Please Use This Song (Jon Lajoie)

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jacksfilms : Angry at how brilliant this is. Damn.

Ben HD : I couldn't watch the video because I had adblock on :,(

Ethan Cerwinski : Wait is this actually the guy who sang show me your genitals.

Max1892 : if you didn't understand english im sure you'd enjoy this song as a regular song

New Flight : The amount of work put into this video is unbelievable.

NameBran : to any company who actually does use this song in one of your comertials. i WILL by your pruduct. so will all these people who thumbed up this comment... (we gotchu bro)

bella d : wait youre actually talented? i thought you just wanted to see my genitals and kill people

Curious Wars : Wow this song is really catchy... lol

CoolStoryBro! : This is actually better than most pop songs :D

Mvem : I just got an idea! 50 different companies should chip in and buy a 4 minute ad slot in the super bowl for this video

The Key of Awesome : Consider it used!!

lairdriver : The amazing thing about Jon Lajoie is that he could turn a totally commercial musician. He has a great voice and a band, plus his Hip Hop stuff cannot be beat lol..

midlifecrisi hates Google + : Man gets shot. The doctor runs away. Seems legit.

Fetamean : This song is so generic and catchy that it's a masterpiece.

Nefarious Meatloaf : So...Can I use this song for my commercial?

MattTheDude339 : what if someone actually used this song

DonPeyote : When's Prostitute Hunter 5 coming up on Steam?

Deniz Taylan Sağır : genius ... that's what Jon is. The way he analyzed the marketing and it's destructive effect on artistic creativity is amazing. Nice job.

GabeLogan : so did this song make it in a commercial?

LilDeuceDeuce : Amazing. Not only is it smart and funny but it really is just a hell of a tune too.

jonathan hart : He got the woman from elders react to be in this video!

Ben Curtin : Does that still mean that E = MC^Vagina?

ReJeX Pace : its really mind boggling that last year something as stupid as what does the fox say becomes viral then something like this barely gets 3 million views..

Amethyst Blade : Please use this song... So...Does the lyric change with each commercial or it remains the same?

schmoyoho : can't wait for the Hilarious Alcoholics trilogy- will one of the 3 friends be quirky?

thebroskeez : I gotta get me some Insurance Insurance. This made me realize that I need assurance to be ensured that I'm insured against all my insurances contained in my insurance, for sure.

Guilherme Rocker : eu fico ouvindo essa música, como se fosse uma música pra ouvir no dia-a-dia kkk

Stagony : I can't use this song because it's copyrighted :C

SuperSteve5407 : we're is jon. he hasn't made a song in a while

266nmNd:YAG : Your videos are so goooooood! I followed your artistic the evolution so far and it's a pity you do not publish anything on youtube anymore.... I was trilled how professional your music videos became.... Hope to see you on Youtube again!

Speedy Tv : Ставьте лайки кто от топ5

Lowell H : And now you have the "Catchy Song" in the Lego Movie 2. You made it 😂

Aldersons : I'd use it for my company if I had one. See me in 10 years.

peterchao : People ask who my favourite YouTuber is. Let's just say, there is nobody that touches Jon Lajoie's content. Nobody. In many ways, he inspired me to start making videos almost 5 years ago.

David Pugh : Pure Genius. I wish you were still as active and popular as you used to be. Forever Classic and memorable. John Lajoie.

xXxluigi1122xXx : Jon has really risen up. I remember watching his earlier vids and asking why he wasn't famous yet. He's really gotten a lot done

EthioMod : Happy 2 years!

Apoc : This song is actually pretty dang good...but its not the best song ever made in the world

JusReign : Yo you have no idea how excited I got seeing a JonLajoie video in my inbox. GOD LEVEL.

Zombot : The song is incredibly funny but the line "The music industry is dying, but consumarism is thriving" is so painfully true, it almost made me cry the first time I heard it (almost an year ago). Awesome song! And here's some Bulgarian just to mix it up a bit because of all the Russian comments (we invented the Cyrillic alphabet, dudes, not you). Try to translate it, it says something really offensive. Покажете ми гениталиите си!

Rubén Pascoal : Jon Lajoie is an awesome dude

Stratodinos : Jon does not release new videos often but unlike many of the old youtubers, he manages to maintain a very high quality standart, I'll give him at least that. Still funny as ever.

Omni Codex : Chainsaw Yoga needs to be a thing.

PhotoAdvanced : Jon always brings it. I'm amazed by his creativity.. Fucking awesome :)

Funchal99 : Not sure if the makes me an ignorant mediocre pop-music listener...but this song is actually really good.

Sinda : And still no single company has figured out that this song is really good to use as a background song in their commercial?

Joshua Drew : 3:07 the insurance chick has lipstick on her teeth that look like blood.

MrSpeedyAce : Who still come back and listen to this at least once a year? 🙌

STEEWEY : I saw this song in a comercial before this video!

ModPallet : So sick of the past five years of commercials using ukuleles, whistles and especially xylophones.