Louie hears an alarm.
Louie hears an alarm One of the most humble and real stand up acts you will see

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Louie Anderson Live Wednesday - Saturday @ 7:00pm at the Plaza Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV


ahepperl : This is a real comedian. I do stand up for fun, very small time just open mics for me but I love and study it so much. Anderson took a simple alarm on a phone or watch and made a hilarious joke back at the audience member, who wasn't heckling, let her in on his own experience, made the whole room laugh (and me too) effortlessly. You can't teach that.

CM BN : Such TALENT!!! When a comic's routine is interrupted by a cell phone alarm and suddenly it's a gut busting routine -- that's a genius!

dru boy : "it's time for you to go play bingo?" "well get the hell outta here!"

duckduckmoose : That's a true comic. He didn't blow up and didn't ruin his set, he was naturally funny and was quick on his feet making a distracting situation into a great bit.

luckycharms8282 : "I'm takin' these"

stmalachy : I forgot how funny he is. Good stuff! It's also great to see him on "Baskets" -- he's pretty much stealing every scene he's on that show.

nicolle n. : such quick wit!

Jason Harrod : funny and a hell of a nice guy too.

Bama Rolltide : Love ya louie.been watching u for many years.u r the best

Lazarus Pitts : This is hilarious.

daveythehand : Louie makes me so happy.

butt : LMFAO at the end. i had to go back 3 or 4 times cus i was laughing so hard. i wish the clip was longer. Louie is one of my favorites

bangers & mash : Proof comics don't need to be trashy.

Pam Upchurch : Love Louie! Love his facial expressions, accent, and quick wit

bonefasio60 : Man I didn't want it to end.

cierrablue : That was absolutely golden. I haven't laughed so hard in ages. A truly funny man.

Some Name : Professional comedian in every sense of the word

Skull Kid : I'm crying, he's just so damn good. Wish I had the chance to see him live

MeDuZaX : oh i see.. thought it was a full song. Thanks anyway, have a nice weekend.

AlekSensej : No i was expecting Louie. The guy who uses his childhood as his hole act and made a cartoon a while back. First of all your favorite comedian is BALD. So is mine, but he is called George Carlin.

Aaron Blankenship : Did anyone click on this video expecting Louis CK and wonder how he let himself go like that?

theMEGAsalad : It's just a song someone made with the standard loops that come with garage band

MeDuZaX : Hello themegasalad. Can you recall the name of the song by any chance ? It's on my mind for a couple of days now..

theMEGAsalad : I recognize that violin loop! Garage band music.

Matthew Rogers : She's going to go play bingo today

TwOnEightt : 4:10 let that raccoon outta there

NegativeAgent : very funny hes still got it

MeDuZaX : Very nice, brings up memories.. :) Can anyone please tell me what is the song playing at the beginning ? (sec' 7 to 13)

Zen : No, that's a comic who advertises himself as "family friendly."

Tomis Muska : louie anderson still has it. :) havent watched him for years and years

MrDoesbadel : He sounds like Dave Chapell, when he shouts something^^

Bunny1106 : Let that raccoon out of there!

FLguy : A true professional making a routine up on the spot interacting with the audience.

Galactic123 : Damn most comics would scream, insult, and get completely thrown off by something like that happening in the middle of their act. Louie just makes an impromptu 5 minute bit out of the whole thing. That's an experienced, professional comic for you.

wwjudasdo : "Im takin these" Hilarious!

beachsoccerguy : Step 1: Pause at 4:37 Step 2: enjoy face of pure happiness

beachsoccerguy : I'm so happy this clip exists

ImLarryMcGillicutty : You can get a DVD copy for like 20 dollars off his official website now though I think.

aahhhyess : My favorite sort of comedy! He's got the sweetest smile too!

DennisInTheWind : I swear when I was a kid we had a blue Rambler wagon with pink doors on one side. My dad was a a veteran and a mean drunk I feel a kinship to Louis he makes me laugh he makes me cry. Love ya Louie. Thank you

shikkadance : He is amazing! His facial works and body language......His show MOM LOUIES LOOKING AT ME AGAIN is an utter classic!

Jesse G : this was pretty good

speaktrue42 : FANtastic!!!!!!!

greenbeagle13 : Bingo Alarm...!!! HAHAHAHA, that cracks me up....!

Nick S : God damn I wish I was at this show!

Filip Petrovic : Lol, this is so funny...he's my favorite comedian

mcde27 : lol

clmahs728 : Hilarious, A true master. Always loved how he interacts with the audience.

Terry Harris : millions of dollars from making people laugh,,other than beirng a great singer, this has got to be the best way to make it rich