El Tiempo con Flavia - Viernes 10.01.14

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Comments from Youtube

Chrispy054 : weather thots

beefknuckles : DON'T BUILD THE WALL

LiamsMusic78 : omg. im literally dying. my boner is soaking up all the blood in my body. please someone help!

N- draco : Bella mujer!! sldos..

Ricky Diez : No soy de chile pero últimamente me esta interesando mucho el clima de ese país XD

noirdesire : Dear god

gnarl80fi : I approve this style of reporting

Soda Quota : came here from reddit i dont even care about the weather

photomorti : that body goddamn

Waffle Robot : Pretty much everywhere, its gonna be hot

a2zme : It's hot in Chile .. lol :)

Jeremy Black : Best goddamn weather report ever.

commentator : Bra-zil

BLacKNesMonsTaz : Vive Chile!!!

rolandgarroz : Jeropas!

generic username : Mamma

Snake Plissken : For work I travel to Mexico a dozen times a year, and that country is so immoral, so corrupt, and vile, that what you just watched is tame compared to the way things are there. Mexico is a 3rd world cesspool and we need that border wall badly!

NuclearKnives : Butterface

bovinespongiformflu : whomever inflated those didnt do a good job. not that its terrible either, lookin good.

Lunar Dancer : whore

Christian Terrill : nasty big fake tits

Bioluminescent Spoon : Wouldn't this be really ineffective because everyone is focusing on her tits and not the actual weather?