Kids from age 8+ in Great Kart Race show F1 how to do it... Super 1 Karting 2018: Rd 1, IAME Cadet

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Farran Jonker : That was actually really exciting, however, MacIntyre, what a monster wow. Dude pulled it back SO WELL.

Customwinder 1 : That was awesome. Great racing from the young fellas. Also that commentator was really getting into it. Thought he was gonna pop for a minute there . Great stuff.

mario boggero : This is more fun than F1 and much much cheaper hahaha

Dr Tekkerz Vlogs : Why can't F1 be like this

radry100 : Wish I had the chance to race when I was a child :(

JCR98 : It’s always awesome when you get a nice, clean race with some competition

Stefan Nijenhuis : 14:09 Someone missed his breakingpoint... :)

MercuryStan : out of all the NASCAR and f1 I watch that was the most exciting race ive ever seen

madmax2069 : The kid at 2:16 looks as though he's about to vomit.

Dyna1One : 3:35 That frustration

Charlie Southwell : What a fantastic race! Astonishing respect through big racing from the four at the front.

doctornoise : lol! Those moving images of the kids with their stats at the bottom of the screen are creepy as hell.

Charles Jackson : Man, I really wish my parents got me into karting when I was that age, I'm a little old now...

Canuck Fundy : That was the best race I've seen this year, and I watch all types of racing, from F1 to Nascar. Great show boys.

fade03 : Eurobeat intensifies

Dope Soldier : Remember those names they will competing against Verstappen in no time lol !

Warpigs : 0:51 i think this kid mixed up f1 with mma

Paul Martin : Fantastic race. These kids are brilliant!

Jerry Yawning : children of millionaires most likely. No middle class kid could afford that for a hobby..

T Lee : the commentators helped the drama .... i ultimate dream for many many years is to see a gokart series with f1 drivers. wish it was part of the f1 weekend on some level.

kandrc : Great race, but I think somebody castrated the commentator.

brats_4u_avr 1 : Rich families, rich families everywhere

DeepThought : Brilliant wet race, very entertaining but I half expected the commentator to explode with excitement, at one point he was incoherent and only dogs could properly hear him! :)

Ron F : That action from 7:00 on... wow....

JuaffreBlumpkins : 7:18 that was legit 👌👌👌

SotaroLP : I cant see Bananas on Track:( wich Version of Mariokart is that?

filipe beat : 0:36 WTF he hit d grass n his car changes from #1 to #0??

Oscar A : Brilliant racing!

Julian Staniewski : That face at 2:03


clayton facchini : i dont know how i came across this video but im glad i did

rockdrummer1226 : A single lap of this race had more action than the entirety of the Nascar Cup race at Kentucky yesterday. More than most of the cup races this year actually, come to think of it.

Chairman : Now this is pot racing

Austin Thomas : I actually got anxious at the end there! Great commentating on an awesome sport. I wonder if F1 is in the future for these young lads!

Cheeseburger Eddy : The Titzler send me here!

John Bower : Thanks for putting this up, I used to love motor racing of all sorts, but this... This was the best race I've seen by far.

Ed TheStreamer : I have no words.

Mawo Duffer : Why does this remind me of lord of the flies...

Shawn Gardner : i will be bringing this to the americas. look to an abandoned parking lot near you. in america we have millions of them it wont cost anything to repave

blueguisee : These dudes could probably steal my girl.

pp extendus : anyone from r/hermitcraft

Lag Swag : how can these kids afford those karts?

FalconGamer 58 : I'm 15 and didn't start racing yet, what am I doing?

RiotClub : Just think, some of these kids will become the next Big F1 driver, maybe even better than senna

Tyler Knowles : 8:07 the guy in the back grounds neck😂

DizzeeSpellz : What I took from this, keep your eyes on the apex XD


filipe beat : #2 pushed #0 off track n he still wins. Slater boss

JosiahB235 : Want to do this so much

Bully_Hunter : What is the best kart brand?