Schizophrenia Simulation

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Polygonix : i hear noises sometimes. just noises. sometimes i hear mumbles, but that's the worst of it. i heard a full on giggle once, but i think that was the worst it got. damn that sounds creepy.

Communist Soup : I got here from watching the simpsons steamed hams but skinner has schizophrenia

Dailee Stevens : I feel so bad I didn't know it was like that:(

sakura_rain : That's horrible...

Carly Grace : who else was uncomfortable while he was brushing his teetg

Elijah Nelson : "Oh its pretty average life" 2:10 "*OH JESUS WTF*"

Kaia The Cheeze : It's weird because I'm not schizophrenic but this put my anxiety into high gear just imagining that happening to me Edit: jeez I don't think I've ever gotten so many likes 😂

Chris Nally : I was waiting for the jump scare.

CAN I DRINK THIS? : Tall person simulator

Goblues1980 : Not going to lie. That's totally me while I'm driving

cowb oy : Thank you for uploading this. I find it very hard to explain how schizophrenia affects me, so people often cite me as being edgy and trying to act cool. Though I have been diagnosed with it, most people find my behaviour awkward, not knowing that I'm actually resisting going crazy inside. It's really hard for me to keep my cool. Just wanted to share my feelings.

Phanic!AtTheTwentyOneChemicalCrybabiesOnIce : I don't have schizophrenia. I don't know anyone who does, personally. I've heard people just throw the name around like it's nothing, kind of like what people do with OCD. I clicked on this video to help, if I ever run into a schizophrenic person in my life, in understanding them. To anyone here with schizophrenia, I am so sorry. This seems horrible. I care so much about you. I wish you the best :)

CAN I DRINK THIS? : I dont like this

Vince Levi : I hate when it changes perspective. I would like to watch this in his perspective not showing his full body by some camera man.

Brix : this really scared me. my prayers go out to the ones who experience this daily.

Antonio Jay : Damn this was trippy. My dad is schizophrenic which is what made me click this. I only met him twice. It was awkward and he did seem a lil off but i was young. Like 11 the first time and like 14 the second time. My question is this really how it is for him? Is it exaggeration? I'm very curious

BecauseImCheesy : High off coffee beans simulation

Bradley Wilson : Ok so bullshit in the first 50 seconds. No one just gets outta bed that quick

MasterRK9 V : It was really scary how he left the water running while brushing his teeth. How wasteful!

Priscilla Guzman : 😭😔Terrible

Leonidas VI : DEW IT

Doodling 4fun : Yippee, I’m not the only one!!

Chen Siong : Oh so that’s how the top of a refrigerator looks like.

Ben Levine : I went from the trailer for Euro Truck Simulator 2s "Scandinavia" dlc to this.

Grace Hoffman : What if people who are labled with mental illness are actually normal and normal people lack their abilities? Physics has shown that we live in a multiverse. Maybe these people can tap into more than one world system at a time.

angie marie : Um I think I’m gonna have nightmares

suari chuuuchu : pure hell

foto art stevan foto art stevan : Demoned and shizo is close related

kang daniel : Im so dizzy

avalon NewWay : Fluoride causes mental illness

Swiggy Swagg : My coffee explodes like that too when I accidentally use the skim milk. I let it sit there on the counter the same way too

Oier Arano Urrutia : It's so creepy

serial chiller : 2:55 WHAAAAATTTTT ???? HAND

Spiced Muffin : TIL tall people are schizophrenic

TheHuppis : I am now 20 years old man, and I used to have these kind of experiences when i was ill and home alone as 7 years old. Maybe not as strong, as in this video, but i heard sounds. Havent heard anything since but I always turn on radio or tv when i am alone nowadays. Is it normal if you are alone and awake without any stimulation?

Sonneillon Hatred : Lucky for me... I only see my hallucinations.... not hear much of them. I feel great pity for people who have to go through audio hallucinations 24/7. Also feel bad for people who get the symptoms later in life so they have a harder time to cope. I remember having mine since I was 6.... used to play staring games with my hallucination all night long, used to watch him all night to make sure he would not come any closer to me and remember his crazed eyes.... couldn't even go to the bathroom because he was standing right in front of it... so I wet the bed a few times... tmi but that was my childhood hahhaha and he would follow me everywhere! So annoying.

Greastest Ever : What is schitzofrenia? I thought it was skkehzzoh frenia. Lol she on one

shakuryon : Where my Psychology Majors at?!

☤INFiNiTE▼C0NSCi0US☤ : This camera movement makes me feel motion sick.

veris aj : This whole video made me want to cry it was scary ;-;

Swampy_dx : I'm not even creeped out i just feel bad

Ella Swizzle : Wait, how did I get here?

Kenneth Ramirez : My mom had schizophrenia and died because of it RIP

Squirrelflight :-D : I'm kinda freaked

miss keisha : My older brother has this and its very sad. One time when was in school he called the cops because he thought the neighbors put cameras in our basement. He talks to himself a lot too.

jerry magorombo : Schizophrenia looks like a demonic possession

Eemaan Hameed : Aren't these thoughts very similar to those thoughts which insecure people have on a daily basis?

Shortcut Coldwater : This guy woke up at 1:50 pm

lmao : Everyone's talking about how scared they were but did anyone else see this mans weak ass brushing skills probably smells like garbage

kiyomomi s. : I have an uncle I live with that has schizophrenia... And I know it sounds mean but I just really don't like him.. He thinks he's famous and he's a complete brat. He's greedy and narcissistic and has never acted like he cares about me, so of course I can't care about someone if they act like I don't exist.