Please Use This Song (Jon Lajoie)

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jacksfilms : Angry at how brilliant this is. Damn.

Ben HD : I couldn't watch the video because I had adblock on :,(

Ethan Cerwinski : Wait is this actually the guy who sang show me your genitals.

Max1892 : if you didn't understand english im sure you'd enjoy this song as a regular song

New Flight : The amount of work put into this video is unbelievable.

NameBran : to any company who actually does use this song in one of your comertials. i WILL by your pruduct. so will all these people who thumbed up this comment... (we gotchu bro)

Curious Wars : Wow this song is really catchy... lol

CoolStoryBro! : This is actually better than most pop songs :D

Mvem : I just got an idea! 50 different companies should chip in and buy a 4 minute ad slot in the super bowl for this video

ReJeX Pace : its really mind boggling that last year something as stupid as what does the fox say becomes viral then something like this barely gets 3 million views..

The Key of Awesome : Consider it used!!

DonPeyote : When's Prostitute Hunter 5 coming up on Steam?

Deniz Taylan Sağır : genius ... that's what Jon is. The way he analyzed the marketing and it's destructive effect on artistic creativity is amazing. Nice job.

lairdriver : The amazing thing about Jon Lajoie is that he could turn a totally commercial musician. He has a great voice and a band, plus his Hip Hop stuff cannot be beat lol..

GabeLogan : so did this song make it in a commercial?

thebroskeez : I gotta get me some Insurance Insurance. This made me realize that I need assurance to be ensured that I'm insured against all my insurances contained in my insurance, for sure.

266nmNd:YAG : Your videos are so goooooood! I followed your artistic the evolution so far and it's a pity you do not publish anything on youtube anymore.... I was trilled how professional your music videos became.... Hope to see you on Youtube again!

Ben Curtin : Does that still mean that E = MC^Vagina?

Nefarious Meatloaf : So...Can I use this song for my commercial?

Arie2929 : I love how Jon could be a typical musician if he wanted to, but he instead likes to be outside of the box.

midlifecrisi hates Google + : Man gets shot. The doctor runs away. Seems legit.

Guilherme Rocker : eu fico ouvindo essa música, como se fosse uma música pra ouvir no dia-a-dia kkk

Sinda : And still no single company has figured out that this song is really good to use as a background song in their commercial?

MattTheDude339 : what if someone actually used this song

PhotoAdvanced : Jon always brings it. I'm amazed by his creativity.. Fucking awesome :)

jonathan hart : He got the woman from elders react to be in this video!

xXxluigi1122xXx : Jon has really risen up. I remember watching his earlier vids and asking why he wasn't famous yet. He's really gotten a lot done

Stagony : I can't use this song because it's copyrighted :C

Fetamean : This song is so generic and catchy that it's a masterpiece.

pyrobooby : People ask who my favourite YouTuber is. Let's just say, there is nobody that touches Jon Lajoie's content. Nobody. In many ways, he inspired me to start making videos almost 5 years ago.

Apoc : This song is actually pretty dang good...but its not the best song ever made in the world

David Pugh : Pure Genius. I wish you were still as active and popular as you used to be. Forever Classic and memorable. John Lajoie.

Amethyst Blade : Please use this song... So...Does the lyric change with each commercial or it remains the same?

Speedy Tv : Ставьте лайки кто от топ5

LilDeuceDeuce : Amazing. Not only is it smart and funny but it really is just a hell of a tune too.

Rubén Pascoal : Jon Lajoie is an awesome dude

Th3Jester : What's with all the russian in da comments.

Omni Codex : Chainsaw Yoga needs to be a thing.

Zombot : The song is incredibly funny but the line "The music industry is dying, but consumarism is thriving" is so painfully true, it almost made me cry the first time I heard it (almost an year ago). Awesome song! And here's some Bulgarian just to mix it up a bit because of all the Russian comments (we invented the Cyrillic alphabet, dudes, not you). Try to translate it, it says something really offensive. Покажете ми гениталиите си!

Spaz Boys Comedy : Whoa! I SO want to play "Prostitute Hunter 5"!... I gotta catch up and go play 1-4 first!

SuperSteve5407 : we're is jon. he hasn't made a song in a while

Pokeyletsplays : I am working on a video game right now.. guess what song i am using for the trailer!

Melanie : This song is so catchy, can't get it out of my head! Sometimes I wonder if Jon lajoie might actually be a genius.

Xylynthian : I'm gonna start a business that helps people get their songs in commercials and use this in my commercial. (Hope nobody has said this because I'm too lazy to read comments)

bigedude33 : I think Jon Lajoie has been a great comedy mind/talent for quite some time now!!! I guarantee you that this song will be used within the next year by some major corporation trying to tell you they are better than the other peoples out there because 'They Care about the Consumer". Also, his house isn't in foreclosure people... he made a ton of money on selling his Math Equations... ;-)

graden barber : To be completely honest, his voice was one of the most amazing things ever in this video. If this song had different lyrics this song would get you places man!

EthioMod : Happy 2 years!

xrikux69 : This song is actually very catchy, but also good. Why doesn't this replace Maroon 5 on the radio? I mean, let's be honest, they're only on the radio because they're catchy, not good.

Croft Channel : Судя по всему, все русскоговорящие .. от Ликея xD

TheDAITrickster : this is actually Brilliant !