Clueless American Reacts To Lionel Messi - A God Amogst Men

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Shajadur Rahman : what makes him great particularly its consistency, rarely he had a very few bad games and his performances sometime evaluates by his standards, he himself sets up. Because of age (31 years) his speed goes down little bit than before, but his vision is best there ever hasbeen.

ryan griffiths : Can you react to Lionel Messi vs no space or Lionel Messi the worlds greatest 3rd edition?

gokul sharma : Ofcoure , he's the Greatest of All Time !

LightSasuke : you need to react to the best Ronaldo video, The Man Who Can Do Everything.

David J : Reast to msn 2016 by feel my style you will like it🤟🏻

Justinho : When the ball goes through your legs it's called a nutmeg and it's the ultimate humiliation in football and Messi does it with ease

Benito Camelo : Ronaldinho is the greatest ever....

Just JD : Amazing video 😩😩

Messi Cule : Messi is the greatest ever... insane. Good reaction

Rs-7 News, Feeds & Updates : React to "cristiano ronaldo i am legend" he is the goat

Nicolas Jorge Sorabilla : nice man!!

Rai Tul jit : React to "THE GAME THROUGH THE EYES OF MESSI"plz👌