Defunctland: The History of Disney's Worst Attraction Ever, Superstar Limo

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Defunctland : Hello everyone. To answer the main question, yes I have already done an episode on Superstar Limo. I will be going back and redoing some of my old videos every now and then to give them the same research and production value as the new ones. This video is over twice as long as the original, because I was able to find so much more information and footage.

L Blair : I like Disney's idea to have a California themed area... In California. Wow, It's like being in California.

FlamingSackOfPizza : 12:45 - "a horrifying puppet version of the late Joan Rivers" basically just Joan Rivers?

C.W. Roederer : Honestly I think if done right the Muppets' verison could have been awesome.

B10K PlaysGames : the beginning of this video be like: B I G G I E C H E E S E

dragontatoes : Drew Carey and Rosie O'Donnell boarding a ride while "All Star" plays and an NSYNC add scrolls across the bottom is the peak new millennium aesthetic

AnvilPro100 : Ugh, as if the Princess Diana stuff wasn't bad enough that thing about the railroad crash felt like God pointing down and saying "Fuck this park"


Honorary Tuba : "A California themed theme-park in the already California themed California"

Musical Hell : Just discovered your channel and I'm loving the flashbacks to all the rides I remember fondly (and rides like this one, which I never experienced but enjoy hearing about because I'm morbidly fascinated by creative projects gone terribly wrong). May I request a look at Cranium Command? That one's a huge nostalgia button for me.

SavageGreywolf : >Colin Mochrie >Drew Carey >Ryan Stiles >with special guest star Rosie O'Donnell "Scenes from a Hat: Celebrities ride the worst Disney ride ever"

xingcat : The fact that the most obvious thing was how immediately dated the whole ride would be didn't occur to any of them is so sad.

EnigmaDrath : "California Adventure: a California-themed theme park to be located in the already California-themed California." American equivalent of traveling to France to visit Le Louvre, but never going beyond the gift shop while eating store-bought croissant :/

TheSkullKid : Why not just take the original concept and retool it a little? Make it a taxi instead of a limo and have the story involve the guests trying to make it to a movie premiere at Grauman's on time, avoiding the perils of the California roadways along the way. The taxi driver could replace Eisner as the "host" of the ride, and it would save face by allowing the company to keep most of the original ideas, the celebrity appearances, theater ending area, and high-speed chase, while removing connotation to Princess Diana's death by taking out the limo and paparazzi. : I'm pretty certain that the phrase "California Adventure, a California-themed theme park to be located in the already California-themed California" is my absolute most favourite of any in Disney-related criticism history.

CHICHI7 : It's sad they used Village People music to advertise the ride.

Courtney (ProjectSNT) : "Eisner had a technique he would use when deciding on new projects. The technique was called /jealousy/." I spat out my soup when I heard that line.

Drakkenmensch Silverflare : Wow, the Drew Carey cast is looking seriously BORED out of their skulls during the ride.

Kat : Clipart: The Ride.

Kayla : "A California themed theme park to be located in the already California themed California."

Flander Fiend : I remember riding this attraction. I was only five or six at the time, so most of the references must have flew over my head. But what I will NEVER forget is the yelling bald man. He gave me anxiety.

Quinton Reviews : Jesus that intro skit is surreal

Michaeljack : That intro was beyond cringeworthy

MeowTheRainbowX : 15:10 How to date your video in 1 easy step: 1. Use Smash Mouth as your background music unironically

NoFunNoHope : The cast of the Drew Carey Show and (for some reason) Rosie o donald talking up this ride while smashmouth plays in the backround hurts so much.

* * : The sleazy agent looks like one of the puppets from lazy town. A scarier version of the mayor, perhaps.

Wizard Dojo : I remember this ride... So glad it's Monsters, Inc. now. Also, that 2001 video footage looks ancient. Can't tell it apart from late 80s/early 90s footage. Really makes you realize how the past two decades have really pushed that kind of technology forward.

Jester2415 : They should bring it back, only this time it ends on a casting couch with Harvey Weinstein in a loose-fitting bathrobe.

catholiccontriversy : The original concept doesn't sound that bad, poor taste based on the circumstances, but not terrible. The result on the other hand...

Disney Watchers : I didn't think the ride was that bad. it would be a nice smooth ride with AC on a hot day

crazystairs712 : Dude, your show feels almost like TV quality, not just in the editing, but in the writing, research and even the way you express yourself feels too good for YouTube. Definitely subscribing to see more.

Kevin R. : "A California-themed theme park in the already-California-themed California." True. Very true.

Happyme! : The Cindy Crawford figure looks like a prostitute. What a spectacularly awful looking ride!

Harrison : God the clip of them riding the ride was cringe.

Jackeda : ''Hi Cher.''

Ailec Aerep : The fact that the song at 15:10 is strongly associated with a certain Dreamworks film is so awkward.

Jimby : When I was 17 I worked in California Adventure at the Boudin Sourdough Factory. I ran the little video tour starring Rosie O'Donnell and Colin Machrie. Just thought I'd mention that.

Roxanne Laney : "A California-themed theme park, to be located in the already California-themed California" I love this channel.

Larry Bundy Jr : Its amazing how Dark Rides always have the most interesting stories behind them!

chickenhound : If he was really smart he would of put California adventure in Florida and a Florida adventure in California

Noah Bowie : They could've taken the original idea and simply changed some aspects of it. Such as instead of escaping paparazzi you could be late for your premiere. Or it could've been a "whistle stop tour of California" in that you speed through the most famous parts of California instead of crawling through a crap rendition of Los Angeles.

DaTRI3E : *Pleasure Island* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Scottie Burgess : if I made that ride, I would have waited for the 'death of princess Diana' thing to blow over, and then maybe start production on the ride. ...but that's just me talking.

Megurine_ Sydney : ...Did anyone else notice Colin Mochrie from Whose Line is it Anyways was in the intro skit?

Letty Guerra : I have an idea! Create a park called retro Disneyland or Disneyland revisited with all the cool old rides and attractions they got rid of. Like voyage through innerspace, mission to Mars, country bear jamboree, the people mover, the air team, the Monsanto house, old autopia, the speedboat ride, etc.. also bring back the polanisian show luau, and the ship that used to sell the tuna sandwiches. OH! And the grand canyon ride. I'd go to that over crappy star wars or marvel land. I hate those franchises.

Joey Simon : can't wait for the defunctland episode on pixar pier

Martin Horowitz : My Cousin's were child actors, they loved superstar limo. When one of them finally got a starring role in a movie, she said that the premiere was just like superstar limo.

Dracomut : Here we have an extreme example of what can go wrong when a ride isn’t themed: a total devoid of charm or character. The Monsters Inc ride that replaced it isn’t perfect, but it has tons more personality

Louie S : "Eisner had a simple technique that he often used when he decided on new projects, the technique is known as Jealousy" The Perj spittin fire!!!!!!

SimplyiDol : "the technique is known as jealousy" jesus christ no brakes