Ghost caught on camera?

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ErmacRs : Ghost didn't see the wet floor sign :(

Gaby5011 : Good old fishing line attached the night before.

René Dippe : If you have a very close look on the video just before the locker is opened and the papers fall out, you see (very weak) the silhouette of a person. It might be a ghost captured on video here or it might be a student who's really good in video-manipulation and maybe hacking (for manipulating the video of a CCTV camera), or it might even be a project of a media arts class for upcoming helloween. Nevertheless, really cool and mysterious, I'd like to visit that school just to find out :D

Johnny Smathers : CCTV with Microphones? also. the Camera Angle makes no sense. a security camera would be up higher.

Don Gato : 100% FAKE, any amateur film student could rig this up. So many things wrong, it's not even worth listing them to debunk. Supposed CCTV camera angle is #1 lol

Claudio Parisi : sorry but... is this place (Cork City) in Eire?

nuB : So for anyone confused, this is fake. But it was well done, and is perfect material to be released leading up to Halloween, Spooky!

Moreh Meir : Guys guys, no surprise... its october and the veil is thine between the worlds. Happy Samhain!

Clarissa G : I love the wet floor sign flip at the end like "what is thIS"

tubasaur : Cool how the ghost knew to only mess with stuff that was dead center to the camera.

the wizard : why would their be a wet floor sign up at 3:06 am? lol clearly set up to try add some authenticity to the video. door incident,good hiding soot from incident,again out of view from camera.nice try

Trev Mac : The Bottom - Line is no school janitor leaves out a floors are wet sign at 1 am in the morning..Those guy's arrive at around 4 pm and leave around Midnight (they never leave stuff out for the morning shift) *And why would they put up a sign?* when all the kids are gone for the day? .And they are usually fanatics about never leaving stuff out..So right away you know it's a prop and it's eventually going to be used as a lame way to trick someone..If the bozo's who made this stuck with only one area of the hallway or 1 item it would be a lot more convincing..simple psychology and to spoil everyone's fun..if you zoom in and freeze you can see *TWO* wires near the top of the sign pulling it..And they are black..The dopes aren't even intelligent to use transparent colored wires

Jamesstrife : I seen a majority of the wires the whole time! and a 0:35 you can even see a couple fingers. Wow, totally debunked it watching it through once.

Marshall Billingsley : It can't be a ghost video without a comment section full of arguments backing the videos authenticity or its flaws of being fake.

Chris Beckham : Give me a break. You think a ghost would rock a cabinet back and forth? He would have thrown it across the room. Someone is pushing it from the window.

Freeblaze free : Everything is a demon in the catholic church accept for the sand nigger arabs that cut their fucking heads off

Fair Price Computer Repair Inc. : Let the copy cats begin , lol

starflame34 : Fake. What kind of ghost wants to go to school!?

Daniel Vance : Not quite what they mean by "School Spirit".

Bill Bingham : Why is the "CCTV" camera mounted so low? It looks like it's at the height it would be if someone just reached up and attached it to the wall. Cameras in schools are usually mounted more ceiling height so students can't reach up and mess with them.

Brandon Sterne : You can do some pretty amazing things with fishing line

Jung Yi : Obviously was not very happy with the size of his locker

Russell R. : Wonder how many kids got blamed for this before they checked the video ;)

Zack Perdue : Totally fake! At 1:04 you can clearly see the string moving. Look closely on the left. Haha. I love how people fall for this kind of stuff so easily...

robdawg183 : The main reason I'm skeptical is I wonder how they found this. Why was someone randomly watching security camera footage from the middle of the night? I could see if the place got totally trashed, but there is nothing really to warrant watching a whole night's worth of footage to find this.

SusieCheap : Weird, the back of that sign spun backwards a full circle--suggesting something more elaborate than just a simple string pull

Purefoldnz : Zoinks! It wasn't a ghost it was the caretaker all along! Now lets see who this 'school ghost' really was.

Michael Simckowitz : Have the school submit a photo of the security camera, take a look you can see that the camera is "mounted" about 6-7 feet off the floor. Even if they had a vandal proof camera it wouldn't be mounted so low because eventually it would get damaged from kids messing with it, coming from someone with CCTV installation experience. Also doesn't look like CCTV because the of the field of view, the frame rate, the light comes from separate angles and honestly doesn't even look like IR light from a security camera. Looks very dslr on a tripod to me... many systems that have dozens of cameras do not record at 30 frames per second as the storage would get crazy, this is def 30fps or more

DianeCanDo Flamtaps : Fake! Camera is too low!

