Schizophrenia Simulation

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goal pop : The water was on whole he was brushing his teeth, that made me uncomfortable. Don't worry I contacted my doctor tho.

Mike 714 : How it feels to chew 5 gum

sherlock greenleaf : Okay im slightly concerned? This vídeo shook me to the core because its kinda like this for me? But not as severe? So like... I dunno if im just paranoid or what idk im dumb

Bree Is Mee : I have schizophrenia and I'm 15 I'm dealing with it one day at a time and about two months ago I tried to take my life away and had to go under a 5150 I'm so glad I'm living but it is hard and I'm glad this video was made. Mine isn't quite as hard as this.

Chris L : What is wrong with people

nathen boyd : I feel like this is a bad acid trip

henk visser : lol the first 2 minutes I was thinking "what....a wobly camera thats it? Nothing weird here" And then the voices start...

Bill Miller : Why do they only hear voices with a lot reverb?

Joel St John : I hear voices calling me names and things like you're a dumbass etc. but it's just my wife

Hikari Hoss : i got chills of listening to whats not even real

Robert Rogers : Went on a date yesterday day witb this fine ass woman. I dont normally get hot women but this on just walked right up too me. It was like we hit it off. So I took her out for lunch. Everyone was saying to me. Damn dude you have a hot girlfriend. I felt so happy to hear this so many people. But then she asked me did I see the colors. I was like what the hell is she talking about. Then she ducked down as was like why is that helicopter following us. I was like what helicopter. She was like know you see them. She also told me she was a powerful being and not to fear her. When I got bee back into my car. She starts talking and im like what did you say. She says not talking to you im talking to them. I was terrified when I didn't see a Bluetooth in her ear. This hurt so bad. I really liked this woman. She said I was her ride or die. I was like im not dying today.

Reyna Castellano : It seems very frustrating to have all of that going on while trying to be a functioning meme er of society. I feel so bad for people who have this.

Laćeÿ Gorgeöûš : am i the only one that hears bonnie from family guy? Lol

ReZolute : Whats that about developing a heroine addiction?

Nightmarechild : As someone that went without treatment for this for a long time, this isn't always how it goes. It is per case and severity. I didn't often see things until I was much older, and even now it's very fast and in between. This is very informative for those with family members or friends with this though

L Lawliet : I genuinely think I may be schizophrenic but I have no idea how to talk to anyone about it

Cj C : Let me tell you as a person diagnosed with schizophrenia, this hasnt happened to me once.. its not like that at all

Hunter N : Nice camera work ya numb nuts, is he just hallucinating the cameras shadow or what lol

5sos IDC : I didn't hear anything unusual...

Shiny Diamond : I hear voices in my head so I'm kinda used to this video :/

sena wasgehtsiedasan : this was interesting to see what a schizophrenic person needs to go through

ASH 27 : Yeah, last year I tried killing myself with a rock, now I have a huge scar on my forehead and I'm missing a front tooth. It's like demonic possession. People online self diagnosis and think it's cute but I'm all too used to being called a psychopath and I can see it in my doctors eyes exactly what they think. I made my female therapist cry because I told her the facts. I can't live the normal life you can and have a good job. You go home to a husband and kids. I go home to nothing but my inner torment

Cody Schmucker : My great uncle got kicked out of a church for speaking in tongues (in a church where speaking in tongues happened regularly). The way he did it freaked them out

Video Kitten : I think schizophrenia is sometimes really demonic attack. The demons make you have delusions and hallucinations. I stoped hearing voices after confessing my sins and reading the Bible. This is a good simulation for other people who can’t understand. Clozapine 200mg helped me a lot also.

Reality Realized : I totally understand this 100%!

Alyxx 3:36 : The tv is not your friend...

Dao Foa : Well... the voices were saying the right things about TV... "The TV is not your friend!" xD

MLe MLe : Wrooooong these voices... it supposed to be his voice. cinematic shit a bit

rap ina_acy : Why do I feel somehow high and Lil bit dizy Can someone tell me...?

Nera Dora Arwen : This is just so the voices are trying to convince him that he is stupid and is a waste of time...It interests me where are those horrible words coming from? Were they mistreated or bullied by someone? Or is it just in their own mind? It's scary and sad...but on the other hand it's unbelieveable what a human brain can do.

Jones Paul : Turned that shit off couldn't listen to it

Creeper1764 Main : Yeah this is a little normal for me. Except for the passing out.

Dream-_- Traveler : This is some capital bullshit

Darwon Kim : this real? Do they actually hear voices like that or is this just edited to make it seem scarier? Cuz honestly it sounds like millions of demons trash talking the shit outta you

Reckless Gaming : I heard nadeshot in the background

GwenLps 18 : This is so fucking sad...

Nathan Lucci : This is bullshit. This dude woke up, drank blank coffee and then went right back to bed. Bull. Shit.


Eduanette Venter : Am I the only one who saw the 3rd arm at 2:52? Almost shit myself.

robison87 : My brother is on clozaril for this. He is now very fearful and hides out a lot.

Turtlington : this reminds me of the video game hellblade. it had people with physios helping make the game and the main character in the game has it. its really interesting

SaneeXD : I have schizoaffective disorder. To me, this video doesn't feel wholly accurate. I don't have the wild sensory disruption that is shown. I don't think I even had that pre-medicated, before I was diagnosed 8 years ago. (I was 18 then, 26 now.) I don't have random voices telling me stuff. If I do it's an imaginary "character" like an imaginary friend I made up, fictional character, family ,friends, former/current coworkers, etc. Mostly it would be someone in another environment than the one in which I'm living in talking and then I respond out loud. It's like I have one to several whole other worlds in my brain going on at any given moment and that I drift off instead of being in the here and now. Though if off my meds, this mental chatter gets much more malignant and negative. Like I might imagine my dad's voice. I sense them saying negative thoughts about me and when it's more vivid it's LIKE voices but not exactly. Paranoia is always the main thing with me. I think that's what makes this actual schizoaffective rather than just an active imagination/ADD. Paranoia may work by itself or it may beget hallucinations or delusions. They kinda all work together. The latter two are much more likely to happen and with greater force when off meds or not on right one. But paranoia is the constant. So takeaway on this video is that I think this takes a lot of reported symptoms and mixes them all together. Doesn't really take into account individual differences.Perhaps since I'm schizo-affective rather than full blown and that this was caught early and that I was blessed with more insight about my condition, maybe I don't have as bad experiences as this guy. Anyway, I'd love to hear from other people who are schizophrenic or schizoaffective and see what YOU GUYS think of the video, if it's accurate to your experiences, what said experiences are, etc.

Phill Bill : Pussy bitch has a better house than me.

agizzy23 : We're doing a scene for acting class in which I play someone with this disorder. I'm trying to research things such as mannerism, thoughts, etc, to do justice to a misunderstood disorder.

Kyle Wanamaker : That would scare the living shit out of me. I feel sad that someone has to live that way. If you have it, please get medication to help you through it or try recommended natural remedies

Wreckedcrane : Someone with schizophrenia has coffee that explodes THAT'S DOPE BRO

Life : Tbh I didn't realize the schizophrenia didn't start until after the phone rang. I was like who tf wears socks to bed and brushes their teeth before drinking coffee

Cameron Ortiz : 2:12 Ayo that was cold can someone make a beat out of that

Quinn Moore : Well shit man now I think I need to go see a therapist cuz this rings with me when I'm feeling weird some days. Especially seeing extra hands or people on the edge of your sight when you're texting or something.