The Predator Homemade

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Bryan Kelly : Where's Ben and the beautiful Bionca ..?

Gabriel filmes : Homemade movies come back

Jow bow : I know it's quite bad but I really want homemade costumes and trailers to come back

3MD Djordjevic : FINNALY!!!! MAKE MORE HOMEMADES.... pls.

Sciolto Jamias : Where are the old crew ?

Jow bow : Ha😂 it's just so bad it's actually cringey

raynard 495 : Ben would make it better than you did mark #bringbackben

Star Films - Abinaya : This is make ma heart feels good.....HM is backk

Oe munster : Gotta admit LOVE THIS But costume squad did it better AND NEEDS TO COME BACK

Waynimations : The glowing eyes are sick

Lucas Castro : I think some kind of rubber is better for the dreads no? Like, it would look better if it were some kind of soft-medium rubber or similar materials that are easy to work with.

all things fascinating : Watched it. Loved it.

Jakub B : Homemade trailers are back! 😁

Jelo Feliciano : how about making another Xwing pilot helmet/costume DIY style

Nick Sherer : I actually first? My god... I need to get off YouTube and get a life After this video

John Rambo : Can you please do what's the difference for Firestarter?

REX DEL REAL : Why didn't you use bens that he made

sans the lazy : Can you make venom tralir

Caree Gaskins : U guys should get bens suit n guy who played terminator n do a homemade scene.

Cayden Jett Miller : Please do another homemade trailer it’s been sooo long

kremit the frog : Harvey Weinstein should have starred in this

Corry Tincher : More Homemade videos! So glad to see you guys back

Titanic : So the predator is pretty much a Rastamon

elvis brown : please make a "Top 10 Short Films of All Time" :)

Caree Gaskins : Can u guys do a venom trailer please?

Jabriel Capistrano : Didn’t Ben already make one

Etang Bose : Looks like jacks films forehead

The CineRanter : This is a Harvey Weinstien biopic right ?

spike the cockatiel and freinds : Please make a tutorial

IA studios ian : Venom trailer!!

Dylan Dino : Awesome

Charlie King : First

Rayyan Murtaza : Lots of love from 🇵🇰 Pakistan Early ☺️

Bill Woo : Such cool hist. Predat-ing.

Güellin Morales : Please come back!!!!!

Zachary Perez : They better be back cause I want them back and the original guys too 100% now I want them to make homemade that we want and want to see

TERRY. W : Get to de choppa..

Zacky Ducky : Oh yeah , I even had the predator advertisement

Gerhard Rost. : Mark is good... but not that good as the director. He was better at making props... like this...

Electricllama48 : so we are cussing now,ok I can deal with that.Just please keep making more homemade movies

Fartbrick Studios : The costume is so detailed it’s, so good! I love the original movie but can’t wait to see the new one!

AJ&J Productions : Please can you get the original group back!?😢😥😓

Fernando's toys and more : Homemade movies you have been gone forever we homemade movie fans he wants you guys back every Tuesday we want you guys back we miss you Miss Ben Bianca and all the other people that I forgot their names we want you to come back please we all miss homemade movies please come back

Lucas Borsi : Please add subtitles! I cant understand very good :v (sorry for my English). Saludos desde Argentina!

Awesome Guy : Make More Homemade Movies Pls! And Bring Back The Old “Cast”

BIGZ MOMMA : Yes I saw the movie and yours looks just like it

Gary Delantar : pls have a coustum squad predator 2018'

Whitey says NO! : Brilliant , il probably see loads of predators on Halloween now haha.

Mr500333 : You know Ben already made a predator costume right?

snowwolf subs : Do you or homemade Ant-man and the wasp