget: $100- three cells on Amazon $12.50- set of nuts $150- 4 channel 80W balance charger on Aliexpress $45- wheel dolly at Harbor Freight Total- $307.50 instead of $1500 for all cell packs

Marc Ballislife : Chrisfix the Goat

sohrab rustum : I'll stick with gas....

SFL Car Scene : Am I the only one who has absolutely no plans on changing a hybrid battery or really anything he does on his videos but watch his videos any way ? 😂😂

Bartholomäus : 19:03 one point for metric system very good and interesting video!

Pun Jab I : It is not the most hated car.

Hybrid Divide : Great video! Quick question, though. How do you measure the torque you put down on bolts? Inch pounds and foot pounds? That'd be good to know! Thanks!