Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) Together.flv

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grewn d : We must clone these two for the betterment of mankind

Samus Aran : I love both of them! I didn't know that they had both posed for magazine :)

Dean Brown : how come they never kissed ? lol

greek1237 : Back in the 90's to me, Lawless was a Greek Goddess.

Eduardo Cuellar : her cellphone is hyauuuge

Chuck Pitts : Jeri ryan is a reptilian demon I knew her in school

Darryl Ruiz : Two Godesses

Zoran zoran : xxx! :)

kendra goodwin : Lol when lucy had her cellphone while in the xena costume brought me back to send in the clones. I wanted her to say "what the heck is this??" XD

Merkwürdigliebe : Oh. My. God.

cintamprod : OK, utterly swooning now...

Solarista6222 : Nerdgasm indeed, regular gasm xD.

meshugeah : ICH - BIN - EIN - NERD!!!

Madonna Lucia : nerdddddggaaaaaaassssssssm! wow love it! x xx

mtokiwa : Thank you so much. I keep telling my co-workers that I once saw Xena & 7 of 9 dress nice ,together on some mag, but they don't believe me. XDDDD