Cyanide & Happiness Shorts Remix
Cyanide and happiness has been demonetized by YouTube

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Become an Ultra Mega Pal, Today! ► Check out more music from Joshua Finnie! ► Subscribe to Explosm! ► YouTube ads can no longer support our weekly shorts. So until we reach our first Patreon goal please enjoy this Cyanide & Happiness R-R-R-Remix!!! Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005! Shorts Remixed: The Dump Junk Mail The Ladder Credits: Created by: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick Directed by: Joel Watson Animation Director: Bill Jones Animation: Alex Anderson Kenney, Matt Thurman Editor: Taylor Ransom "I Like Your Hat" - Theme Song: Dan Paladin "I Like Your Hat Remix" - Theme Song Remix: Joshua Finnie Supervising Producer: Derek Miller Producer: Adam Nusrallah Production Manager - Explosm: Autumn Netherton


Exotic Butters Animations : YouTube: I HAVE A GREAT IDEA! Let's demonetize a series beloved by over 8 million people! Who could be mad at that? C&H fans: *HELL NAW*

Natalie Alfera : Pleasehelpdadohpleaseohnoooooo

Robotguy39 : I think they might be a bit short of cash...

KodeyTheNeko : i'll get my ladder!

Kevin Is Trash : Demonetization = suffering

Pug X15 : YouTube's a jerk

Grassy Tiger : Demonetized has demon in it! COINCIDENCE? I think not

Shadow ClashRoyale : I actually hope youtube dies and something new comes with all these bs guide lines.

Eddie_ Ate_Yo_Spaghetti : So no one is going to talk about the remix?

WarDuck Tank Co. : "Don't worry son, I'll get my ladder" *furiously breaks every window in YT headquarters

vargo hoat : if i wasnt so poor id absolutely donate, these cartoons are the best of all time i daresay, pls donate if yyou can spare it, youd be an awesome person

Road to 200 subs : Damn. Best ad for Patreon ever

Rise Random : Nice stab at YouTube😂

Crippling Depression : What about Kpop semi-porn? I don't know, sometimes I wish there was another web site that can compete with Youtube.

HardLine : 1. adblocker 2. adpolycypse 3. demontization 4. patreon (that doesn't add up to the revenue)

AkaiAzul : why hasn’t a YouTube 2.0 been made yet? As in, some one who can do their job better?

Collapse Quadrant : I wish I had a big dik

Meezowhub : Lol my favorite kind of propaganda

McDrunkerson : The owners of YouTube are just exercising their rights to discriminate.....which we all know can't last forever. YouTube = The future of censorship

Benjamin Darlington : Roses are Red, Youtube's a mess, We don't want to lose you, Cyanide and Happiness :(

Jojo Kool : This happened to super Mario Logan and super Luigi Logan

Nater : Woe to the poor souls who raised $3.2 million for joking hazard....


Jacob Koste : They’re never gonna reach their goal

ChrisManny123 : This brought me happiness, thanks a lot YouTube 😧😟

VeryImportantX : 1:36 I think Dad should be bearing up Youtube, not Patreon and that he fails to get money from it and then a giant Demotization block drops from it XD!

Redd Kraken : This is when YouTube goes to far

Uncultured Swine : I think you might be overplaying the youtube 'adpocalypse' a bit too much.

IKeepMyIDeals : Ad revenue: I don't feel so good

CEKROM : 1:20 Best synchronization =D

Sarcastic Biohazard : 1:45 JOHN BATMAN YES!

Swapnil Upadhyay : No....please don't stop making videos😖😭

Rockstar Freddy : Give my son's money back or I'll whack you with my latter>:^[

Kamen Raider117 : ... Wow that was the greatest and most accurate Dub I've ever seen

Cool Dude : Saddest Phase of my life.....

Mirriky : This video makes me feel like I'm being taken advantage of and remove my donation

I Like TRAINS : Why is there a perfect trash can in the middle of the junkyard

Rimabros 98 : 1:20 Best Synchronization

Ryan McGinty : ExplosmEntertainment You are the best Continue making great videos 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Richard Briesch : Youtube sure does hate all the good stuff.

Kirby The Gamer : **Violently Smacks Tree with Ladder**

Crucial Muzic : YouTube is super lame. I mean I'm happy that we get to utilize their servers to publish our videos and everything, but they're just becoming more and more lame :/ Nonetheless, I laughed pretty hard at this video :)

Kara Leigh Lakusta Tarot : Money does grow on trees 🌲 Family lines Branches of Family

Stacey Fitzgerald : so lit through!!!!😍🌹

Sonictheporcipine : I'm holding back tears... This video is so powerful.

Mr Mari : Don't worry I'll get my ladder

Haidyn Erickson : youtube: *bursts open door and holdings a gun* GIVE ME THE DUCKING MONEH >:0 cyanide and happiness: a shi-

LeaveNow : You guys could start doing game plays. ;~;

mai : Way to guilt trip my dude. Im broke.