If The Owner Of EA Sports Was Black...

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Frita : who ame back c:?

FrankJavy : man is 2016 and Im still loving this video

Idek Tbh : Shane McMahon theme at the start

Scribea : I`ve watched this too many times lately... come back KSI

iit's_diigniity : That's EA anyway.

AgarLads : rip this KSI :(

RenaXD9 : Person:I Don't Work For You EA:Well Then You're Hired Person:Oh Sweet Thanks Man EA:Okay Now You're Fired Person:What The Hell Man EA:Nah I'm EA I Could Do Whatever I Want I'm Sitting Here Thinking What The Hell LMAO

XRazerPlays : Man i miss this KSI :').ANyone else?

Thomas Mahoney : Goddamn what a rap

Spaceuros : 2:38 still better than all of his songs combined!!!

MadTwatter : That ending bit was better than Keep up and Lamborghini

XerusKun : Person 1: Man, I don't work for you EA: You're hired Person 1: Oh, thanks man EA: Now you're fired Just WTF..hahahahaha

IpodMan404 : Who knows that as Shane mcmahons themetune?

Nonimus : 2:48 - 3:57 Most Epic Rap- You complainin Mother fucker? Go Play Evolution Soccer hahaah Burn.....Still better than Keep Up,

Rico - : The KSI we all love! Like if u agree

Gonther : Still better than Keep Up...

charlie jones : This was two Years ago feels like a month a go

Tom Oliver : The lyrics are better than his songs nowadays

WillyG : I'm gonna be honest... Your raps that aren't taken seriously are better than the ones that are.

BeerFearModz : Sorry bro you turned into EA A money grabbing fag 🔥😂

Rεy : One of my friends worked at EA and he said it was horrible.

Gam-D : Who knew this video before Ksi's newest video?

•βяαηdση•™️ : Who else watching old KSI videos?

GoldenMCTNT : Who else here because of his newest video?

Saiku Camara : Who else got here from Ksi's best skits video

King Messi : I'm getting Dollar Dollar bills in this bitch I'm getting Hundred million Dollar Dollar deals in this bitch Check that shit , I'm hella rich Time is money , So check that hour made your salary , In that Hour Backhand Will.I.Am cause i'm the one with power You complaining motherfucker? Go play Evolution Soccer , It can go an suck my dick While i'm making money quick Got few licenced teams Robotic themes , Some extremes Make that means , And it seems "Fun" what they say this screams Unit level sold this season is the real fucking deal Got vegetas scouter screaming , Power level is unreal On that next gen , Cashin' checks Even while i'm on the crapper , Man is gassed Going into clubs , Just got slap a slapper (Fix your servers) Is what this niggas say But we're beating PES on that server shit everyday Have you tried to play on there? And you say our shits unfair? Man Kazuki needs to go get drop kicked by a constipated bear (Yeaaaahhhhhhh) Saying that theres scripting Stupid douche , The timer stops at 45' If the timer carried on , Would 'Scripting' be alive? Nahhh , You just Can't defend Find another excuse to hide why you're a shit Bellend

gamerdude612 : This is a pretty good rap

Benny Bruschinsky : EA only hires people who love money 😂😂

Clorox Bleach : This is a perfect example of EA

Ben Edwards : This rap is actually sick

Renojan Kannan : where did u get that money...monopoly???

FeuzEdits : Who came here from KSI reacting to more old videos?!

Great job : This rap is so much better than any of his new songs

Junior Edosa : Its 2017 and i came back to this

OneEthan 7 : This Ksi was the shit

Jchopov : his rap is better than his whole album

lozerisdead999 : and yet EA still invite you to events :)


Liam296 : I miss the old KSI

Hi : Who is here in 2017 after CREATURE?

Manish j reddy : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Zack Harbert : 2016 anyone?

Nathan Ha : Relevant 4 years later

Anony mus : The Shane mchanon theme so glad he's back

V3CT0R : the shots fired in this video it so unreal lol

Gaiden : Who is NOT here because of KSI's new video?

Irving Rodriguez : Who's here looking at the comments from 2017 😂

PSK : make another ea video!!

bai : Can KSI tell the future?!?!

DZT : 0:41 please shut the fuck up 😂😂😂