It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Mail Room Gig Blooper
Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Mail Room Gig Blooper

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This is from season four bloopers.


anastasia : "Here and there"..."but mostly here".  "And there'.....

Nick Fassino : I love the fact that the 2005-2006 part isn't even in the episode! That just proves that it was too funny for them to even film hahaha

sid6p0int7 : that the dude from those "David Blaine Street Magic" parody vids? Good for him.

TotesMagotes : These bloopers are so much better than the actual takes. Charlie and Mac's laughs are so contagious you can't help but crack up.

TheJooberjones : For several years ive been in complete charge of pretty much everything in my life

Hans Landa : the interviewer guy has amazing comedic timing

Clint Flicker : He's the waiter!

mrmcbeastatron : 0:50 "What does that mean??" gets me every time

Ben Williams : Must be a good feeling knowing you could make these two crack up this much

MrWolfSnack : 00:40 "We have....2005 to 2006 [eyebrow raise] Education?..."

Shel Scott : Isn't this the guy who plays the waiter in season 8 and 10??

Jagh Haringenamn : The "and there" at the end is the funniest bit of the whole blooper reel.

Hit Merker : i think this scene is better known for its bloopers

The Ban Man : Three years earlier, this man pissed orange soda

HovenCrow : I just saw the 4th season of Better Call Saul today and I noticed that the guy from this interview and Charlie's uncle are both in the same scene where Saul interviews for the copy machine salesman!

Kono Dutch : I sort of have a grasp on what I'm doing on a daily basis

EinWenigRebellion : This scene got the actor the occasional odd jobs here and there in always sunny

Pokemon2019 : This is basically my resume.. What's so funny

Eamonn Shannon : how cool would it be as a guest actor to crack up the guys from Sunny?

ManateeMentality : 1:39 the look on their faces is priceless

TheZombout : Season 4, Episode 10. Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack

xlan plays : love watching these bloopers, i wonder do the other actors (non main) ever crack up and ruin takes? or get pissed off at the main guys for ruining them over and over

Ian Quinn : Lmao

Will Lopez : but mostly here...

bemtikru : faaaaaaaaaail

Baba Yaga : 0:51 "what does the mean" lol

Matt Phebus : ....and there

DSticksDabs710 : ok 2 years

4dylanselena : so high

Luke Petterson : the interviewer actor is brilliant.

Sough : But the episode is Sweet Dee has a Heart Attack

Dylan Lynch : sweet dee has a heart attack


Little Corrupter : Here and there but mostly here. haahahahahahhaha

jprenderg : the interviewer was the improv teacher for the office in season 2 when michael didnt go to jim's bbq

KLoWnXXX : did this interviewer play one of the gay guys in those "david blaine's street magic" youtube videos?

axsmedia : This guy needs to be brought on full time.

lumby : @njmmmm Sweet Dee has a heart attack

GZA036 : They write for they show and they can't even help but laugh at it... Lol

scwt89 : the interviewer is way funnier here than in the actual episode

VolatileDisposition : odd jobs.. here and there...

Chris Murphy : @AlexisGolnas awesome!!

carl witt : @njmmmm season 4, sweet dee has a heart attack

Mr. Mambo : @chrisroan78 2 years

Sir Sumumabitch : 2005 to

Alexander Supertramp : I see a keyboard and a mouse, but where is the monitor? :P

chantface : ... and there

cbproducktions : What the EF!? Hahaha, I've seen this episode multiple times and just noticed the interviewer is the guy from David Blaine: Street Magic (YouTube)

deadpool1102 : @pardingo there it is! i knew i recognized him!