Sia - Breathe Me (Live At SxSW)

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Kitten : she's so cute

trUst : احبك سيا .

Rahul Loves'ThePayne : One song that I cannot hear without bawling my eyes out.

Baraa Alk : i think sia is the cutest artist alive she is just soo cute😍💞

Nicholas Tzitzis : so much emotion when she's singing

Diana Bartolme : This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. So raw, so real

Claire Sophia : this is so lovely! She is such a good singer

iKirsty : she reminded me of maina joyce at the start

Alex Liverani : 2weeks sober

Michelle Jackson : I love how the people in the audience aren't moving, talking or holding up their phones to record her. It's like they are so fixated on her and her music and they don't want to miss a single second of her performance. That's beautiful and extremely rare!

Gabriel Box : Sia and Adele are definitely the best singers of this generation

karla jaramillo : no performance, no song, no words, no voice, no soul, has ever touched me in this way. i am beyond words, and at a moment in the song found my self paralyzed by the feelings this created in me. i felt pain and loneliness like i had never before. sia, you are so powerful.

it's sister linds : Her voice is so cute in the beginning😍

Create Seventyeight : First time I heard this song on the final episode of Six Feed Under, I wept.

fierce syd : I love how the audience was quiet while she sang, they all actually just wanted to listen it

Positifs Zantia : 1:58 : "Thank's you Sia" I agree

SIA x TØP : Every ballad this woman sings is an embodiment of her vulnerable soul. That's why no one, ABSOLUTELY, NO ONE, can sing like her. Her voice is soul shaking 😭😭😭

Eetu : I remember watching this with my sister years ago, I also remember that she called Sia ugly. 😔 Is that one of the reasons why she covered her face? People thought she doesn't look good? I hope not, because I think Sia is gorgeus and nobody should care about what somebody looks like. 💛

Chloé A : i don't understand. the singer is sia. we can see this face but anyone say today " oh i would to see her face "

Par0normalSkiLL Gaming : Not many times is a live performance better then the original. This is one of those times, incredible!

Mateus Santiago Lage : "Thank you, Sia."

Just Willi : Why does she cover her bueaty

Marleny Torres : Sia never hide your face again. You are pretty on the outside as well as on the inside, I admire your simplicity, your great heart and your beautiful voice.♪♫

N A : God did a mistake when he created Sia, instead of making a human he made an angel...❤️💔

Athra Babylon : There should be a test that every singer has to pass... To sing Live without any autotune.. And only if they pass, then they can actually record & sell records. Like Sia... She's absolutely amazing! What an original, talented artist.. And she actually chooses the lyrics that she sings thoughtfully.

Rooh Gama : Be my frienddd😭😭😭😭

Magd Nusair : Right now it is just Sia and Adele With the real real authenticity

Sean Whittle : Everything about this woman is beautiful. Her talent, heart, warmth, talent, beauty and did I mention talent? I will never be able to afford tickets for a live performance, but I did post myself outside Hollywood Bowl and listen. Wow. A genuinely beautiful soul.

RodneysLife12 : No this was not sia 2 years ago. This was in 2007

Loui Jass : Ugly? Really? She is an amazing woman and SHE IS REAL, maybe she is not perfect but who is perfect nowadays?

Swiftie For life : My two favorite sia songs are "breathe me" and "the greatest"

JerAX TEO : 2018?

Raphael Ricardo : Rainha da voz ❤❤

CanYouBeerMe? : Angel voice

Luana Vitória Germanotta : AMANDA TODD💔😭

Lailah.g.o.a.t : sia is beautiful

Go Away : Shows you don't have to be covered in makeup and looking like a barbie to be a odeon music artist (woman) Look at Sia, she's amazing.

Razan Alamri : She is so cute oh my god 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

victoria Lopez : sia con su hermosa voz como siempre fan de por vida enserio que linda voz

Jae Ponafala : lol. you guys are RADICAL!!!

Peter Pan : people who think adele is anywhere near as good as sia are clueless, adele can sing,really sing but sia is next level nobody cant touch her. goosebumps every single time

Zaides Santos : I love Sia!!!!!

Rosie : So many people say that music these days isn't good, that it has gone downhill. I think they're listening to the wrong music. There are people with incredible talent and soul.. Just look at Sia.

Pers Godiva : Omg she is so adorable holy hell!

Nishie Boo : her voice melts my heart sp much

Los Ilucios : Beautyfull

Ronniechops : If you haven't seen the final scene of Six Feet Under featuring this song you need to do so immediately. And while you're at it watch the entire series! Wow, just wow. I watched it when it originally aired and have never seen anything so beautifully made in my life.

Mike Drinan : Sia's voice touches my soul...i love her brave heart...she has also been an aid to my anxiety and her ☺

Dolores Ormeni : wow first time seeing her face.Now I like her more!!!!

Nathy Asdfh : I adore you sia💓😢