Mel Brooks - The Critic (1963)

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Nancy Frye : "Symbolic of...junk." Lol. Hadn't seen this in years. Yay for YouTube!

Evan B. Stone : My dad was the Producer on it. This is so funny still!

Meester Feesh : I heard this was based on a true story.

Steve Burstein : "It's a Cock-a-Roach" was the favorite line at my school.

Larry Leventhal : One of the funniest shorts I've ever seen. Brilliant.

Eric Janssen : If you've ever seen Norman McLaren's 50's abstract Film Board of Canada shorts (which most foreign-film arthouse audiences probably did in '63), you will KNOW what drove Mel Brooks to make this. Ohh, will you ever.

BladeRunner : "a fella like that could do something a truck....make a shoe!" I have no idea why, but the line "make a shoe" made me burst out laughing! The randomness! XD

Joe Yaroch : This is Mel Brooks narrating?

joyousdog1 : I had to come here after watching Unseen Cinema: The Mechanized Eye on TCM. Make a shoe!

Alexandria Watford : This later becomes a TV show of the same name

christopher waits : ay 2 dollars. "out the window, marie!"

marshmallowbudgie : 2:38 "Even if they don't wannit, they get dirty ..."

Krista Harris : "I don't know much about psychoanalysis but I'd say this is a dooity picture." XD

Anthony Spitery : As a kid: I was on the floor laughing. Me now: Some old jew is mad and won't shut up at this stupid film

David : OMG It is 2 AM here and I am laughing so hard I wake up everybody in this house... LOL So I am just going to say 1 thing now: I want my 3 minutes back :P

Gnarlodious : A little satire from the era of inkblot psychoanalysis.

Goldie Hoffman : I can watch this over and over and it's always funny. Fave Mel Brooks piece.

Viktor Kaganovich : A dirty pikcha!