Behind The Scenes Of The #ConanMexico Cold Open - CONAN on TBS
Conan gets bit by an attack dog by accident He later proceeds to hug and pet him

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Meet the people, technology, and animals that helped make the "Made in Mexico" cold open happen. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit Get Social With Team Coco: On Facebook: ‪‬ On Google+: On Twitter: On Tumblr: On YouTube: Follow Conan O'Brien on Twitter:


Sagar Varma : 3:44 "its not his fault, its not anyone's fault"...This is why i love Conan. Successful but down to earth.

NT : Kramer saved Conan proving he is an essential staff Jordan is nowhere to be seen thus he is performing at his highest capacity

Amanda : I'm so glad he gave the dog snuggles. ❤

JASHANPREET SINGH : Conan is better than kimmel

Humanmillipede : 3:53 Sona Movsesian with her assistant/bodyguard Conan O'brien

Draz Gul : Conan is the best host

Melanie Granger : I've never seen Conan drink water before!! He's just like us! 😍😍

Äggis [gfriend] : I'm ashamed that the jumpscare at the beginning got me

ZJ 321 : Conan is my favorite anti-celebrity celebrity. Humble, self-deprecating, genuinely smart and silly. Maybe my favorite human who isn't family or friend. I'm sure the dog agrees with me

Картофель : surprised they shot the dog scene without protection padding, considering it's a real attack dog

Aman Deep : Imagine Jimmy Fallon being bit by the dog

Spoorthy Daniel Boppuri : For Conan even a BTS is a remote

Snake Barbie : He kissed the dog. 😫😫😫

Beeble Brox : Wow. Way to take the dog bite so well Conan 👏👏👏👏

Elli Sowers : He seems like the coolest dude to work for.

Claiming Light : Talk shows are over man-- I want to see Conan roaming the earth. This move toward international remotes is applying Conan's greatest comedic strengths while moving forward (content wise) in a great direction.

Gabriel Asaf : Man Kramer looks good!!! I'm genuinely happy for him

Artwork by Christopher Cayco : Pierre Bernard's storyboard of rage

Violet BF : The script is in pictures! 😁

traveller : I want Sonas Job!

trolo : Sona giving sass to her boss xD

unicorn puppy : Aww, Conan kissing the dog...

Yuvraj Tripathi : This is the work space environment I want.

10000 subs with videos : the dog actually bit him that's some sacrifice for us

EmilGaming17 : Im buying that bottle

retnavybrat : I wonder whose bright idea it was to use a real attack dog and if that person still has a job.

First'Z KingZ : Union dirt🤣

JesusPulledMeThrough : You're lying to yourself if you think Conan's not cute.

Ahsan Zaman : Conan's got the coolest crew.

LaddRusso91 : I guess Tom Cruise has to find another job. Also of course the attack dog is going to attack you, how did anyone there even think it was a good idea.

Ilang Ilang : "It's not his fault. It's not anyone's fault." Conan, you are my most favorite person on TV.

Crmsnraider : ....I heard "our graphics guy Pierre" Bernards recliner of Raaage! Best thing I heard recently plus we saw his drawings? Put Pierre back on the air~!

Xoazaja : The dog didn't attack him and didn't bite him. Is a well-trained dog. Conan made a mistake. They told him that whenever he stopped the dog would also stop chasing him. Conan stopped and then started to run again so the dog jumped on him and he got hurt with the dog's paw.

Gary WAn : Conan, daywalker, the only sparkly pale vampire id fall in love with.

The Weakest Baldwin : If Kimmel or Fallon got attacked by the dog they would have fired someone then take the day off to recover

Abin Sha : Wow Conan is now like a gladiator, a warrior....... Surviving a wild beast attack, even got a scar as a proof of his heroics. #loveconan#besttvhostever

nandan avadhani : Why doesn't he have an Emmy nomination?

Gautham V : Hands down ! The best comic out there.. Simply no contest

Angry Kittens : Public Service Announcement: *T H E D O G D I D N O T B I T E C O N A N* He got clawed.

Blood Moon : Anti werewolf venom lmao

Phil : #Conando

Faysal N : They released a real attack dog on him? WTF?!

Harry Roks : Im shook because of the setup, i mean the video didn't look that high quality..

manorman man : It must be badass working on his crew.My Mom also plays Cookie Jam Lmao.

MaLhen Zuñiga : You're the best, Conan! Lots of love from the Philippines 😁

Suderson Raju : Dog🖤🖤

Jayden Marvel : Why is this posted a year after the Conan Mexico Cold Open was released?

Relaks Media : Humility and COMEDY at its finest. Conan all day!!! :P

Maria Gonzalez : My Respects for Conan ,real down to hearth person .