Raccoon attack

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Aaron Ward : Dude that was awesome, good on you doing an awesome deed

MakeoutKill : This video makes me feel like I’m blind

icimblind : Daddy needs a new camera.

MrMomoitin : i think your focus is broken sir

Donovan H. : lol why did he refer to himself as daddy

naruto uzumaki : Try spanish maby that will help lmao

Cybernetic Genetics : I want to help *wacks with rake*

Pasha Defragzor : Who put a corn there ? Brainless

Tallison Rausch : What a good Mom & a good man! Baby coon lucky to be born within a good village like that!

Teach'EM : "I just wanted a hug!"

DA BEAST 101 : this guy thinks the racoon can speak english

Colby Mello : i thought i was watching this with my glasses off

rt yty : the mother raccoon was trying to warn you that you were filming vertically

Rafael T : hahaha daddy will get ya XD

Zach H : I think raccoons speak the language of the devil

Rell Ent. : Good Job!!

Donald Wilson : He knocked the mother raccoon into a frozen pond... good

Umatsu Obossa : ^_^ Aww, bless you for helping them out even though the mother was attacking you. XD Glad for the happy ending.

Chunky Vegan : I wish more humans were like this, wanting to help animals and protecting them. Instead of destroying them and their habitat

Kilo Block : That was very nice of you to do... 100%

Mr & Mrs Eisenberg : Awe! That's really awesome that you help them!

Allen Page : uh ... take the stupid feeder down.

Sean Green : Don't know the answer? maybe stop putting food in there, maybe make a bigger tube so they don't get stuck, maybe just put the food somewhere they won't get stuck period lol, but that is great that u help them out and feed them

jim h : The answer is close the pipe... And in the morning and night throw out the corn

SuperAmazingTurboJesus 3000 : vicious little tree rats..

Kat : This made me tear up. God bless you. Thank you for saving them!!!

Nathan Thompson : "I just want to help" *proceeds to beat the shit out of it with the rake*

iilikecereal : Filmed with a coke bottle

raptor rodger : 1:31 "hey, I will" You'll what? You'll do nothing, you'll fookin' do nothin'!

NCR ranger : When he smacked the mother raccoon out of the tree I couldn't stop laughing because of the way it fell XD

D1OKOR : Should of killed it, raccoons are useless basterds

Organicrime : God bless you. ❤️❤️❤️My Hero!!

Michael Pelstano : maybe get rid of corn feeder

MDthornton83 : You were lucky you weren't attacked. Judging by the way it charged at you, it clearly wanted to fight.

鳥ディーラー : 01:40 lol

Josh B : It doesn't speak English 😂 stop talking to it obviously protecting it's baby let nature do nature your just pissing it off ...

Weston Meyers : I hear raccoons actually speak lebanese

sputnikalgrim : If we don’t control the raccoon population they will become our evil animal overlords

Tim King : Nice and out of focus.....

Chase Smith : *f o c u s y o u r d a m n c a m e r a*

Elleeiot Cruz : still a good man out there I've done the same :)

Cabana Baye : “It’s okay!” *attacks with rake*

A Ahmed : Serves those bastards right...should of smashed the crap out of the mother racoons...

Livereater00 : ...so, i missed the part that spoke to 'why is there corn inside the pvc pipe'?

rt yty : The baby racoon was trying to hide it's eyes because you were filming vertically

daphnelu7 : Nice job on helping it!


Tony : To bad other people don't treat other people like this.. White people look out for everybody, all the other races look out for themselves

Tofu and Beans K : What happened on the focusing on the camera

kaybronson100 : Coons are a nuisance in any neighborhood