Space Shuttle Thermal Tile Demonstration

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Lethal Harmony : For some reason I was waiting for the part where someone burned their hand. xD

aDinoSupremacist : I fucking love science.

León Manuel : Just out of a 2200 degree furnace and you can touch it after a few seconds?! They should make toasters out of that stuff.

SolarEXtract : Glowstone

TheUnPlayable : He is saying so much bullshit though.

Mike : Someone needs to turn this into a CPU heatsink for PC's. Would be perfect. Now if we could just drive the cost of manufacturing and materials down %12,000 or so I think we would be in business.

hameed : what is peter dinklage doing at nasa?

sarcasmo57 : What would happen if you put one in water?

StoicListener : Video was cut short when I was about to learn something!

PINGPONGROCKSBRAH : Those things look like real life glowstone from Minecraft

Tim Raack : put it in you'r mouth to impress me. 7/10

Scott Strong : RIP: Space Shuttle

ThisIsNot AnAlias : I'm surprised they weren't made out of some high density metal -like that mans balls

zay k : I wish it didn't cut off like that. is the rest of the video on the web?

Remy Note : 2200 degrees... It doesn't matter if it's c or f.

cyrdust : Holy Moly! Where did you get that technology?! Stop torture aliens!

Just a Youtuber : 1:02 - that 'TSSSSS' noise scared the shit outta me

kingcw : The doubters aka "They never landed on the moon" brigade will put this down to trickery no doubt. I've seen this stuff used on a modern potter's kiln, it works Ok.

Adrian del Castillo : SCIENCE!

stap legun : Damnit 1:26, he JUST said to NOT HOLD IT BY THE EDGES.

RONALD DIBERTO : This appears to be the Starlite material claimed to be able to withstand and insulate from extreme heat. It was invented by amateur chemist and hairdresser Maurice Ward (1933–2011) His computer was hacked, all the data was stolen and the only two pieces known to exist were stolen. And now NASA who were originally in negotiations for it, has it. Proof of corruption.

sickleandsuckle : Wonder if these could be used in futuristic passive GPU cooling.

Sylveon : And that is why you have a "pay gap", women just won't take risks even though it's not really a risk at all, men trust the science/physics while women only trust their gut feeling: You can really tell women and men reporters apart here just by watching how they handle those cubes: You can see the women reporters trying to touch them and they don't really trust the science/physics despite having just seen a person holding the cubes up. Then you can see the men: they have seen and trust the person showing them these cubes are safe to touch at the corners and they take them and even take pictures of it with their free hand.

Luis Campos : Develope a fire shelter with this technology.

joe symptons : 1:23 hand shaking..

Marcells44 : SO the One Ring is made of space shuttle insulation tile?

Ford M. : Интересно, а что если его в кого ни будь кинуть, насквозь пройдет и дырку оставит в форме куба?

ELLE3773 : "...during my KSC tour..." Anyone please tell me i'm not the only one who thought about Kerbal Space Center...

AwsmToaster : If a block of metal dissipates heat badly, that would mean the block would stay hot for a long time. Dissipates: To drive away, dispers, fade, vanish, use up... yeah, something along those linse.

ROHITH RAMAN : wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Danes : Where am I going wrong here. The guy says twice that he can pick it up because it dissipates heat so quickly. Surely he can pick it up because it dissipates heat so badly. A block of metal dissipates heat well. Thats why you cant pick it up - it dissipates straight into your fingers. It clearly doesnt dissapate heat well, because its still white hot after a few minutes.

Brian Murray : Can I have a engine block and cylinder heads made from this? Imagine no coolant or problems with over heating. A new material for air cooled engines.


Spaceguy5 : I own two complete HRSI tiles and one complete LRSI tile. They are indeed very light like styrofoam. They have a thin glass coating on the outside, but that does not add much weight.

SoG Watchman : Kept waiting for someone to scream... Wow that's crazy.

rodri30arg : Shut up and take all my money, NASA!

Nathanael S : I know it doesn't change the science or anything but is this Fahrenheit or Celsius? Since he mentions molten metal I'm assuming Celsius but on the off chance it's in freedoms I will be a lot less impressed considering it would be half the temperature.

Quantum Uncertainty Workshop : my uncle developed those while working at Corning Glass Works... they denied him the right to the patent for it and kept it themselves.

Cygnus A : Lies, we don't believe you NASA

DJ Tanner : Science +1 Religion 0

Nekros : If it's so great at dissipating heat, why is it still glowing?

Robert Sides : Imagine if they made these things into heatsinks for computers. The sky would be the limit for overclocking potential. Wonder how much they cost to produce.

MrKingkold187 : Amazing how fake this crap is and everyone that watches it believes it. It's not a space shuttle it's an airplane. Watch a re entry video and you will see how fake that is too

jon doe : Awesome display of human achievement..

Seize Tounge : 9gag brought me here

He Man : Science!

Lajos Winkler : The guy says you can pick them up because they dissipate heat very fast. Actually, that's not relevant. You can pick them up because they are awfully bad heat conductors. Heat capacity doesn't have much to do with this. It's quite unnerving to see a NASA employee fuck up like this.

Rebecca Anderton : Hey! Rebecca here from UNILAD- we'd love to share your video with our fans. Can you drop me an email at for more info please!

rachparov : 1.23 One hell of a shaking hand we got there...

Marietown : "If the metal did not melt at least it would conduct the heat and keep the heat for so long"... If the metal would keep the heat it would not conduct it. He is also wrong when he talks about the tiles, he says that they dissipate the heat quickly but it is the other way around. If they would dissipate the heat, the heat would dissipate into your hand and you would get burned. The tiles are very bad att conducting heat and this is why they are exelent at insulating the vessel. The perfect hypothetical tile would not dissipate any heat at all and would stay at 2200 degrees forever.