Stevie Wonder- "Close To You" 1972 LIVE Talk Box (Reelin' In The Years Archive)

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This footage of Stevie Wonder doing a medley of The Carpenters' "Close To You" and The Jackson 5's "Never Can Say Goodbye" was sampled by Frank Ocean for his version of "Close To You" on his Blonde album. Reelin’ In The Years Productions has available for licensing over 20,000 hours of music footage spanning 90 years. Additionally, we have more than 5,000 of hours of in-depth interviews with the 20th century’s icons of Film and Television, Politics, Comedy, Literature, Art, Science, Fashion and Sports. Please visit ‪‬ to search our online database. Note: these clips are available on YouTube for producers, directors, researchers and clearance companies for potential use in their projects. Our website on the screen is to protect the footage from being used without our consent and so industry professionals can find us to properly license the footage.

Comments from Youtube

RBkidd510 : I can't believe Stevie Wonder invented Daft Punk

Marcos Carmona : So happy that Frank Ocean sampled the beginning of this song

iamDimavera : Stevie doesn't need a talk box, the talk box needs Stevie.

dazzaondmic : Look at the host. Stevie has him absolutely captivated throughout the whole performance.

gucci : People are laughing like it's a comedy skit in the beginning. "AND THAT IS WHY I.." Crowd: 😳

Kenny Bucketz : Before the original youtube video was removed someone had commented something that was so interesting to think about. I'm gonna try to remember or get the words right for what he or she said. They said this saddens them because with the talk box voice, this reminds them of a robot or some type of machine professing its love for someone and longing to be with them, but knowing that it will never be able to actually be with them, since they're a machine. Something like that. Wish the original comment was here. I don't know if I did it justice

themanwiththething : when he hits that "and that is why " i just wanna go ooOOOOoooooo WWEeeeeeeee all kinds of feels

Eugene : 0:36 professional guitarist

deinrene amazanhall : FRANK THANK YOU

The Capar : Why do birds suddenly appear? Every time that you are near to me baby? Just like me they long to be Close to you On the day that you were born The angels got together And decided to create a dream come true So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair And golden starlight in your eyes So true And that is why Never can say goodbye No, no, no, no Never can say goodbye Even though the pain and heartache Seems to follow me wherever I go There's a very strange vibration Piercin' me right to the core It says, "Turn around you fool You know, you love her more and more" Tell me why is it so I don't wanna let you go I never can say goodbye, girl Ooh, ooh, baby I never can say goodbye No no no, no no no, no no no

Cherrybum Man : Frank a god for paying homage to this version

Sj Uili : *_And that is why.._*

Dylan Hooper : i listen to this at least twice a day, it’s like a drug.

Chef C : Wish they had this on apple music

Tricolour Int'l : I don't think they took it as a gimmick for a second. You can see the awe in David's face as soon as Stevie plays, but I think they are truly tickled something so completely alien and futuristic sounding could sing a song so warmly familiar to the audience at the time. A remarkable use of the song, a stroke of genius.

Tyus Southern : Revolutionary, still. I can't even imagine what everybody in that studio was thinking. A lot of folks had never heard a talkbox before this.

RandomChannelRandomThings : This is pure gold, i'm so lucky to have found this channel months ago!

Chris Casiano : Holy shit Stevie was so ahead of his time it’s like he dropped acid and saw into the future and brought this back

SLMAIN : they literally just deleted the popular upload of this

Derrick Keough : 1:35 kills me every. single. time.

Craig Nevermind : It's nice to get goosebumps from music, again.

James Parker : Without this performance, we wouldn't have had Roger Troutman, Peter Frampton, G-Funk, Daft Punk, Kanye West and pretty much all modern trap music. Respect where it's due.

Shawn Cleaver : a good 40 years ahead of his time. One of the all time greats.

Kp : I love how you can see his eyes he looks so happy :)

John Delsander : I actually weeped when I first heard time I heard this. They need to send this to space

Greg G : before trap and daft punk, we had Lil stevie.

Josh Martinez : This is why travis Scott got him on astroworld

MoDuM Z : lol the dude that sits near stevie wonder looks so amazed

Lev Lem : The extreme delicacy of this usually makes me tear up a bit. Thanks Stevie, and thank u Frank. It is hard to say it, indeed...

IMmoreRANDOMthanYOU : I wish Stevie could see the look on David Frost's face at 1:41

I eat grass lmao : Im not crying, you're crying

Gi Chao : t-pain before t-pain was t-pain

YumiTM : 1:00 best moment for me

Dennis Moody : "On the day that you were born". Gets me every time

Bom Moniko : I like to listen the best quality of this

HellaRadBen : Anyone notice that frank sample? 👀

aivy de guzman : haha the guitar guy was day dreaming 0:36

Elijah Luna : don't leave us, stevie.

AndyChannel : why does this get me teary eyed

J Ferreri : I watch this video everyday, it's probably my favorite on yt, god bless Stevie and Frank for recreating this beauty.

Tyler Farren : Keep coming back to this. Amazing talent, Stevie brought a tear to my eye with this cover.

Kosmas Pec : And now we all know where Daft Punk inspired from...Stevie Wonder is a music Michael Miles James Bob Marley...

Kyle T : look at the jaw on the host drop overtime from amazement

Phantelm : My all time favourite singer. Inspires singers to this day.

Ivan : I hate these type of comment but I’m here because of Frank Ocean

Island Ryland : WOW!!!! Such pristine quality!!! Never before seen in this high resolution. Thank you so very much, Reelin' In The Years & Stevie Wonder.

Brandon Rosales : I'm too young to have grown up with David Frost, but from what I see, that man looks like he doesn't see color, he just sees talent and heart

안녕하세요감사합니다 : WOW really good. what a CLASSY. who can recognize this video have taken 46years ago.

Sbastian Brilyanto : 1:11 loop it and you have a Frank Ocean cover