Schizophrenia Simulation

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guccigangtan : *...I felt too tall*

Mia WDW Phan : My uncle had schizophrenia and the voices told him to shoot himself or they’ll kill his daughter he didn’t know what was going on so he shot him Raymond

James Waters : I notice lots of people commenting saying things like "That didn't scare me at all"... this is clearly not the point or purpose of this video.

Bubbles the Powerpuff Girl : where’s Ms. McAnnally when you need her

Tulloch : 2:54 Is anyone concerned about the extra foot and hand?

AB : Damn this should've been called "what it's like to be tall"

Zeptyk : 2:53 whats that 3rd hand

li4m st3w4rt : *_Sorry.... but no one wakes up that calm turning the alarm off....... WTF!!!!!_*

haris rehman : *Why don't people rinse their mouths after breshing*

aelatalkstoomuch 368 : When you stop the video but the voices don’t stop

Olivia D : This is so sad and scary. I hope heaven is for real so all pf the innocent people can live eternally happy

Amandia Black : My boyfriend and I take care of his step dad that has scitzophrenia

Grace Blacquiere : Anyone notice the hand on the bottom right corner at 2:52?

syd16packchicken : My heart started beating before there was any illusions 😭

Nicole Jeon : I’m curious. Do you literally hear voices or do you just listen to thoughts other than your own?

Tom Wooly : you can't simulate Schizophrenia in a video, you can't simulate the feelings of fear etc. It's the difference between a picture of a lion on tv and standing infront of a hungry lion, 2 totally different experiences.

Some : I have never felt this tall my whole entire life.

Michael Gutierrez : This video was triggering. Definitely similar to overthinking because I experience this sometimes.

Wynter : Who brushes their teeth for .3 seconds and doesn't rinse after?

BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA : is it just me or am I the only one who’s actually kinda terrified?

MisterZekster : 2:55 I too have a third arm coming out of the side of my hip

Pan Daniels : This almost made me cry. My dad suffers from schizophrenia. Everytime I'm at his house he says things under his breath. He also think some of my siblings drugged him and stole something of his. He thinks celebraties are out to get him. It make me so depressed to think what is going on in his head. What he hears. What he sees.

zoyzoycornface : Having schizophrenia is like being in a constant YouTube Poop

Jessica Lee : i tried to watch this all the way through but i couldn't omg i live alone i feel uncomfortable

I said NO : This happened to me with the use of weed

Z. kids : Who brushes their teeth before eating breakfast??? O-o

FungY ya boi : This dood smoke so much weed brahh

Khamalia : I wanted to watch this video but in the end could not. My mom was schyzophrenic, and I never understood what was going on in that head of hers. She did not herself. Now she's gone and I feel so bad for trying to understand her only now that it's too late. Please people, dont ever make fun of schizophrenia.... Trust me, it is nothing funny. At all. It destroys even the greatest and strongest persons.

Morgan Connor : My great uncle had schizophrenia and jumped in front of a bus during a family reunion when. My mom was a little girl. This was really interesting to kind of understand what he could've went through.

TheHCDiaries : I have these symptoms but have personality disorder it worth pointing out that it isn’t just schizophrenia that causes these symptoms as many mental health condition can cause psychosis. If worried at all you should seek help from a psychologist xx

Daniel Belon : Who the heck wouldn't feel unconfortable whith this.

osuushiza8 : When he started breathing hard, I felt an anxious sensation pick 👆. I don't have this disorder, but it still frightens me. I feel as if a bad person be I can't be around those w this disorder for long before panic settles in. I'm 1 of those types that r deeply affected by other ppl's emotions to the point that I have 2go into withdraw modes-from the WORLD itself. I'm commenting on this bc I had 2end a friendship that was building due to how she behaved scared me so bad. I wanted to help but couldn't even handle my own problems either... 😑

Official Agabo : I have the same tooth brush as him lol 😂

Polygonix : i hear noises sometimes. just noises. sometimes i hear mumbles, but that's the worst of it. i heard a full on giggle once, but i think that was the worst it got. damn that sounds creepy.

Zucc : make socialphobia simulation plz

fug off : Why is it never "you're looking great today, good job doing that thing, that person seems friendly.." - why's it always negative and terrorising? Terrible disease, never realised it was so vivid - mushroom cloud in a cup!??

Hessa : 2:55 there’s a guy behind him.. who else saw that too

Nadine Zack : That seems like a pain in the ass. I didn't feel uncomfortable in fact I felt frustrated from the sound of the birds and him brushing his teeth and all those voices in the video. I am too short tempered for this video

Strigsc : I had some discomfort during the experience and Ms. McAnnally wasn't there when i needed her!

p : This isn't schizophrenia it's just your everyday pot head

Sara Kerr : Who tf brushes their teeth then drinks coffee😂😂😂

Hi Bye : Who else saw the hand at 2:56

TheKatDoesDat : 2:53 to 2:58 you can see an extra hand in the right bottom most corner...

crysydy : *aggressively signals ms. mcannally*

TrejBen Jayster : So here I am again studying about these sickness

Knight Happy Cloud : I'd love all those voices... never alone like I usually am...

TheTabascodragon : i'm kind of short and honestly the tall perspective weirded me out more than the schizophrenia

Ben Dova : So it’s pretty much just like being on shrooms 24/7? that’s lit.