Residents Devastated After Dunkin’ Donuts Closed by Fire

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Michael Akkerman : "Now I have to rely on myself to go to maybe a Turkey Hill where I don't like their Donits, I rather the Donits at Dunkin' Donits. And I'm kinda dealing with it but I really miss Dunkin' Donits."

The Kids Nice : “I meet with my attorneys in there” LMAO

Bart Tare : If this is not the loveliest, most heart-warming story of August 4, 2016, I don't know what is.

Kharhual Ivens : "Its cheap and classy."

drcadillac : Im getting a Parks and Rec vibe lmao

Aaron Braddock : How has no one commented a joke about how that place must have been SHAMOKEN when she lit it on fire

Mary Smiles : There's no place like Dunkins to hash out those legal problems.

ArgyleGamer : Get some COLD COFFEE.... or ICED COFFEE I guess its called. :)

Kim Large : I have to be honest. I love this kind of news. I had a good laugh. That 13 year old really stuck it to that community. Her teenage angst has paid of well. That DD was the mecca of that community.

LifeIsShort SoHaveFun : those interviews, americans in a nutshell

Josh Chapman : I guess America really does run on Dunkin’

janet sers : I saw a cop sitting in his car crying

Kody with a K : Poor Dutch ... now he has to go to other donut shops to do “legal work”

Bob Met : Ok Shamokin, PA and Det. Pycho.. you can’t make this stuff up. Cheap classy place lol

Phelan Wolfe : "It's the only thing this town has" Bro, homegirl said there is a Turkey Hill there. Relax!

quinn king : Bahahaha the news room looks like a highschool media arts classroom with a printer on the back haha

whitsthecraic : Shamokin! Shumbody shtopp me!

Taylor Hitchcock : There's something in the water there

Evan Edinger : Good ol' Pennsylvania

SolidSnakeLRRP : Nope. Nope. Not gonna do it this time. I’m not gonna just take their word that a sweet young girl torched a Dunkin Donuts, a cop named Psycho is handling the case, and that the cast of “Deliverance” just happens to frequent that Dunkin Donuts. I’m sorry folks.

Bellewskadoo : what are Dough-Nits?

Eric S : I can tell it's the only thing that town has....

radar mouse : I'm glad the lady in brown is working through this tragedy

Jason Smith : Dunkin Donuts is a great place to meet with your attorney.

Saitama : They were shamoking that weed in the bathroom 💨

Kolby Long : Congrats to the teen creating a fire that allowed this masterpiece of a video to rise from the ashes

All4Him : Do they still use lead paint in Shamokin ? wtf

dmkafury : At first I thought Dutch Smith was a partner in a law firm

Dalton Newsome : I guess the place was shomkin then..

ken kropacek : I feel ya Edna😂

Just A Guy : The way they say donut sounds weird DON’T-IT? (Donit-don’t it pun)

4C1DF13ND : I guess they realized the building was on fire when it started Shamokin.

bktfrank : is it just me or does this whole report seem like satire ?

Tiger H. Lore : Officer Ray Psycho! 😂😂😂

Connor Sauer : nikki krize, american hero in the field of journalism

RelentLess Enterprises : 1:19 Sounds like she's related to Kevin Malone from "the office"

One Z : “Donits”? Oky doky lol

OfficerChuck : How devastating.. Hope the People affected can Somehow.. Some way.. Pick their peaces back up and move Forward In life in this trifling And utterly Sad season. #DonutsForThePeople ✊🏾

Figueroa Rury Laquinta : 1:43 Bobby Hill

MooseT : Everybody talking trash, but towns like this are the best places to live. I'm glad to hear most don't like it.

John Smith : So a psycho was arrested by a Siko...................Now thats irony.

Tentarek : Police Officer "Ray Psycho"...who's his partner, "Bullet Spree"?

Christian Gent : Stop Shamokin in the bathrooms & maybe you won’t set the “cheap & classy” “Donits” on fire.

telephoneribosomemetronome : I'm really sad that I'm just now seeing this, but so grateful that I am now aware of this precious gem of a video. DONITS.

Glenn Morgan : There was a Hess gas station very near to wear I live. They would sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Loved it! Then they did not sell them anymore. Figures. IMO, Dunkin sucks. They tax you if you buy a bag of coffee, yes a BAG of coffee. Here in NJ there is no tax on non-prepared food items.

Frank Rizzo : Do a video about the grand reopening.

theendorsement : Wait.... Thought this was an Onion parody video? This is REAL? Moving there tomorrow, will report my findings.

Chris : those interviewees are just like typical brits

Alex Nguyen : 1:32 you know that guy has pending charges for possession of some sort of illegal substance.

roachtoasties : The residents must unite and be strong, until their Dunkin' Donuts reopens. It's either that, or improve their diets.