Clueless American Reacts To Lionel Messi - A God Amogst Men
Clueless American Reacts To Lionel Messi A God Amogst Men

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gokul sharma : Ofcoure , he's the Greatest of All Time !

ryan griffiths : Can you react to Lionel Messi vs no space or Lionel Messi the worlds greatest 3rd edition?

Just JD : Amazing video 😩😩

Ahmed Cule : Messi is the greatest ever... insane. Good reaction

Fuona qq : Reast to msn 2016 by feel my style you will like it🀟🏻

Rai Tul jit : React to "THE GAME THROUGH THE EYES OF MESSI"plzπŸ‘Œ

Nicolas Jorge Sorabilla : nice man!!

Mohammad Ahnaf Afique : 17:46 that's the best goal of his career.He beat all the defenders including the Goalie and scored.And he was only 19 that time

Justinho : When the ball goes through your legs it's called a nutmeg and it's the ultimate humiliation in football and Messi does it with ease

Thomas Of Torquemada MCDXX : *World Football*

Elber Galarga : Ronaldinho is the greatest ever....

LightSasuke : you need to react to the best Ronaldo video, The Man Who Can Do Everything.

Rs-7 News, Feeds & Updates : React to "cristiano ronaldo i am legend" he is the goat