Girl panics. 15 meters depth.

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Do Bo : Panic is such an awful feeling to the point where you would pull off your diving mask and air breathing 50 feet under water just to escape the terrible feeling of doom. Its such an irrational awful feeling


FuddyDuddy : the kind of person that would die in a knitting accident.

Raddder : Actual brain dead woman...first response to perceived danger is to immediately discard her two crucial lifelines removing both mask and regulator- when surrounding divers attempt to assist her, rejects the regulator.. literal dead weight. How can anyone can be this stupid is beyond me.

zuhn : Am I the only one that read the description? 😂 wtf “woman” and then “his”

TigerMeadows : Find another hobby.

Powerwheelz : How it feels to chew 5 gum.

Martini : Oh, I can’t see in this murky water, perhaps tearing my goggles off and seeing with my eyes will help.

Josiah Sanchez : *_OH GOD I CANT DO THIS_* *takes off breather* *_OH GOD I CANT BREATH HELP ME HELP HELP_* *takes off goggles* *_I CANT SEE OH GOD HELP HELP_*

CaptainSchlockler : Good that the instructor was watching everyone closely enough, saw someone in panic, and acted quickly.

wafflecougar : Man im scared to die down here Let me just take off the only thing keeping me alive

Araxbella S : *She need some Mi.. Air*

King Foo : My question is, who puts a kitchen underwater?

Samuel Henton : The other diver was trying to force her breather in her mouth, but she wasn't having any of that sweet sweet air. Some people should not do certain things like diving, motorcycling, ect.

Lewis Hicks : I would have filled her bcd and let her float to the surface, forget risking my life for that fool

Nicholas Hobby : She's lucky she didn't kill herself or the fellow divers. I bet it they don't dive with her ever again

desert hawk : Seriously? You panic so much you remove everything that supposed to keep you alive?

Doomed Sinner : "Women can do anything men can if not better" *INSTANLY FAILS* excuse "But I'm a girl"

Sean Tindall : In life, there's always the one idiot who ruins the experience for everyone else

Samsun55 : Let her never dive again!

VazzyCow : *I'm never going diving, ever*

DanielGamesX5 : This is why telling people or allowing people to do anything they want is a bad idea

Koko Kosila : Lucky she didn’t try to rip off anyone else’s mask and/or regulator. I’ve guided outdoor trips before, but scuba isn’t something I’d guide.

YouAlreadyKnow !!! : I love how they try to put the breather back in her mouth and she refuses

PINKLIPZ.COM : Wow.. She did the right thing.. by eliminating the oxygen, it would have helped to calm her to sleep... "Eternal nap" it's too bad she didnt get the outcome she wanted.. next time try starting your vehicle inside the garage open your windows and breathe...

daaze : back to the kitchen you go

leebog31 : Definately one that shouldn't of left the kitchen.

KornOnThaCob KBK : She literally took off both the goggles and breather which would both help her to stop panicing 🤦🏽‍♂️

MrCrystalLightTea : Not the sharpest tool in the shed

Sylas the Great : She clearly didn't want your help... Should've just let her drown.

Duck Mint : I've panicked underwater before, the feeling is intense, my goggles fell off after they snagged, the feeling of water pressing under your nose unexpectedly can stop you from breathing through the re-breather. When you panic, you forget basic diving rules and want to swim immediately to the surface, what you're supposed to do is stop moving, calm, hold your nose to breathe, then signal to another diver either by your clicker or physical contact. Then put your hand out flat, palm down and tilt to signal something is wrong, then point your thumb up indicating you need to surface. When you surface, lie on your back and make regular balancing movements to indicate consciousness and relative safety. Inform other divers of your dilemma and decide what to do next

Flying Fish Guy : Same thing happened to my girlfriend 20 years ago in Cancun. I was snorkeling above her while she was taking her dive “class” at 30 feet. I saw her freaking out and racing to the top I swam down to her and grabbed her and slowly brought her back up. She was done with diving. I totally empathize with the girl in the video.

Mohammed Usmaan : Meh ...women...leave em at home next time...spoil everyone's fun

Steve Zazulyk : If you ever wondered what it's like just before people die underwater this is about as close as you're going to get. That poor girl was thinking she was going to die. Some people aren't meant to dive some people are just meant to stay on land and that's okay

Janos Sario : Survival of the fittest.

josh jarrett : This is what happens when we teach our kids that everyone is a winner and everyone gets a trophy then when they grow up even though they suck at something they think they qualify to do what ever it may be in this case scuba dive when clearly she only got a participation medal and should have never dove. But she's been taught that everyone is equal and everyone gets a chance and everyone is a winner even when they arent? Could have killed herself and possibly others...and the leader broke protocol and endangered himself and his other divers

akise : why would ppl bring her in the first place. tsk

SubparPanda : Drowning people are literally nonsensical, they'll kill you in their absolute panic, glad everyone's safe

delayeed : thomas the tank engine

Casey A. S. : I'm just glad she made it to the surface. At least she had companions to help her out.

sauved0 : okay im sorry but this is literally the epitome of survival of the fittest. how moronic do you have to be to take your air supply out nd forget to put it back in, or stop somebody from literally forcing it into your mouth. literal leech of life, jesus christ. EDIT: MISSPELL

The MockingJay : Woman always be like a woman

Duh.Itz. Jay_ : Jesus that thumbnail

Original Safety Pin Lures : Lol same exact thing happened with my sister (she couldn't ascend) except she was diving with sharks! Luckily once she started to panic it actually scared away the sharks instead of attracting them....boy the other tourist divers sure weren't happy though lmao. One of them, an older women in her 50's, even told my sister to go back to the mall....BOLD AF!! lol. To add more to her humiliation the team who films some of the Shark Week segments was filming and told her it was going to make the cut to be on TV hahahaha it never did make it to TV though, I guess the producers didn't want to embarrass her more. But I never told her I think the real reason they didn't include the footage was because she ruined the whole shot for them. My sister was probably responsible for the 2016 Shark Week filming crew having a botched footage attempt lmfao.

Tplays101 The First : What was she even trying to do?

Georg Gurken : The thumbnail reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine 😂😂

Old Soul : Some human beings are just not mentally equipped for stressful situations and they basically turn into dumb animals. Even if something was going wrong panicking literally never helps anything.

brachial plexus : She is a fcking noob..

cesar sanchez : Fucking dumbass lmao

tupac shwarts : Brain dead