Defunctland: The History of Disney's Worst Attraction Ever, Superstar Limo

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Defunctland : Hello everyone. To answer the main question, yes I have already done an episode on Superstar Limo. I will be going back and redoing some of my old videos every now and then to give them the same research and production value as the new ones. This video is over twice as long as the original, because I was able to find so much more information and footage.

Quinton Reviews : Jesus that intro skit is surreal

xingcat : The fact that the most obvious thing was how immediately dated the whole ride would be didn't occur to any of them is so sad.

AnvilPro100 : Ugh, as if the Princess Diana stuff wasn't bad enough that thing about the railroad crash felt like God pointing down and saying "Fuck this park"

Ronald Maya : That ride looks so slow and boring. They should have added a 50-foot drop at the end to fix it lol

rum runner : So basically, it was the Tommy Wiseau version of a theme park ride.

Courtney (ProjectSNT) : "Eisner had a technique he would use when deciding on new projects. The technique was called /jealousy/." I spat out my soup when I heard that line.

saskatoonguy : Holy shit, Disney was going to have a Steel Dragon roller coaster? I love that band!

The Golden Ninja : "A California themed theme park to be located in the already California themed California."

dodg1988 : I hadn't realized the superstar limo had been open for such a short period of time. It kinda makes me feel better that I actually rode it. I remember being really excited for it for some reason only to be surprised by the garbage it was. The Monsters Inc ride isn't spectacular but it is an enjoyable ride and now knowing the celebrity animatronics are a part of it, I like it even more. Keep up the great work!

Jayheartsjonas : I love how they had Rosie O'Donnell and the cast of the Drew Carey Show pretend to be impressed. Drew's fake smile is so memeable

Yukendoit : There is always money in the banana stand, Michael. Amazing video as always. I liked that they pulled Barry Bostwick out for this. He looked like he was stuck in a time warp.

hope : 0:53 me when I hear about superstar limo actually existing

Dracomut : Here we have an extreme example of what can go wrong when a ride isn’t themed: a total devoid of charm or character. The Monsters Inc ride that replaced it isn’t perfect, but it has tons more personality

Mellon Collie : I appreciate the Arrested Development nod. You are truly a man of impeccable tastes.

cheeriomartinez : You are the kind of YouTuber that puts hard work into their videos. Good job man


Spencer : alright, that Arrested Development intro was kinda corny, but I loved it.

Norm F : Seriously, Kevin. I applaud how far you've come. I've been watching your videos from almost the beginning. As soon as I found your channel, I binged every single episode. The sheer increase in quality of your videos is staggering. Every new video somehow outdoes the one preceding it; better graphic, better information, better overall entertainment value. With all of the theme park YouTube channels out there, yours is still my favorite. Keep up the great work. Cheers.

Hannah Morreale : Your voice is very relaxing. I often have playlists playing in the background and I appreciate having your channel around!

Marshal Tenner Winter : There was a Twilight Zone ride? Well, as long as it wasn't a helicopter simulator, it should be ok.

CHICHI7 : It's sad they used Village People music to advertise the ride.

Cpt Napkin : I cant think of a comment but i know it helps your reach so here... heres a comment

DSNY Newscast - The World of Disney News : Well... in the middle of editing another DSNY Newscast... BUT then Defunctland releases a new episode! Great work Kevin! :)

User 0110 : love the arrested development theme .pretty awesome!

Tyler Wood : Upon first glance I wasn't sure if I wanted to sit through another SSL defunctland video but after giving it a chance I don't regret it at all. The quality of the editing and the new information really made it a completely different video!

SuperiorZteve18 : Wow, great content, I don't know how this channel got into my recommendations but damn I'm glad it did, I'm gonna watch the others.

Corvo Attano : Dude your so underrated you need more recognition, the only reason I found you was cause of the pizza part podcast but ever since I fell in love with your content.

Mr. Meloetta : FNAF's got nothing on puppet Joan Rivers.

Jorge Rafael Nogueras : I pretty much always "Thumb's Up" your videos, but that Arrested Development intro was genius: here's an extra Thumb's Up! Great job! 😀

GodsReignOfHell : i wish they would revisit the original idea cause its YEARS LATER and people already know the history of the ride and it seems like a fun idea honestly

Sarah Gray : I really feel sorry for Drew Carey now!

Adam Ferry : Wrong. This is the second worst ride of all time. The worst is journey into your imagination with Figment.

Princess Luna : Drew Carey looked like he was ready to go back to Cleveland after that ride. I don't blame him.

Nol Dur : Even Michael’s and Mickey’s enthusiasm couldn’t help the park.

K Koundouris : As a concept is interesting if made properly. The execution was lame.

Silver Dragon : Wow, the Drew Carey cast is looking seriously BORED out of their skulls during the ride.

GasparLewis : 5:05 Is a truly incredible line.

keniakittykat : Huh, it's kinda strange how Disney copied what other parks were doing, while they were copying them. Is "industrial inbreeding" a term? Because it should be.

Seth Carlow : it's True Mickey Mouse is the boss as well the King of both Disney Land and Disney Word. Wow soon in 2019 Mickey Mouse on Nov 18 is going to be 90's years old. Most be the new ink and pant they keep on use-ing to keep him young and Minnie Mouse too.

Don Duncan : I love the Monsters Inc attraction. We visited the park that first year but never made it though Hollywood Land. It looked underwhelming.

TRUMP STUDIOS : 15:10 You can't escape All Star.

Medicine Mundy : I wish i could have heard a witty remark or two from Ryan Stiles when he got on superstar limo

Disney Dan : Ohhhh yeah! Glad to see these remasters! Nice work Kev!

Ol' Misery : ooh boy, a documentary on Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout!

Trent Howard : Nearly 20 years on and the majority of the stars featured in this ride are balls deep in pedophile accusations and drug addictions. Now that's the hollywood experience.

Gary Green : Excellent video. I've just recently discovered you and I really like your work.

Joshua Davidson : Barry Bostwick AND Richard Kind!!!??? Daaaammmnnn...California Adventure really brings out all the D list stars!

YinYanReshiram : Is it bad that the ego joke in Super Star Limo made me laugh more than any of the dialogue on GOTG Mission Breakout?

Arcade Hunters : My family and I actually bumped into Richard Kind on Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom this past summer. Really nice guy.