Louie hears an alarm.

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ahepperl : This is a real comedian. I do stand up for fun, very small time just open mics for me but I love and study it so much. Anderson took a simple alarm on a phone or watch and made a hilarious joke back at the audience member, who wasn't heckling, let her in on his own experience, made the whole room laugh (and me too) effortlessly. You can't teach that.

duckduckmoose : That's a true comic. He didn't blow up and didn't ruin his set, he was naturally funny and was quick on his feet making a distracting situation into a great bit.

CM BN : Such TALENT!!! When a comic's routine is interrupted by a cell phone alarm and suddenly it's a gut busting routine -- that's a genius!

dru boy : "it's time for you to go play bingo?" "well get the hell outta here!"

Chris Huemmer : louie was soo cool about this

butt : LMFAO at the end. i had to go back 3 or 4 times cus i was laughing so hard. i wish the clip was longer. Louie is one of my favorites

stmalachy : I forgot how funny he is. Good stuff! It's also great to see him on "Baskets" -- he's pretty much stealing every scene he's on that show.

luckycharms8282 : "I'm takin' these"

Jason Harrod : funny and a hell of a nice guy too.

nicolle n. : such quick wit!

bangers & mash : Proof comics don't need to be trashy.

SmittyWarben YagerMangensen : that poor woman honking at the end. i wouldn’t feel so bad if I didn’t know that louie armstrong is so damn funny that that was no cursory honking. she was deep in the mire of hilarity with no way out. completely fucked.

Lazarus Pitts : This is hilarious.

Bama Rolltide : Love ya louie.been watching u for many years.u r the best

Comedian Eagles : Louie is the king

Terry Harris : millions of dollars from making people laugh,,other than beirng a great singer, this has got to be the best way to make it rich

Lithostheory : SECURITY!!!

Pam Upchurch : Love Louie! Love his facial expressions, accent, and quick wit


daveythehand : Louie makes me so happy.

Nick Supapol : God damn I wish I was at this show!

bonefasio60 : Man I didn't want it to end.

o : Hes awesome still

Filip Petrovic : Lol, this is so funny...he's my favorite comedian

buddyontheweb : Louie rules!

Conduit Core : "Thats pretty good." LOL

Ima fan : Wow, so funny.

ElectricOutcast : Try this for funny: there was an old clip I heard where he was talking to the audience during a Vegas show and one of the audience members had said something that made the crowd laugh but left Louie confused and took awhile to get what the crowd was laughing at.

michele vitarelli : Christine Baskets is hilarious!

FlashRave : Is this a full special? Where can I see it?

Tiadiad : 4:12 :))))))

Movie Games : That was so impressive, I would not be surprised to find out the woman with the alarm was a plant.

John Scofield : Louie is funny and this bit with the audience is great.

jcman240 : He's on somethin

jacqueline reinstedler : He is so awesome! ! Does a bunch of impromptu jokes just from a watch alarm!!:)

Human Evolution : "huaaaaa!"

yvan willard : The more I watch louies videos, the more I love him. Too bad I couldn't get tix to see him in Vegas when I went there years ago. Instead I saw rita rudner. Still funny but not the same comedy. I love you louie.

Cheshire Cat : I remember when he lost like 80lbs, and now he looks twice that size. I feel sorry for him. Wish he could get his health together. Don't wanna lose him.

JD derm : He’s great


Robert Barrett : Louie is the best. What a talent, what a soul. Brilliant.

SouthernKudzu : That's awesome. Glad to see he's got such a good spirit about being interrupted. Nothing worse than a comedian who takes their act too serious and gets mad about something like this.

Cesar Luis Baca : Louie is Awesome!

Michael Exman : I will never forget THEY LICK RHE BUTTER!!!!

Antonia Hynes : Omg!!! I LOVE LOUIE!!!! What an incredible talent he is!

clumsiii : WHERE ARE MY DOBBERS <3

Jill Springer Forrest : Such a funny, honest comedian.

clmahs728 : Hilarious, A true master. Always loved how he interacts with the audience.

cierrablue : That was absolutely golden. I haven't laughed so hard in ages. A truly funny man.

. Jason : Louie is always the best.