Boba Fett dancing to Ra Ra Rasputin

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Nick Zyble : This was one of the greatest things I have ever laid my eyes upon..

Bob The Tomato : Ra Ra Ra Palpatine! Empires greatest love machine!

the cat woth the gat : doctor: you have 37 seconds to live me:..

Nick : I want this as an emote or Easter egg in battlefront 2

Billy Blueberry : why does this work

Maverick Hunter : God it syncs up so well

Jackson mcmillen : 0:20 when you're one of the least shown characters but everybody still loves you

Buenomars : That isn't Boba Fett, it's Funky Fett.

Juan Perez : wow, the new boba fett movie looks good

MOCC_ NeRvOuS : Epic games : if you have choice to add one emote on Fortnite what do you want to add Me : watch this pls

TheMilitantHorse : Bounty hunter at night, killer dancer by day.

AlbertChaos : It's like it was meant for this song!!

Pootis Bird : I think only Vladimir Putin and Boba Fett can handle the maximum funk level

TJ Lavin : I love that pose at the end

Wesley BlankSpace : booty hunter

Igloo king : I always thought boba fett was a pretty funky guy

a guy named qaz : and people say god doesn't exist

Username : When a blind guy doesn’t mess up your jet pack so you can just be slowly digested in a sarlacc pit

Flash253 T/R/L : 0:20 when the bell rings

Jaydin Shuya : I wish I could dance god dammit

Jay Howell : this is why youtube was made

MiniHendo : This is who I want to be when I grow up

5‘11 sucks : When you finally get a girls number.

Moon Light The Ink Demon : *THIS FREAKING MADE MY DAY!*

Anonymous Doe : What a travesty. And yet I keep watching. What's the saying again? Something about looking at a train wreck?

dangle Mk fangle : I wanna learn how to dance like that!😂

the true EnderD2 : this is my favorite anime

Transitional Authority - Granite City Colony : Boba Fett.. Bounty Hunter at night, ultimate dancer by day.. He is the most interesting man in the world.

Albones The Boney : This is why people joined the Empire.

I hate dark Muffin : I have a question which many people are gonna be angry at me but what’s a boba fett? (I’ve never watched Star Wars)

Blamzor : Tsar wars!

Rhys Romine : Mandalorian moves

Eren03eren : 0:20 When i find 20Dollars

Pluto Latte : Is this at Disneyland or Disney World?

Baby Delirious : RA RA RASPUTIN!!!

Da Soviet Union : this is synced so amazingly its godlike

JosephTheGamer Vlogs : I think I just witnessed the most amazing thing in the world.😲

Bryce Rothschadl : This'll do. *unzips pants*

Joako Stop Motion, Cortometrajes, animaciones etc. : Esto es cannon ? :v

Metaworld : 10/10 IGN

Cheetah Master : I could watch this for hours

OH YEAH MR KRABZ : 0:26 Thank me later

NIGG36 PIN : My man Boba Fett got those moves coming in HOT!!!!

Adolf Hitler : I didn't know boba was a commie

Akhanami Gaming : One of those videos that keep you from ending it all....

Egon Lundin : Me: the perfect dance does not exi... *bobba fett dancing* Me: holy shit

RosemarYT Of Mars : Bleach anyone?

Adrián Pérez Portillo : ¡Puto amo! 👏😂

Sausage-Chan : It is so perfectly timed to the song.

Gigi Unit : If I had a dime for everytime I replayed this video...I’d have a lambo