The Predator Homemade

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Bryan Kelly : Where's Ben and the beautiful Bionca ..?

Gabriel filmes : Homemade movies come back


SpiderBoy 456 : Ben would make it better than you did mark #bringbackben

Jow bow : I know it's quite bad but I really want homemade costumes and trailers to come back

Sciolto Jamias : Where are the old crew ?

sans the lazy : Can you make venom tralir

Waynimations : The glowing eyes are sick

Jakub B : Homemade trailers are back! 😁

Jow bow : Ha😂 it's just so bad it's actually cringey

Oe munster : Gotta admit LOVE THIS But costume squad did it better AND NEEDS TO COME BACK

Star Films - Abinaya : This is make ma heart feels good.....HM is backk

Lucas Castro : I think some kind of rubber is better for the dreads no? Like, it would look better if it were some kind of soft-medium rubber or similar materials that are easy to work with.

REX DEL REAL : Why didn't you use bens that he made

Cayden Jett Miller : Please do another homemade trailer it’s been sooo long

Vardhanam Daga : Watched it. Loved it.

Nick Sherer : I actually first? My god... I need to get off YouTube and get a life After this video

Jelo Feliciano : how about making another Xwing pilot helmet/costume DIY style

kremit the frog : Harvey Weinstein should have starred in this

elvis brown : please make a "Top 10 Short Films of All Time" :)

Bird Up : Can you please do what's the difference for Firestarter?

Corry Tincher : More Homemade videos! So glad to see you guys back

Caree Gaskins : U guys should get bens suit n guy who played terminator n do a homemade scene.

Etang Bose : Looks like jacks films forehead

Dylan Dino : Awesome

francisco navarro : I like how you made the dreads.

odd1s out : Please make a tutorial

IA studios ian : Venom trailer!!

Caree Gaskins : Can u guys do a venom trailer please?

Jabriel Capistrano : Didn’t Ben already make one

The CineRanter : This is a Harvey Weinstien biopic right ?

Titanic : So the predator is pretty much a Rastamon

Charlie King : First

Mason H : Ben made a better one! 😢😢😢 #bringbenback

DaliLomo DIY : nice!

pajama boy and Captain America Broze : I seen better than that I seen better predators

Bill Woo : Such cool hist. Predat-ing.

MLG doge gamen : Diy custume squd

pajama boy and Captain America Broze : I still like it 😍

Güellin Morales : Please come back!!!!!

Mr. Perfect : Lots of love from 🇵🇰 Pakistan Early ☺️

jeri thomp : Zenomorph that’s a idea

Emanuel Serrano : Buenisimo !! Haz la cara del depredador !! Saludos

Antone Sardo : GEHT TO DA CHOPA!

LAZR D0MINAT0RZ : Commented to early

e f : homemade alien next

uKevin Dyer : Stop saying bad words

Paul Doran : Pull

TERRY. W : Get to de choppa..

uKevin Dyer : You draw so great