Schizophrenia Simulation

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PremierMilenkov : I know experiencing it for real would be terrifying, but the weather guy was hilarious.

Scorpionic : Oh my god.....these kind of videos are super important to make, because they show you the point of view of the person suffering from from different issues, because explanation only about what they have might not make people understand, I never knew before this video what schizophrenic episodes were like. I hope to everyone who is going through this to stay strong and I feel so sorry ❤️

Waylon Jones : Fight Club

Jamie Murta : I used to think this was normal because I never felt anything other than this. As a kid my mom would take me to see dr.s and I didn’t understand and would get confused and upset and not talk to them. When I was 30 it was so bad i went into a psych ward and got help. I’m on mood stabilizers, antidepressants and seroquil now, and I’m doing really well. My head is clear and my quality of life is far from where it used to be. I’ve started college and passed my first class! Which is a milestone for me.

memedori : The third hand at 2:55 is what was scary

Unsichtbares Nachtara : I'm so scared... 😱

Dash Green : My oldest brother has paranoid schizophrenia. My brother was the coolest dude in the eyes of many. Then he was diagnosed. He talks and laughs to himself in a room alone. He smokes cigarettes like he's drinking water. My cousin, also a cool dude, was undiagnosed. He took his family to the mall. Gave them all hugs and kisses said he's going to the bathroom but actually went home and shot himself in the head. I pray this doesn't happen to me or anyone else in my family.

Chris Hernandez : Did anyone else feel anxious at the beginning

Avoiding Human Society : The TV is not your friend.

MrGenia'sWorld : 2:53 3 hands?!?!

FTB_Zeny_ : I watched this with headphones.... Edit:wowowowowo so much likesss

Nathaniel the Animal : I have this weird thing where I have arguments with people in my head for example I'll imagine me and my dad disagreeing about something and in my head it tuning in to an argument. And I just shake it off. This stuff comes up if I'm anxious about talking with someone in the future or even a past conversation I'll like replay it my head.

Android Boy : Am I the only one who didn't noticed the difference?

Zachary Booth : This was terrifying. I’m so sorry to anyone who has to go through this.

mewtuwa : That exploding coffee made me snort.

Dunnin of Mount Prophet : DONT LISTEN TO THE VIDEO!!!! This video was made by our government to hypnotize and control us using binaural subliminal messages.

emarskineel : This is exactly how I feel when I smoke weed. Guess I’m gonna develop this later in life :/. Runs in the family. Needless to say, I stopped smoking weed 🐸

Irma Gherd : He used too much toothpaste

ArchWizard CJ : Ima keep it real with you chief before 1:48 I was stressed the fuck out. Something about the atmosphere before that was choking me. Like at any moment some subtle disconnection from reality was gonna pop up and go unnoticed almost

Banana Boi : This sounds like a satan speaking, a demon. It wants humans to despair and kill themselves

