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There's a starman waiting in the sky : Thanks Alpharad. Now I've found another amazing channel.

Jackal VonStone : Thank you, Alpha.

Neefew _ : Alpharad brought me here.

Everett Logan : why does little gibby look more like gibby than gibby?

Blastoon : Alpharad sent me haha

Ashley D : Alpharad brought me here

Choco : Alpharad sent me, He wants you to notice him Gibby-sensei

mega nope : TETSUKE RAISE

Reptar On Ice 6 : I guess this is what Gibby was thinking about

backwordsboyz : I really like your graphics, effects, and especially text. what do you use?

Zcience : Brace yourself my dude, Alpharad plugged your channel a medium sized dedicated fanbase of meme loving viewers is on its way.

dan borras : 1:19 COME AT ME! LOOK AT ME!! FUCC ON ME!! yah,.

Bo_jelin : Whomst'd've's here 'cause of Alpharad???!!!?11!!1! xD xD xxxxxDDDDDD 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

MayuSenpai : alpharad send me here!

Selentia Snow : The rumors were true Gibby makes YouTube videos... I can finally die happy

Sherwood's Son : Thanks Alpharad

Luke Johnson : My rat of a son won't pick up the old pigskin, dad

Armydillo62o : Ya know I thought that Ariana Grande was Nickelodeon's biggest breakaway star, but how can she compete with this? No sarcasm I actually laughed really hard at this keep it up my guy

jothree : Alpharad sent me and he made a good choice


Gears Smith : Alpharad sends his regards

Swag Boss : Alpharad sent me

CrushedParagon : Found this gem of a channel, thanks be to Alpharad

Teffy : Alpharad sent me Go play Mario party with him

ISolarSun - Not Important : From the one true God alpharad

The First Gamer : Alpharad sent me :p

Alexis Rocha : Alpharad brought me here. I was not disappointed

Bradford Tarwater : Alpharad sent me. This is amazing!

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The Tunnel : How to bomb

TheDapperTurkey : ALPHARD sent me or some shit

WahWahWeeGee : Who else came from Alpharad?

Kapitan : Came here from Alpharad.

Camien Visual Arts : Alpharad sent a lot of us

Noah Overholt : *pounds fist on table and yells shit* I wonder if his phone actually broke or if its just a picture

ToonLinkMaster18 : Thanks Alpharad.

Memesaregreat X : Alpharad sent me

PurpleSolidSnake : Alpharad sent me here, so that you would notice him.

ya boi moon man : Alpharad sent me here

Guy Fieri : sent here by alpharad

Ziluth : haha alpharad... I'm not funny...

Tyler Justice : here because of Alpharad

Connor swain : Alpharad sent me, maybe shoot him a follow on Twitter or something, idk...

Anonymouse : this is a fucking masterpiece

Joshu : Alpharad sent me, dope vid bro

Leilano Guzman : i can because of alpharad lol

turtleyeya _ : Alpharad sent me

TheMegaShyGuy : Alpharad Sent me

Aerimiss Mays : Alpha sent me

VorlianthX : Alpharad brought me here