Ghost caught on camera?

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brayzbeats. : 1:22 Looks like the ghost has slipped due to the wet floor. lol

Jordan Beischer : This has to be fake, they don't allow CCTV cameras in a school to record audio, that would be wiretapping.

neoKGaming : How would you feel if you were stuck at school for eternity? I feel bad for this ghost :(

H1R1M1N1 : Be careful ghost, the teachers in this school are most aggressive psychopaths

Paul Seal : Definitely fake. Just created for publicity. If ghosts did exist they wouldn't be performing for a CCTV at a perfect angle and wouldn't only come out in the dark. Total BS.

Sleepy Skunk : If you watch the other CBS mannequin challenge video on this channel, a camera goes through that exact hallway and clearly there is no CCTV camera on that wall, especially not at such a low height. This was filmed on a tripod, probably by a creative whiz in the school's film class and they waited to release it just in time for Halloween. Sherlock out. Still, great job guys! Hope you got an A. UPDATE: The school released a picture on their facebook page that clearly shows the camera is actually positioned much higher, just look at the frames on the wall.

Clementine Rosette : came here after Buzzfeed

BTHSB⚛️ : It's fake because the quality of the video and audio is too good

ErmacRs : Ghost didn't see the wet floor sign :(

Kieran : Typical Irish ghost.... He's drunk.

TobeyPL : Where is Dean and Sam Winchester ?

Philip O'Reilly : Well done to my old school with the amount of views on their viral video. Next time though they should have the camera not at eye level as you can see the other CCTV camera up high where it should be! :-)

hii : Rip wet floor sign Edit: when you get likes for the first time

Bistraya Trjapka : Autism caught on camera.

David Alexandrou : The most glaring problem with this footage is the height of the camera. Look at the top right, you can see what looks more like an actual camera height that points at this area, see how high up it is? They would not have mounted security cameras at a height lower than a door frame where it could be tampered with. Never mind the sign definitely appears to have been yanked by a leg with fishing line and edited out, or the door of the locker is pushed out by the exiting books from behind (why is it seemingly full of books and yet with no lock on it when the other lockers seem to mostly have locks?) all that aside, the camera is clearly resting on something roughly cabinet or locker height, which is not where security cameras would be mounted.

Kaskata 1356 : Just John Cena having fun lol.

Khal i : Faker than CNN.

Ололондий Ололоев : Too low position for camera. You also forgot about timelapse and framelapse. All security video contains numbers of frame.

Mild Mannered Pate : Ghost must've kept slipping on the wet floors and banging into the lockers, thank God you had the sign down or you could have had a claim on your hands

Legenda : Paranormal activity 10

niwi : After Effects is a very nice program xd

LP Ireland : isnt it illegal to have audio on cctv? Apparently, the DPC "does not accept that the use of audio recording equipment is in any way justifiable or warranted for any purpose, even where members of the public or staff are aware that their voices are being recorded". This is obviously just a halloween stunt, with the added '3am haunting hour' that those in the USA love so much. Designed to be a viral video

mrgamelover96 : Why would there be a wet floor sign on a dry floor at 3am, fake to bits

Nikozz : He maybe hate school and he take his revenge 😂😂

apoyu siken : okay if this is faked , then how does the locker open with all the books and papers spread in this way? if it would be a wire they would spread more a symetric style but they just randomly spread just as like someone wouldve stood right kn front of it with his hands in the locker pulling all just out. the sign also is flying around in a fascinating way. notice how the sign almost makes a 180 degree turn while flying. a wire on the back side would make the sign turn 180 degrees yes, but it would turn and also fly a bit in the way it was pulled . so one can literaöly see that there was no wires or anything pulling stuff around. the locker also shakes very interesting. it is in front of a window indeed, but if a human wouldve shake it, it would move around a bit and possibly also shake a little bit to the window side. just imagine urself shaking it around - you could not shake it and make it stay at the same point without making it move a single milimetre. i doubt that this is staged. the door at the beginning even does not show any sign of being opened by hand since it moves slowly to the front. if a human wouldve open it , it would have to be opened with a bit of speed to reach that point and of course theres a little chance of opening is so perfectly that it stops RIGHT there. its also at 3 am. so either the makers ( if its faked) are paranormal activity fans OR this is a true poltergeist doing his job at the time when hes supposed to do it: when ppl sleep and are not present to notice that its really a poltergeist. for everyone qho dies not believe in supernatural and paranormal things: remember that theres still a 4th dimension, dreams and many other things u and scientists cant explain. ur individuality comes from ur soul. energy never gets lost - Albert Einstein.

EternityVanilla : i dont say its fake and i dont say its real. How could i know if its real or not. and i just dont really care xD

6l4ck ßl4d3z : This is so fake 1. Why would there be a wet floor sign there 2. Why can I see a camera up the wall and the camera we in is lower 3. Theres a window behind the lockers so someone is pulling it from the window 4. theres a string connect to the wet floor sign and last of some shut the door and why would that one locker be open hmmmmmmmm is this video fake nope no no no no maybe im tripen

Jeanka PH : Jaja todos hablan ingles :( me siento solo

Robert Lambert : It's fake it was a school project to make a video go viral, fair play to them they probably all got A's

panda : Anyone here from buzzfeed?

xYAHx : The wet sign floor was there just to get thrown, called it as soon as the video started. Prank for sure.

Eliaszgro! : Cześć 👋

juan esteban Murcia : como es que no ve el letrero de piso mojado pff

Susmit Kumar : It's not a ghost... It's magneto....

Kevin Mcgorry : its fake

AnasPsycho : Can i do a reaction to this video ?

Catalina S ́E : Quien habla español

João Silva : Wtf that gost is super energetic😂

ya boi : Came here from buzzfeed

Nasty'2 : Falls hier Deutsche dabei sind und das Thema euch interessiert. Ich habe ein Video hierzu gemacht was alles auflöst! Natürlich mit Beweisen! :)


tobias garza : When I close my eyes I can't see anything

oposoum : We want a backstage from this video.

Evan The Snabbit : 1 the door pulled by a rope or string 2 lockers a person shocking it from the side who was taken out in post also the locker swinging open strings the locker it's self had papers leaned against the locker so it looked like things were thrown out 3 the wet floor sign simple a string pulling it. the behaviour shown by the sign suggest that it gut pulled back so a person of camera just pulled a string don't see how this is trending when it is so obviously fake the school just wants some publicity they tried before with other videos which have been privated or taken down

BadDude196 : What is this a guava juice video? A ghost appears at 3am...

UberDjo : Too much timed to not be a fake

Draguator666 : It's no ghost the sign is chutted by a human

zubnala : went to school there in the eighties still haunted by the place

LikZe : Fake

marian bilinski : idze idze w kukurydze .