When dad takes his Valentines car wrap for a spin...and evens the score 😏

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GavinM91 : I’d love a sausage roll drop off point to be fair.

Hugh Mad Bro : I’m so glad y’all made your own channel that way no one else is profiting off your entertainment 😂 my husband & I love your videos 🖤❤️

James , : Her laugh is everything

Clare Hill : I think lad dad needs a holiday by the looks 🤣

Dan T : Match made in heaven.

CinderCandice-ella : My favorite part is how she crosses her legs when she laughs. Every mom understands.

Kace face : “STUNNA STUNNA STUNNA You enjoying driving the wife wagon?”

izzy unicorn : you made page 3. wow payback is very sweet oh so sweet

thedonleroy : It is absolutely impossible not to laugh when mum starts to laugh. You just can't do it.

vicki Norman : my husband is bigger than urs ! 🤣🤣 yesss maateeee

Angelfish Luva : The prank that keeps on giving... This really is one of the best pranks on Youtube!!

Shantelle Burkett : He is a copycat.She won fair and square.

Lynne Bax : Hubbys just annoyed wife’s prank topped any of his ! 😂😂

J Mireles : Y'all are that couple that will last 100 years. Might start working on your hilarious responses for the inevitable, "How have y'all lasted so long?"

Hounds from Heaven : I just want to let u know I’m going through quite a hard time in my life at the minute but I know I can always watch your videos to cheer me up. Thank you ❤️

Darth Bane : How im going to explain to the missus that we are going to nottinham uk for our next holiday just to drop off some sausage rolls at the designated point?😂😂

Hey Girl : Hahahaha I think she should get you back more often 😂😂

Sarah James : Ouch my face hurts from all the laughing 😂 😂😂 yes mate x

wes alker : Would you two adopt me?

greenb0y88 : I think Sam's the real winner here, I bet hes made a mint of these two!!

Avigyan Das : My god this is the best relationship i have ever seen. Love and fun all in one. #Couplegoals

Malin K : Im in love with the way your wife always has a smile and laugh about the things you put her through. I want a relationship and marriage like you have. Love you guys!

MatthewandTheo Vlogs : Yes mateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dogrimp 3 : Sam is making a fortune

Marcus Forslund : Stunner, stunner, stunner, HAHAHAHAHA

Kerri Strong : I'm in tears laughing at you guys. You two are hilarious.

Bruno'sBaBySquirrel : The wife is so adorable. Her happiness just makes me happy. ♥

Cai Linton : Sam! You monster! Not cool Sam! You can't be on both sides! You two are freakin' great!! I could watch you guys all day long...or until I die from laughing too hard (which would probably come first)!

MrGuvEuroman : I wanna go to Nottingham now just to see you two ride around 😂

Marly Games : 4:46 “It’s daddddd” Lol omg YESSS MATE

D Griffin : When you get itchy for a new lad baby video and one appears!

Anthony Urbanski : LOLOLOLOLOL.......i would kill him. You both are going to be together forever as much fun you have with each other.

#ChrisUltra4Life Doenges : YES MATE. #Paybackissweet

Orangeheadjulio : She has the best laugh ever!! 😁

ano anonymo : I just want to travel to england and find those rare cars! Love it!

David McGregor : This was the best idea ever! Forget about Elon Musk

realnameunknown2011 : how many sausage rolls has been dropped off so far

rruu : Their baby is adorable

Jennifer Howell : Laughing so hard it hurts. How long before they remove it from both cars.

luke 123 : Wish you guys uploaded everyday

EveryOtherIsInUse : Nicely done (esp that "naked" photp part), but still hers wins :D

PghFlip : So LassBaby is officially a page3 girl?

Tuppy :) : I swear I'm going to smash my hubby with a sausage roll to the face. Dang he watched the vlog first...at least I wear bloody headphones....still a yessss Mate video...Let's hope you don't get honkedover by sausage rolls lol.😂

Mark Small : Honk!!! Honk!!! Love the car!

DepressedChicken101 : Yesss mate!!! 😂😂

Laurie M. : Perfect! Hahahahahaha!!!

Hideki Shinichi : well he chopped a doors in half

Simplisticc 78 : I Don't want a sausage roll on me micra! Lmao

Koolaid : I lost it when I saw his painting on the hood.

Sherry D : Every Honk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