Ultimacy : What was harder, attaching the wires or hiding/editing them out?

zachary massey : I think the caution sign kinda gives a hint that its potentially fake. Just an easy item to put in the cameras view to easily manipulate as "ghostly" activity.

Nancy Neyedly : OK, I am 24 seconds in and too terrified to watch anymore. Thank god it's a sunny day and the middle of the afternoon for me. Going to play some Christmas carols or something to wash my spooked feeling away. Geesh.

Raen 304 : This shit is fake

Bella Trout : "F*** this door! ugh this is so boring... F*** these notebooks! F*** this sign!" The ghost of teenage angst.

duncan mcknight : do you realize how many people have lived and died since the beginning? if there were such thing as ghosts we wouldnt be able to walk anywhere without constantly running into them. when we die we go back to where we came from, nothingness. do you remember what it was like before you were born? exactly. that being said, i think there is all kinds of shit going on we dont understand, but some lockers shaking on a security cam doesnt prove shit. sorry to be so logical here, but sometimes we gotta pull up those boot straps and get real :P

Nick R : The locker door opening is one of the most unnatural things I've ever seen - proof enough that this is fake. The physics of the door make zero sense and seem to completely cease moving after it opens and bounces back. A door thrown open at that speed, the door would be moving back and fourth for a good few seconds, which it doesn't here - it just completely stops. This is an incredibly bad tailored video.

Bren Mc : The door could have been slammed shut from the other side. The locker could have been pushed being that it's right behind a window and the locker and sign could have been pulled by a thin string. I call bull shit

mobrules29 : I think that ghost uses fishing line.

Joshua Weasenforth : At Deerpark Christian High School in Cork, Ireland, several weeks before Halloween, on October 1st at the "witching hour," a school security camera records a door paranormally opening, to, upon appearance of room entrance, lapsing several seconds, yet roughly 4 & a quarter does pass, afterward, the door slams, & 15 seconds following, a locker unit is lightly swung back & forth 10 times, covering 9 sec.'s.  15 seconds following from a last sway, a student's locker door opens, quickly swiping several light books out, leaving the door ajar.  With roughly a second to experience this, 3 seconds after, 6 taps span 16 seconds, & for sound at the 7th, a Caution: Wet Floor Sign is kicked to spin roughly 180 degrees before collapse. My guess is, some time back, students snuck in the building for ironic sarcasm with a wigi board, whereupon manifesting an interdimensional portal beyond our 3rd, a realeasing of unclean, ancient, evil, alien spirits, who are demons, exited the spirit plane for residence at the school.  Because demons hate Mankind, they're goal is to remove rest.  As they hate the HOLY RRINITY, undeniably knowing they're headed to a lake of fire for eternity very soon, with 7 as 1 of GOD's favored #'s, the demon sarcastically kicked the sign at the 7th sound, knocking it over.  Vile energy from the video is clearly felt. The school needs a powerful Christian or Christians, who've prayed & fasted, as certain rank of demons come out by nothing but prayer & fasting only & only through YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH's name (Aramaic for JESUS CHRIST), to expel the unclean spirit(s).  Afterward, the school should be gathered & told never to bring an unclean wigi board in the school & to never perform witchcraft or divination in the building, as it opens a portal, allowing demons to reside wherever used.

Marissa McClure : There's a guy on youtube who debunked this. He goes over all the points and even showed when the sign gets knocked over that it gets all blurry around it and then goes back clear. They just edited the video guys.

AR Shellnut : Somehow knew the wet floor sign wasn't going to survive.

Hyekyung Hong : They must be pissed off... poor

FrantikDisarray : Still more realistic than the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook

Jdog Montes : "F@ck this Locker!" "Sh!t it's too heavy..." "F@ck your Homework!" "wait.. these are just paper" "Then F@ck this Wet Floor Sign!" "Hope you slip and Die like I did!" -*Ghost*

Matthew Thompson : Camera seems to be in too of a low position for CCTV camera. It's also pretty good quality, not typical for security cameras. Almost like a higher end camera set on top of some lockers or something. Still kinda creepy though.

Ryan OBeirne : That depraved ghost is getting back at us pretty good! Some poor soul was wronged so deeply it still sulks around the Earth messing up wet floor signs. Now how will anyone know the floor is wet? The horror! THE HORROR!

charldaughter : They should make the ghost wear a gopro next time

Trump News, Truth Natasha : It looks like the movie Ghost when Patrick Swayze learned how to walk through things & kick cans on the side of the subway

MisterBinx : So fake. You can actually see slight differences where they edited clips together.

FreekaaaY : This could have all been staged! A child could have staged that!