250,000 Dominoes - The Incredible Science Machine: GAME ON!

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Hevesh5 : So excited to release our BEST DOMINO EVENT YET including 3 new American domino records!! What was your favorite project?? :) Also, be sure to watch our past ISM events (bit.ly/ISMfalldowns) and behind the scenes too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSP-UurC_v0

DoughnutMaster [GD] : No Geometry Dash.

Wunderiing : I'd be that one person who accidentally knocked over a domino during the creation of this Magical Thing.

Rman Nayr : Some of the Dominos didn't fall down!

Lucimar Silveira : where is fnaf????

Natutale sans \Naturinia : How DIT u know that there were 250,000 dominoes. I cant count that much

Kenzie Starr : Looks more like 1 Million dominos

IeyeTDK : Woah!!! How Was This Dominos Puzzle Even Made!!!!!!! Great Job To Whoever Made This!!!!!!!! (By The Way If You Want Me To Subscribe To Whoever Reads This Just Subscribe To Me First!!!!!!!)

Danny Dan : is that a super smash bros logo in that domino? nintendo: CLAAAAAIM now youve done it, sheesh

QuantumWill : Okay, kind of an arbitrary question, but does packing dominoes more tightly together make them go faster or slower?

SARAH GROGAN : did any one els realize the score on the pin ball changed (5:28)

thor CoolGuy : 2:44 those are extremely disturbing and provocative structures. EDIT! so the two people that replied to this getting their feelings all hurt... I AM AN IMMATURE HUMAN BEING!

Drew Day : I noticed the wildcats symbol is this at guyer high school

Akki Swlog : Wow... amazing

Lucas Vlogs 2 : Roses are red, I know this is a dream, But u came for the thumbnail, At 1:17

Ose Odia : I feel so sorry for the people who have to clean this up

John R : Amazing!

Jenna Sanders : so cool to see you as one of the only girls i. this project #GirlLove

Ashwin Patel : but I don't trust

EleCTric_RomEo : It's just a CGI.

Olivia Gruss : How long did clean up take and how did you clean it all up?

GrenWatemelon : Clickbait there's only like 200,749

trxki : fake and gay

Zain Spider : It must of took him a couple days to do that

*SO* *DONE* : i cant biliv it 250,000 dominos i lov it:)

Spaceturtle 8008 : this is awesome i have no words

seoman101 : the big question is who has to clean it all up XD

Isabella Johnson : Now they have to clear it all up (:

Ss En : Hi person scrolling down the comments

Cruz jovan Bunoan : 9:32 6:30

Roland Diehl : Awesome 👏

Anthony Ryan Filbeck : Why there are 1k dislikes?

Dan Schiavo : Life is like dominos you line them up then they fall down like when your plan got stopped

Brian Nguyen : lol I wonder who has to clean it all

The Brotherens : I like how they like WOOOHOOO when they worked hours on thatXD

John West : This video is sponsored by: ...Do I have to list all of them? Lol

Hari Neupane : Best dominos

Dinushi Weeraratne : How many times did they fail

RURS Domino media : Watching my channel please

Jakes_Tornado : **earthquake**

Cortnei Harrell : The game over one was massive😮😮😮

Akatm7 : That would suck so much if there was an earthquake and knocked them all over

RERTODJLV : hey man think you are an the last ane and you jast push the rong ane

The Albanian Tiger : #creeper #minecraft #PGN

DragonGamesYT : How does dis dude record this without knocking anything over?

Destructotz Gaming : My favorite part was definitely 6:54

Official BLAZEMASTER05 : i didnt care until the video games

demon imma eat your face off raze : WERES UT?!?!?! YOU HAVE MC!!!!! BUT NO UT!!!!!!

nicole tedrick : Wow that's a lot of dominoes! How long did it take to do that all? So cool!

starwars_fnaf_Derpybacon : I'm so glad they had fallout and halo in there