Curb Your Break In

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Xavier Smith : Hey, he said he wasn't.

A salt with a deadly weapon : *_D U D E_*

Geekins : it was my little brother on my account

I agree totally and : But he wuzzennnnnt

hmm yes interesting. : "dude, that wasn't even me"

My name Is Dyan : I love how he just slaps him 😂

Mr. Lotato : jack black has really fallen off

Robert Burgess : "STOP! You've committed crimes against Skyrim and her people! What say you in your defense?!" "Dude i didnt do anything!"

moncorp1 Inc : Crack his skull open


Benny Griswold : Trying to figure out how to open his own houses broken door lock by practicing on someone else's door? Sounds legit to me.

Juan Aceves : 00:32 dude instantly lost his breath and shit his pants at the same time right when he realized someone was at the door hahah

Donquixote Doflaemon Obe Piece Meme : Plotwist: they were both intruders

00Mj000 : it wasnt him, he got hacked

Zeee Live : I swear to god .. DUDE STOPPPPPPP

Fury SevenOneThree : The white version of "Aye Dindu Nuffin"


unnamed : DuDe StOp Im LaGgInG.

KayDee TV : DUDE I wasNT

Dumb Clips : That sounds exactly like an excuse that Ricky from Trailer Park Boys would use.

ReaperCheGuevara Alexander : I was hoping the door would open other way. Because then that way he could just kick it right in his face.

Tk Aholelei : Not like it woulda made a difference but he couldve said sorry man wrong house 😂😂

jou : Runescape Monkey Madness jail part lol

Armor Matty : Bro I was just trying to get in your house so I know how to get into my house.

Harness boy : That’s literally the worst excuse for a break in lol

Shrek Drek : r/oopsididntmeanto

That Guy : I was trying to break into your house to see how I could break into my house. Seems legit

UNZO : Curb your SPECIAL RELATIVITY, 0:30 you can clearly see the door moving faster then the speed of light.

Fading Hope : *BUT IS WAZZZENT*

elegia : D U D E

FakeCrousanator : This is real life Ricky from Trailer Park Boys. 😂

Aleksa Kasavica : Sorry my friend picked my phone


Paul N : If only he said i pinky promised.

T Ξ R U M I ‍ : ''I promise! It wasn't me! I was just trying to get to my house, through your house. I promise!''

nut : Its wasnt him, a friend took his phone.

Ghansham Singh : This is perfect.

guillermo sanchez : "By the order of the jarl stop right there! "

dank kangaroo : *DUDE*

A R6S GAMER #JACKEL# : "Bro my hand slipped and the knife got stuck in the lock!"

Trouble Breathing : No fiddling with any locks around here

Edgy9yrold : /r/OopsDidn'tMeanTo

TheOnlyTrueHomies : When you fail lockpicking in Skyrim

Yes Man : He did nat do it, He did NAAAT.

Emil Graichen : I didnt hit her, o hi mark

BILLY STAPLE FACE : Dude I'll bounce

Mox ಠ ᴥ ಠ : Jack Black's college years

Fake Joker : I like how he laughs when he got caught

Dank Boye : OOF

Duke Damage : I promise!...Dude plz stop!!