Billy Joel Goes Crazy In Concert!!

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Lumping Lickit Sclakets : I love how it kinda sounds like it should go with the song.

AxelFive : "I don't always throw a tantrum during a concert in the USSR, but when I do, I still don't miss a single fucking note."

porpus99 : The story behind this was that every time the lights came on the Russians who were dancing would just return to a neutral position and freeze, because they were so fearful of the military coming to get them. Mind you this was back in 1987, so still the Soviet Union at the time. Everytime the lights came on the guys in control of the lights sapped the energy out of the room and it was pissing Billy Joel off to the point he had a meltdown. Funny thing was that the Russians loved it and thought it was part of the show.


Music Menace101 : For context, this was during a show that he was playing behind the Iron Curtain in the former Soviet Union. During the show, the Secret Police used the lighting to pick out rowdy audience members, essentially making them afraid to show any hint of having fun. Billy wasn't having a tantrum he was telling the secret police to stop ruining the fun of the concert.

pSmall360 : This is actually incredible because he and the rest of the band keeps going on without missing a beat. Very rock n' roll.

kudjo24 : 0:39 belts out a verse, nearly whips someone in the head with a microphone stand, belts out another verse, LOL

FightYourMother : RR: During the second show you turned a piano over. What happened? JOEL: We were filming some of the shows for a TV special and documentary. I really don't like filming during the concert because all the lights are different and it throws you off. There are no blackouts after each song. The audience is lit a lot, which takes away from their enjoyment of the show. These people are used to being watched all the time, but I wanted them to get the real experience of an American rock and roll show. Because of the filming, there were cameras on them. That's really not what should happen to the audience. The audience should be there to look, to be in the dark to do their nasty little things‑their dirty air guitar playing, whatever. I know when I'm at a concert and I get carried away, I must look like an idiot. I don't want anybody looking at me.  -from the Root Beer Rag, interview with Billy Joel, 1988


BuschWhacker Reviews : That was the most badass, calm, nonchalant freak out ever, and still kept the song going during it lol

Whipper T. Snapper : STOP IT--

Andrew Shultzabarger : in soviet russia, meltdowns have billy joel

CurtisAlfeld : I love how the band just ignores it.

Dan Harrison King : Its 100% funnier if you think that Billy Joel is getting pissed of at the guy in front playing the keytar, because he is showing off to the audience, taking all the glory, then he topples his piano and jumps infront!

Noah Harvey : But the audience loved it. This concert was in the Soviet Union where kids had never listened to anything other than classical music. They loved Billy when he came over and this is one of the defining moments of that tour.

thcollegestudent : Drawing attention away from the fans. This was filmed in what was then Communist Russia, they kept shining lights on the audience, they were so afraid they would stop dancing. ...or so the tale goes...

Dale Maguire : You know your a born musician when you can even freak out on stage "in time" without missing a beat lol

Synthemesc : I almost forgot to watch this today.

Zak Bagans : He's clearly possessed by the spirit of Jerry Lee Lewis

Voxl Valyx : I come back every month to watch this a again.

GreatSaiyaman60h : Thank you Vinny for this

lyesryes : 0:37 *punts bassist off stage*

Victoria Strauss : Billy Joel was touring in Russia, and at the time Rock and Roll music was taboo. He was the first Rock and Roll musician to perform there. The guys operating the lights thought it would be a good idea to turn the lights off and on because they were filming the concerts. When ever the lights would go on, the Russians in the crowd would stop dancing and become serious. Billy saw what was happening and that it was ruining the concert for the Russians. It pissed him off, and he reacted like this. However, him reacting in this form was entertaining and had a good reaction. So for the rest of his tour he did fun stuff like twirling mike stands and doing back flips off the piano. He didn't go crazy. He made a huge difference in the Russian Society. Billy Joel is an inspiration. Not a crazy man


Ryan James : Quite possibly one of the most rock n' roll things I've ever seen. Thank you Billy Joel.

Scott B : Billy is truly one of the best. He can time a mic slam in perfectly within his song. Doesn't miss a beat. In all seriousness, great performer, great song, great tantrum.


SoilentGr33n : "STOP LIGHTING THE AUDIENCE." When Billy Joel asks you to stop pointing your spotlight at the audience, you stop.

mitchattitude : It would have been even better yet if Billy had done his while singing 'Honesty'

SonnyGTA : 26 people like the lights on....

Chef Excellence : ehhh good show right guys... ehhhh you know i would had brought spongeeeehhhea but he uhhh you know


sir henry motherfucker : uncle vimbly brought me here :^)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

FaultyFloorboard : Prepare for Vinesauce comments

marcen12 : I am now a Billy fan.

Rotten Pizza : Someone needs to link the full video.

Lance Hardcore : god damn i love billy joel

Kreutz : What was wrong with him?

AndyAnimal : This video is now MY property!


jb60135 : Krokodile is one hell of a drug

JONXLR8 : There's so much to love aboit this video. As well as the fact that the two band members in front of him are oblivious of his rage quit on the piano behind them, it's the distorted booms over the pa system as the mic stand slams into the deck that gets me. Haha. That and the lead guitar riff timed perfectly as he kicks that guy off the stage.

Kaitlyn :3 : that dude in the front is so annoying

𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉 : Damn, he could mess someone up.

Caius Cosades : Rock musicians: destroy guitar/bass Billy Joel: flips piano

David McCoul : He wanted to have a microphone stand like Freddie Mercury's! lol

SonnyGTA : Billy is getting into Death Metal.....

MrPika Gammer : Goodbye Tomodachi life

Chabar : 0:37 did he changed the sound by kicking equipment?

friggin colonel : The Russians must've been confused. "Soooo...this is what they've been doing in America all these years?" lol