Raccoon attack

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Baby raccoon stuck in deer feeder...MI man attacked by mother.

Comments from Youtube

Mishchievious Badger : That was dumb. Racoons speak Japanese.

MakeoutKill : This video makes me feel like I’m blind

Colby Mello : i thought i was watching this with my glasses off

Donovan : lol why did he refer to himself as daddy

icimblind : Daddy needs a new camera.

DA BEAST 101 : this guy thinks the racoon can speak english

MrMomoitin : i think your focus is broken sir

Cybernetic Genetics : I want to help *wacks with rake*

naruto uzumaki : Try spanish maby that will help lmao

Aaron Ward : Dude that was awesome, good on you doing an awesome deed

iilikecereal : Filmed with a coke bottle

Rafael T : hahaha daddy will get ya XD

Ogod : When he smacked the mother raccoon out of the tree I couldn't stop laughing because of the way it fell XD

Umatsu Obossa : ^_^ Aww, bless you for helping them out even though the mother was attacking you. XD Glad for the happy ending.

Teach'EM : "I just wanted a hug!"

raptor rodger : 1:31 "hey, I will" You'll what? You'll do nothing, you'll fookin' do nothin'!

Zach H : I think raccoons speak the language of the devil

Michael Pelstano : maybe get rid of corn feeder

Jeenius IAMa : you are a good human being!

Livereater00 : ...so, i missed the part that spoke to 'why is there corn inside the pvc pipe'?

Pasha Defragzor : Who put a corn there ? Brainless

Weston Meyers : I hear raccoons actually speak lebanese

Chunky Vegan : I wish more humans were like this, wanting to help animals and protecting them. Instead of destroying them and their habitat

sputnikalgrim : If we don’t control the raccoon population they will become our evil animal overlords

Chase : *f o c u s y o u r d a m n c a m e r a*

Allen Page : uh ... take the stupid feeder down.

MrJapanUnderground : "Uh-oh. It's comin' after me." LMAO!

Mr & Mrs Eisenberg : Awe! That's really awesome that you help them!

MDthornton83 : You were lucky you weren't attacked. Judging by the way it charged at you, it clearly wanted to fight.

Organicrime : God bless you. ❤️❤️❤️My Hero!!

Jonathan Zarazua : It's ok wacks it's on the head. Man he had me rolling.🤣

Ducks can be fun : Thats funny AF 🤣🤣🤣 it tried to eat em

ice veins : dude brave/crazy for doing what he did glad he those racoons were ok in the end.

Ben Simmons : Did you film this with a happy meal toy

tom nelson : Good man!!!

Alesha Pittman : Thank you for that ! My family called me crazy because I will do the same thing in a heartbeat ! Lol

Vickie : For some odd reason, this is how my parents film all of their videos.

Woof Dog : You should of called for. Help

Repo Diamond kennels. American Bully. : Awesome video bro come see what we do at repo diamond you tube bully up subscribe?

ShalishaMaddison : Don't understand how much I was laughing my head off😂😂💞

Vakyrae xii : “Daddy will help” 💀💀💀

jim h : The answer is close the pipe... And in the morning and night throw out the corn

Commissioner Gordon : Why don't you close up the hole so they don't keep getting stuck in there. Thats the answer.

Julie Ortiz : Sir...you are one hell of an awesome man!!!!....Thank you for taking the time to help these poor little animals...you will truly be Blessed!!!!😇

Robin Jaramillo : I think he is amazing! He is caring enough to help the wild life that lives on and around his property. Kudos 💜☝

8T8Keyz : Nice and out of focus.....

Holdmychoad : He blurred the video for privacy purposes

Shaggy Eating a pineapple : Best weapon broom