Curb Your Break In

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hmm yes interesting : "dude, that wasn't even me"

TheOnlyTrueHomies : When you fail lockpicking in Skyrim

Armor Matty : Bro I was just trying to get in your house so I know how to get into my house.

Jack Decker : Dude I waznz

Hawaiian Brian : Dindu nuffin? But in reverse.

nick glover : Looks like the kid who calls timeout in tag

Kofi Wiafe-Annor : DUDE I wasNT

Helan byxkltz : Black people = Dindu Nuffin. White people = Dude i wasn't.......

sfgamfan : I PROMISE

Bundás Kenyér : W A S N ' T


Daniel Gan : Lockpick 100 Tries Lockpick 0

sugar water : What the fuck did he slap him for. He said he wasn't in like 10 different tones, doesn't that prove he didnt?

NobeyAssassin : It was a virus and my pants slipped!!! GOD!!!

Thomas Lörinczi : I P R O M I S E

Cloud : Wtf was he trying to do tho ?

Zombie Jesus : Is this backwards world?

bluzay : Skraa

Mikey Terra Nova : Caught in the act. Priceless! That must have felt so good to catch his ass.

Bro Pic : And thats why i have an android security system with front door and back door camera's.

Hutch black : Trying to break into his dealers house

Opmehoofd : i love how he smacks him couple of times!

00Mj000 : it wasnt him, he got hacked


1 2 5 9 M O N E Y : D U D E

guillermo sanchez : "By the order of the Yarl stop right there! "

nasu : dude i wasnt

Elliot Fox : lockpick 0 speech 100

RedSabin : hahahahaha .... the justice was swift

Jcirc The inhaler : Fake as fook

Reloadedgaming 12 : Lol


MtotheM : This is when i would have cocked my shotgun and waited for him to step inside.

Elmer J Fapp : shoulda put the camrea down so you could beat his ass worse without evidence.

hotsaucebeliever : *Opens door* "Oh. Hi Mark"

head of ranch security : Door (Expert)

LexRex : If this guy is his neighbor in the complex or something with the same door then I am almost inclined to believe him. Fucking retarded either way, but he is so sheepish that I almost believe him, like he is somebody that is caught doing something innocent but he knows it looks really bad either way so he is trying to plead his case. Either that or he is just a punk who knows that black guy deals drugs and he is trying to steal some.

Dumb Nigra : that was the only time a nigger did the right thing

mrco74 : This is the kind of shit Larry David would do

Caleb Sherman : Practicing getting in a locked door because your own door is locked? Why not, oh i don't know... PRACTICE ON YOUR OWN DOOR ÀAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Memer : *C A N S O M E O N E T E L L ME H O W T H E T I N G G O E S?*

Larvitar Dratini : I would have waited behind the door with a bat. As soon as he opens it and walks in poof hes out, when he wakes up he will be in handcuffs.

Caleb : That was the lamest excuse ever

Brandon Wiebe : Dindu nuffins can be white too

Smokey Bear : lol thats why you have knock on the door a thousand times first

Mcpersonface : *D U D E*

Gg No re : LOCKPICKING - 37

Steve Rivera : I would have shot dudes foot off

maurice meerts : install secret drone with steel pellets peperspray taser 9mm higer call etc shrek mate at mah doorstep mate!

SloMoe Official : This is my favourite video of all time 😂😂