If The Owner Of EA Sports Was Black...

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XRazerPlays : Man i miss this KSI :').ANyone else?

AndisYT : 2018? 😂😂

Scribea : I`ve watched this too many times lately... come back KSI

RenaXD9 : Person:I Don't Work For You EA:Well Then You're Hired Person:Oh Sweet Thanks Man EA:Okay Now You're Fired Person:What The Hell Man EA:Nah I'm EA I Could Do Whatever I Want I'm Sitting Here Thinking What The Hell LMAO

Idek Tbh : Shane McMahon theme at the start

AgarLads : rip this KSI :(

Frita : who ame back c:?

Spaceuros : 2:38 still better than all of his songs combined!!!

Daayum : The KSI we all love! Like if u agree

WillyG : I'm gonna be honest... Your raps that aren't taken seriously are better than the ones that are.

Benny Bruschinsky : EA only hires people who love money 😂😂

Thomas Mahoney : Goddamn what a rap

FrankJavy : man is 2016 and Im still loving this video

GoldenMCTNT : Who else here because of his newest video?

EpicSillyRainbowDog : 3k EA workers disliked!

Clorox Bleach : This is a perfect example of EA

Zully : One of my friends worked at EA and he said it was horrible.

•βяαηdση•™️ : Who else watching old KSI videos?

XerusKun : Person 1: Man, I don't work for you EA: You're hired Person 1: Oh, thanks man EA: Now you're fired Just WTF..hahahahaha

Ahmed : Still better than Keep Up...

seth abraham : this video still timeless

Ben Edwards : This rap is actually sick

DeplioS : 4 years later and it's still true

Gaiden : Who is NOT here because of KSI's new video?

charlie jones : This was two Years ago feels like a month a go

Jay Trill : Watching this in 2018, EA still hasn’t changed 🤣🤣🤣

Jchopov : his rap is better than his whole album

Oprah Winspree : This is more relevant than ever. Looking at you Battlefront 2

The WarMachine27 : I've watched this like a million times

Mason_H : Omg Shane McMahon Get it?

fattaeld : better than any of his diss tracks

Luffy 360 : I miss the old ksi😢😢

NickStick : the shots fired in this video it so unreal lol

SassQuxxn : and this his how his music started but come on this is actually lit

Saiku Camara : Who else got here from Ksi's best skits video

Numaan Zaheer : Wow...that quick rap was better than all the diss tracks nowadays 😂

Just a Mushroom : So if the CEO of ea was black there would be no difference to how they are now? I can't decide if that's funny or sad.

Azan Qureshi : I miss the old ksi

what and what : old ksi was the best youtuber

Liam296 : I miss the old KSI


afaq ali : *the old ksi will never be topped*

daniel bh : The old ksi will never be topped.

Unknown XD : This is a message to ppl in the future "Ksi will leave the sidemen" I repeat "ksi will leave the sidemen" Lol

JDMCgamer : #bringbacktheoldKSI

lozerisdead999 : and yet EA still invite you to events :)

tafib : EA : you are fired Person : i dont work for you EA : Ohh then you are hired Person : Oh Sweet Thanks Man EA : Ok now You are fired Person : What the hell man you cant do that EA : Im EA i can do what i want

Pictupyxd : the old ksi ❤

Villa Vlogger : From the start I expected him to just say the n word and leave

Tomislav Valjan : August 2017 anyone else watching too?