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Gauntlet Humiliation : Y'all killed it. Especially at 1:08. Epic moment.

Człowiek Drzewo : This is amazing

Wiggins : "Yes, I'm not."

Zeashan Ashraf : This is truly the greatest piece of art known to man

Hari Kumar : this is amazing. me and my Buddy have reenacted this scene countless times. I love the style. brilliantly done

danny notofconcern : This should have atleast 1 million views.

Subhramani Sathyanarayan : Holy effing shit dude. This is bloody amazing. Why the hell does this video have less than 10k views!?

Vithral : I love this, the animation style is beautiful. Works really well. Nice job.

Jeevitesh Khoda : Lol I can't believe you actually made this!! Hahaha. But what the hell is that thing in his lap??

Jeremy John : Lmaoooo this is the best shit ever

vinzer72frie : Hilarious

The Adventures of Quack : nice video 😆

l80sman104 : fantastic

Bakunin : Goddamn Amazing work

sinister monk : this.... just made my life.

Guy Cole : Incredible. Takes a great, tense scene and somehow improves it

otakurocklee : Awesome!

Tabole : Nicely done!