Gm Visuals : Me when i smoke weed

matt mostowicz : My mother had severe schizophrenia. I was raised by my grandmother. I never had any outward signs of it. I still don't. I never thought I developed it because I have never felt like anything was effecting me more than what anyone else deals with. Everyone has a voice in their head. Ever heard of a conscience? I stumbled across this video and thought to myself, is this a good idea to click on it. What if it does something to you? What if it triggers something you never had before. What if it were to open Pandora's Box. After watching this, I'm really thinking. I'm 40 and this was my whole life, and still is. The voices aren't audible though. They are more perceived for me. Almost like conscious thought you can't control. It is either mild or I have somehow adapted to it. I'll admit I'm a weird individual, but that's because I like being different. I used to talk to the voices as a toddler. I had an "imaginary friend" when I was 3. Kagus. He was from Ancient Egypt. I haven't forgotten. I just stopped thinking they were voices because they weren't coming from a mouth or a speaker. They were thoughts. It wasn't an invisible friend. It was my instinct. It was my conscience. It was all clear after I watched Mickey's Christmas Carol as a toddler. After that, things just worked. But the hallucinations, "other sounds", smells, sensations, and spontaneous regressions of things I haven't thought of in 30 years.... well those still sneak up on me from time to time, but it doesn't bother me to ignore them. The same way nightmares don't scare me or keep me awake. They come (and they are real f*cked up), I wake up, I go right back to sleep, and I control them until my alarm click goes off. I somehow learned how to control my dreams as a child. Because of my family history I was checked up and down as a kid like dry alcoholic in a bar. Never had a problem. I even spent a decade in the military and went through multiple deployments. I have never had an issue with PTSD. If this simulation is accurate, then I am going to assume my brain fixed itself as a child. As an adult almost nothing brings me out of focus. I don't get worried unless it's about my wife and kids. But I don't worry, I focus and plan. 5 different plans just materialize instantly. All possibilities are instantly analyzed. It's almost like giving the voices a job to do, and they work for me, keeps them occupied and they do their jobs well. I can plan massively complex ideas with huge mathematics involved simultaneously while executing a task and staying focused on it. It's almost like being able to split my mind in two at will. This probably sounds crazy, but it's all honest to God true. If it isn't normal, then I'll jus stay this wax. I'm used to it. I'm cool with it. Everything is good and under my control. I don't need to be "cured" of whatever it is I have. Did you ever meet someone new and instantly know what is going on with their lives without asking? My wife and I met a couple one. After knowing them for 5 minutes, I told my wife what I "knew" about them. 3 years later exactly that came out. And it wasn't a simple situation. It involved many moving pieces, 2 of which they didn't even forsee themselves. Again. The voices do their jobs well. This video really got me thinking. So I'm going to count sheep and think a little more.

Yaakov19 : If he just drank the coffee, the insanity might've ended there.

Bubbles the Powerpuff Girl : where’s Ms. McAnnally when you need her

Anime Addict : 5:41 *well that scared the shit out of me*

Wissal Wissal : can I show this to my brother who doesnt beleive that he suffer from schizophrenia? He refused to go to the doctor

JordyQ : Am I the only one who doesn't feel anything, watching this?

Grammar Police : 2:54 my guy has 3 arms

Ruger_Ray 412 : "mike r u ok" no he is rocking back n forth in a closet for fun

Joanne Finlay : This made me become out of breath, I had to stop it

glossyplane542 : This is horrifying, I mean who drinks their coffee black

Sun ny : This made me have the most intense anxiety I've ever experienced in my life

Dacia : Just listen to despacito

TheCoffeeThatKhoaCan'tMix : I felt the tension and was slightly scared

Eloise Periac : I watched this in vr and now I feel really sick did this happen to anyone else?

Ryan Pelkey : The stressful point in the video was when he drank straight black coffee

denkigama : I'm so lonely and I would rather to hear voices like these just not to be alone

Kirill White : Его пиздошит,как меня от марок

airlopez21 : I think my sister is schizophrenic. She matches a lot of the symptoms and she has been acting VERY strange the past week. My parents and I don't know what to do. Does anyone have advice on how to handle the situation? Schizophrenics can be a danger to themselves or others and I don't want things to escalate. She's 25 years old so technically we can't do anything if she decides she want to runaway or something. We can't "force" her to get help or medicine from a legal perspective, she's an adult. Also we're not rich, like at all. I'd say we're lower middle class. Any advice from someone who's sort of been in my shoes before would be greatly appreciated.

Tupacabra : Ms. McAnnally... MS. MCANNALLY!!!! HELP!!!! Oh wait. I don't know who that is

andreas mag : Wanna truly experience what schizophrenia feels like ? Check out the HellBlade Senua’s Sacrifice game. Experts have taken part in it, and after I finished watching this game, I was emotional as I never was..

balalunga1 : So the voices never stop? Jesus, that‘s worse than my tinnitus.


Doc Possum : I'm at 1:48 and I'm already sweating.

memer : 11 mill views in 11 months coincidence?

Giovanna : Schizophrenia isn't extreme like that. I didn't like because this extreme condition is rare. My mother has and she is not so crazy as it shows in the video '-'. Has nothing to do...

Lime Pie : When I use LSD, it was the same)

Mild Salsa : That's what a bad weed trip feels like almost exactly


sandra vargas : Omg i freak out. That is a total chaos, i'm sorry for the people that has to pass through all of it 😦😔.