Cyanide & Happiness Shorts Remix

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Ö _ : YouTube: I have a good idea, lets demonetise a long running series that's been on our platform for years...

Natalie Alfera : Pleasehelpdadohpleaseohnoooooo

Robotguy39 : I think they might be a bit short of cash...

Momoe : All those singer asses In their clips don't get demonetized ! But fake drawned butt yes ??? Wth Youtube

A completely Original name : I wish I had a big dik

Trash Animations : Demonetization = suffering

Grassy Tiger : Demonetized has demon in it! COINCIDENCE? I think not

Rickyfyied : The thirst

Exotic Butters Animations : YouTube: I HAVE A GREAT IDEA! Let's demonetize a series beloved by over 8 million people! Who could be mad at that? C&H fans: *HELL NAW*

Joseph Iorio : 0:49 wtf w t f W T F *W T F*

Cool Dude : Saddest Phase of my life.....

Pug X15 : YouTube's a jerk

vargo hoat : if i wasnt so poor id absolutely donate, these cartoons are the best of all time i daresay, pls donate if yyou can spare it, youd be an awesome person

Eddie_ ate_yo_spaghetti : So no one is going to talk about the remix?

Abdullah Baloch : I actually hope youtube dies and something new comes with all these bs guide lines.

Lord Cekrom : 1:20 Best synchronization =D

J. Kihope : Start uploading on pornhub:D


Random Stuff : Nice stab at YouTube😂

Dexxter : Two can play at this game. I have configured my AdBlocker to block all ads on YouTube. Works beautifully. Now I get to watch all my favourite YouTube videos without annoying ads.

HardLine : 1. adblocker 2. adpolycypse 3. demontization 4. patreon (that doesn't add up to the revenue)

Jojo Kool : This happened to super Mario Logan and super Luigi Logan

AkaiAzul : why hasn’t a YouTube 2.0 been made yet? As in, some one who can do their job better?

Khasukh Idiyev : U gotta beg harder then that

Nater : Woe to the poor souls who raised $3.2 million for joking hazard....

ChrisManny123 : This brought me happiness, thanks a lot YouTube 😧😟

KodeyTheNeko : i'll get my ladder!

Crippling Depression : What about Kpop semi-porn? I don't know, sometimes I wish there was another web site that can compete with Youtube.

John King : what? 8k a week isnt enough???

Meezowhub : Lol my favorite kind of propaganda

John King : 8m subs!!! stop being greedy! stop being lazy!!!

Road to 100 subs with one video : Damn. Best ad for Patreon ever

Cristophele Tavares : I am stealing the comment of +earthplayer The first goal is 5000 patreons from which many pay more than 2 dollars per month and 2 dollars is the minimal amount pledged? That's AT LEAST 10.000 dollars, most likely more around 20.000-30.000 dollars. Joking Hazard earned 3.200.000 dollars on Kickstarter alone and the video game earned 370.000 dollars on Kickstarter alone! Has been a long time since I have seen such greedy people. If the data from 2015 is still correct you are just 5 people. An animator in the industry earns around 2000 dollar per month. ExplosmEntertainment earned more per person than an average doctor in his entire life ALREADY and now say they stop doing videos unless they all earn double of an average animator each month? Some animators and channels on youtube went into full-time production without monetization after reaching just below 1000 dollars per person working fulltime on it. That's the passion someone would have who enjoys doing what they do. ExplosmEntertainment obviously is only in it for the money. They can afford to keep running easily with the 2700 patreons they have already. They are just greedy.

VeryImportantX : 1:36 I think Dad should be bearing up Youtube, not Patreon and that he fails to get money from it and then a giant Demotization block drops from it XD!

kennethlingad : *demon* itized

Gabriel Aquino : *Hahahahah Brazil*

Jacob Koste : They’re never gonna reach their goal

beanieboi ? : Epic gamer win! Awesome remix you guys should have a trap music channel heck yeah!

Clickityclak : They want your money. They want my money, but I won't give it to them.

kennethlingad : Now it's demonitized

Sikniz Da Sick 1 : Lol I need that ladder lol

Sirmel11 : I don't care if your channel fails. Alright, keep posting the videos.

Noxmiles : You Guys are so embarrassing.

JimselDiesel : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but ur not getting my money

potatoarmy 501 : R.i.p

Uncultured Swine : I think you might be overplaying the youtube 'adpocalypse' a bit too much.


PRAISE THE SUN : dislike!!! not enough demoitisation

sonictheporcipine : I'm holding back tears... This video is so powerful.

C. Alex Mateos : No patronship for content creators that don't disclose how much they're making.