Raccoon attack

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Aaron Ward : Dude that was awesome, good on you doing an awesome deed

MakeoutKill : This video makes me feel like I’m blind

icimblind : Daddy needs a new camera.

rt yty : the mother raccoon was trying to warn you that you were filming vertically

DA BEAST 101 : this guy thinks the racoon can speak english

Donovan : lol why did he refer to himself as daddy

Nathan Thompson : "I just want to help" *proceeds to beat the shit out of it with the rake*

Cybernetic Genetics : I want to help *wacks with rake*

naruto uzumaki : Try spanish maby that will help lmao

MrMomoitin : i think your focus is broken sir

Colby Mello : i thought i was watching this with my glasses off

Donald Wilson : He knocked the mother raccoon into a frozen pond... good

iilikecereal : Filmed with a coke bottle

Commissioner Gordon : Why don't you close up the hole so they don't keep getting stuck in there. Thats the answer.

Zach H : I think raccoons speak the language of the devil

Rafael T : hahaha daddy will get ya XD

Pasha Defragzor : Who put a corn there ? Brainless

OGOD : When he smacked the mother raccoon out of the tree I couldn't stop laughing because of the way it fell XD

Chunky Vegan : I wish more humans were like this, wanting to help animals and protecting them. Instead of destroying them and their habitat

Livereater00 : ...so, i missed the part that spoke to 'why is there corn inside the pvc pipe'?

Jeenius IAMa : you are a good human being!

Michael Pelstano : maybe get rid of corn feeder

SuperAmazingTurboJesus 3000 : vicious little tree rats..

Teach'EM : "I just wanted a hug!"

raptor rodger : 1:31 "hey, I will" You'll what? You'll do nothing, you'll fookin' do nothin'!

Umatsu Obossa : ^_^ Aww, bless you for helping them out even though the mother was attacking you. XD Glad for the happy ending.

Allen Page : uh ... take the stupid feeder down.

Sean Green : Don't know the answer? maybe stop putting food in there, maybe make a bigger tube so they don't get stuck, maybe just put the food somewhere they won't get stuck period lol, but that is great that u help them out and feed them

Rell Ent. : Good Job!!

jim h : The answer is close the pipe... And in the morning and night throw out the corn

Weston Meyers : I hear raccoons actually speak lebanese

Mr & Mrs Eisenberg : Awe! That's really awesome that you help them!

MDthornton83 : You were lucky you weren't attacked. Judging by the way it charged at you, it clearly wanted to fight.

Ben Simmons : Did you film this with a happy meal toy

Kilo Block : That was very nice of you to do... 100%

sputnikalgrim : If we don’t control the raccoon population they will become our evil animal overlords

Chase Smith : *f o c u s y o u r d a m n c a m e r a*

London Campbell : I know he was trying to be nice and helpful and everything but that raccoon is wild and does not understand that you are trying to help it .... I don’t understand why people talk to animals like their humans and can understand

D1OKOR : Should of killed it, raccoons are useless basterds

Splash Attack TCG : HEY! HEY! It's going to be ok! *wacks her repeatedly* It's going to b ok, I'm just attacking you. Why aren't you understanding my English? It's going to be ok.

Kat : This made me tear up. God bless you. Thank you for saving them!!!

rt yty : The baby racoon was trying to hide it's eyes because you were filming vertically

Seth Clayburn : You're not sure what the answer is? Try plugging up the hole

Wendigo Dragon : Man, God bless you! You helped an innocent animal!

A Ahmed : Serves those bastards right...should of smashed the crap out of the mother racoons...

Josh B : It doesn't speak English 😂 stop talking to it obviously protecting it's baby let nature do nature your just pissing it off ...

BIlly Ray : I thought this was gonna and in disaster, but great job! You not only managed to not hurt yourself, but not hurt the animals as well, makes me have faith in humanity and fellow animal lovers!

2timestwistedtv : Can't blame the racoon for reacting that way poor mom probably thinking her baby Gunna get hurt dayum

TCthaCrisis : I didn't know Racoons spoke english. That Racoon is a jerk for not listening

Organicrime : God bless you. ❤️❤️❤️My Hero!!