Boba Fett dancing to Ra Ra Rasputin

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Nick Zyble : This was one of the greatest things I have ever laid my eyes upon..

INFINITE GOALS : I'm eager to find out who is in that boba fett costume

Pickled Cucumber : why does this work

HW#JM BC : I need a 10 hours version of this...

Nick : I want this as an emote or Easter egg in battlefront 2

Jay Howell : this is why youtube was made

MrLegaropex : Me, when I passed class at school.

Mr. Swifty : 0:20. When you ace that test you thought you failed.

Swag Trooper : Is this canon?

AlbertChaos : It's like it was meant for this song!!

Lonesome Stalker : Yep, Fett in a nutshell.

Juan Perez : wow, the new boba fett movie looks good

Ugandan Warrior Muffin : Ra Ra Ra Palpatine! Empires greatest love machine!

The Gnome Smasher : battlefront 2 introduces taunts!

Virtual Colony : When communism successfully reaches a galaxy far far away

SavvySlothOrigins : I always thought boba fett was a pretty funky guy

Katie E. McLoughlin 🇺🇸 : The angled zoom when he does that hand thing simply makes this video

Frozen Applejuice : when you find out screw attacks an idiot and Boba has a 79% chance of winning

Big Tony : 0:21 when she says she'll let you smash

Potatoe Earnhardt : I'm going to assume that this is canon now

Blamzor : Tsar wars!

Moon Light The Ink Demon : *THIS FREAKING MADE MY DAY!*

Dark Tronics : The thing is his dance moves are in sync with the song

Anthony Ezra : why does this make me so happy

NYAA : 0:20 when you win in PUBG

STORM_ASSASSIN _5 : The fuckin stormtrooper XD

Arthur Levitsky : I go on everyday to watch this

Wintry : He still killed it though

Lucbot Invictusdragon : It appears that fett as acquired a very specific set of skills other than bounty hunting

Mystøgan !!! : I knew Boba changed after falling in the Sarlacc pit

Jackie Zeng : the 65 dislikes are disney employees... i mean come on this is awesome

Jaydin Shuya : I wish I could dance god dammit

TheVictorXs s : Well, Putin is Boba Fett, there's no doubt

Jackson mcmillen : 0:20 when you're one of the least shown characters but everybody still loves you

dangle Mk fangle : I wanna learn how to dance like that!😂

insane crane : 10 outa 10

Brödelein Mett : that made my day :D

I murder titans and scrub the f*ck out of floors! : 'Recommended for you'

MarchingArts : Boba gettin' down!

Egon Lundin : Me: the perfect dance does not exi... *bobba fett dancing* Me: holy shit

Bob Robinson : 0:20 *When a new season of your favourite TV series is released*

Radioactiv14 : This is who I want to be when I grow up

WonderWaffles : hello weird part of youtube

Billy Mays : When you finally get a girls number.

Brian Nielsen : this man is a legend

Jakie Buns : Boba's got some moves

Get Down : Lol

Viral VorteX : He gut sum sick muuvz

TJ Lavin : I love that pose at the end

SH3LLFIE • : God it syncs up so well