Boba Fett dancing to Ra Ra Rasputin

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TheMilitantHorse : Bounty hunter at night, killer dancer by day.

Cheetah Master : I could watch this for hours

SavvySlothOrigins : I always thought boba fett was a pretty funky guy

Loli Hunter : Yep, Fett in a nutshell.

Nick Zyble : This was one of the greatest things I have ever laid my eyes upon..

Jay Howell : this is why youtube was made

Blamzor : Tsar wars!

STORM_ASSASSIN _5 : The fuckin stormtrooper XD

Ryanlol : I'm eager to find out who is in that boba fett costume

dangle Mk fangle : I wanna learn how to dance like that!😂

Brian Nielsen : this man is a legend

BAD N1KS : God it syncs up so well

Demo_the _man : I wonder if the stormtroopers shouted out "WATCH OUT FOR THOSE WRIST ROCKETS"

Grunky peep motlvlogs : When you successfully close pornhub as you mom walks in

guywithaminigun awx : when you hunt the bounty just right

Egon Lundin : Me: the perfect dance does not exi... *bobba fett dancing* Me: holy shit

The Gnome Smasher : battlefront 2 introduces taunts!

Da Soviet Union : this is synced so amazingly its godlike

Potatoe Earnhardt : I'm going to assume that this is canon now

Turbo 5577 : I laughed so hard

Pvt. Michael J. Caboose : I want this as an emote or Easter egg in battlefront 2

issac hernandez : now i knowwere he was through out the whole movie

Coyotl : Not fair, he i sone of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, of course he was going to "kill it"

WokenMimic : boba Fett is Russian confirmed

SpicyDogfort : ...Do I even want to click? Okay. You know what, okay.

Naturally Nukes : I had to keep porn on the other tab so my dad wouldn't see me watching this

Jack Hood : you see a very distinct camera flash from somebody taking a picture of his ass

Mr. Swifty : 0:20. When you ace that test you thought you failed.

Thicc tachanka pepperoni pizza : So dreams do come true

Carol : my new religion

HW#JM BC : I need a 10 hours version of this...

Pickled Cucumber : why does this work

Quentin Dechèvre : *DANCE REPEAT BUTTON* : [ 0:20 ]

MrLegaropex : Me, when I passed class at school.

*_RealG0dFather_* : Best 30 seconds of my life

Buenomars : That isn't Boba Fett, it's Funky Fett.


Bob Ross : 0:20 when your pizza rolls are done OR 0:20 when you Finally beat a boss you struggled with

Killian Fernandez : doctor: you have 37 seconds to live me:..

PaperBagBerry : Should've posted this on my main...

Frozen Applejuice : when you find out screw attacks an idiot and Boba has a 79% chance of winning

TwistedPlush : Perfect dank meme right here

Bound 4 Greatness : I never believed in God until now

brady rose : What's the dance he's doing called?

Treeves 40 : And this is the moment I realized I fell into the YouTube void

Juan : wow, the new boba fett movie looks good

Mahmoud Alshaik : 1980: i bet there will be flying cars in the future 2017:

Jackson mcmillen : 0:20 when you're one of the least shown characters but everybody still loves you

An Uncomfortably Hairy Israeli In Culture Shock : The angled zoom when he does that hand thing simply makes this video

Superturtleman 1 : This is why I live