This Is Phil Fish

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Jesse Cox : This is entirely fascinating. 

WeeSmackyJim : I love Fez though.

Toshinou Kyoko : damn look at all the comments cherrypicking quotes from the video and ignoring his point

Alex Krasny : Bit of a long tangent about Nickleback, but the rest is very good and accurate.

Michael 마익흘 Aronson : "It becomes psychologically necessary to hate Phil." I see this repeating with Anita Sarkeesian.

Caddicarus : How have I only JUST noticed this? Christ, nicely done. This is fucking ace.

person8203 : You've made some good points here which seem to have been largely ignored by many in the comments section. Ironically all the hatred and distorting facts to suit by people hell bent on attacking Phil makes them out to be arseholes just as much as Phil. In many cases they're worse. He's a complex guy with an often abrasive personality that not only made a successful game, but quite a unique and well received one. That breeds jealousy and resentment among the insecure and have nots. People just use his terse nature as an excuse to drag him down simply because he's been successful. He isn't a politician seeking office, or a pop star, or a public servant, he's just a guy that made a game. Why not accept his personality and be thankful he's open about his opinions. Or does that require too much reason and self control? Sure, he could interact with people a little better and has said some douchey things but he shouldn't have this level of relentless hatred just for that. It's trial by twitter without the rehabilitation afforded to actual criminals. Do these people think everything they buy, watch or listen to is made by 'nice' people. Seriously, read up about how your clothes and electronics are made in terrible conditions by workers being paid peanuts. How those good guys at corporations like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks, etc dodge massive amounts of tax that impact public services. Not feeling the corporation vibe? Try taking a look at the people who make your music, star in films, write books or appear on tv. Many of these people are bigger arseholes than Phil ever will be, they just know how to hide it. Look at what happened with Marcus Beer. He was the one being a massive dick yet Phil gets the flack for calling out his entitled bullshit. I've seen similar on creative forums. People ask for opinions, and while some circle jerk patting each other on the back, that one guy that comes out and tells them how it is gets abuse. Too many people have a problem with opinions that don't aline with their own and deal with it like spoiled brats. All of this does is shine a spotlight on how emotionally immature and insecure many on the internet can be. And unfortunately these whiney, self-entitled babies shout the loudest and drown out all the normal, rational people. It makes me think of something I heard about human psychology. At our most basic, we desire to feel significant. It's so true, and can be taken to mean both positive and negative significance. That desire to 'be heard' and be part of something has got to be the underlining reason for why people bother taking the time with such pointless hatred. It makes them feel involved in something by proxy, even if it's by negative means.

Shykin : Only going to comment because of the final line in the video. That was an excellent mic drop. As someone who really doesn't care about any of this and just found this discussion of it interesting, that was an excellent moment.

Whatsit : Well thought-out, analytical and cleanly presented - Examines the issue beyond the issue.

Little Anon : I like these kinds of videos that make you think and not be able to come up with a clear cut answer

Cryaotic : You really hit the nail on the fish.

a_wandering_silhouette : right way to be internet famous? gaben. period.

Eric G : most nickelback haters don't know the concept of what they represent

Dunam : People don't dislike phil fish because "he was being famous wrong". They dislike him because he stole the game music and code from fez and never shared any of the income with McGrath and DeGroot and for the conflicts of interest in the IGF and Indiecade. People dislike phil fish because he has been embroiled in a couple of scandals, with jurors of game events like IGF and Indiecade being financially invested in fez and then making it win. Fez wasn't even eligible for the IGF according to its rules, since it had already entered the contest and not won in a previous year. On top of these things he falsely claimed his website was hacked by a specific group of people and when people were pointing out the holes in his "hacked" story, he quickly recovered the site, left twitter and announced that fez 2 would never come. Personally I'm not invested in this and I just wish the guy would take some responsibility for his actions. I have no ill feelings towards the guy. I just want people to understand that there are some legitimate reasons why people think negatively of phil fish. I think if the guy would apologize and take responsibility for some of his shittier actions, a whole lot fewer people would dislike him.

First Name : Anita doesn't deserve praise she is a huge lier

YogsLomadia : I kinda like Nickelback :(

BrickFilmerPower : a GIANT insult with no swears.

Buffoon1980 : This video is seriously like a balm to my soul. The vast majority of Internet commentary is devoted to shallow, vitriolic, nasty, whining little arguments and debates that have zero interest in actually understanding something with real nuance and sophistication. It is so, so nice to be reminded that stuff like this, which is the complete opposite of all those things, does actually exist.

Swindlesween : This is a good, neutral standpoint that everyone who 'hates Phil Fish' should watch.

moleman : I hope Phil releases his next game under the name "Colin Cod" or "Sam Salmon"

Peter Coffin : This is a brilliant video.

Payton Holmes : I feel bad for Phil. I want to help him. What can I do?

adibese : What positive thing was there to say about Anita?

maxwell simon : I think Phil Fish is an interesting guy, and I really enjoyed his game.

Creedence Rigby : "problematic generalization" "games culture" "have a conversation" d r o p p e d

SplatterCatGaming : All the other youtubers are posting here and so I feel that I should at least make a pointless post. Mission accomplished.  That being said, I'm envious of Phil's ability to make people angry. Trolls practice for years to hit the level that he sits at naturally. 

PhantomSausage : Well... at least he's not Amy Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, or Jonathon McIntosh.

duumu : i actually like and respect phil fish... fite me

Alex Eddy : Wow, watched the whole thing and the Video got everything wrong about the self destruction of Phil Fish. Guy was a pretty brilliant designer, that had issues he needed to deal with, but chose to react to internet tweets instead of deleting or ignoring them. It's almost as if this video paints him as the victim. But Yet he's the victim of himself. Guy told off people who bought his game on steam. Yea, steam you know the bread and butter of your sales for your game. Then went on during that Q/A with Johnathon Blow to insult japanese developers and the culture, where pretty much the level headed Blow tried to salvage the whole thing. NEWS FLASH, FEZ'S basic pixel look and level design is owed to Japanese games from the late 80's and 90's. Guy needed a shrink or a leave from the internet and FEZ, but thought he was the best thing since sliced bread int eh industry, people called him out on his pretentciousness and he bitched, they bitched back. Dude needed to seriously just focus, release the game, let the reviews and sales speak for themselves, and then take a little vacation. The fact that so many Indie developers are successful withtout pissing off their fanbase is showing that it was more of him than anything. You Can't be toxic or reactive on the internet, there's no verbal or informational filter. If you said something in an email it's sent only to that person, or a letter even. You tweet or talk on a message board everyone can see it. And not everyone will understand the context of it. This video is just trying to say that "we don't understand Phil" making him the victim. He made himself the victim, and I feel bad for the guy because he's talented. And he had a ruff go just getting the game to market. But part of it was social, and he had this chip on his shoulder that doesn't need to be there. John blow doesn't act like he does, want to know why? He's got one game that people know about, the witness still isn't out yet. Team meat don't act like phil does?

Angel Flores : There was one mention of Anita Sarkeesian and people lose their goddamn minds.

Nevercake : I like the name Phil Fish. It sounds nice. Phil Fish. Phil Fisssh. I may have missed the point of this video. Fissssssssh.

Mirjam Heijn : This video is an amazing example of defending someone for not taking responsibility for their actions.

Cannibal Holocaust : *loud applause*

Pepe Mora : 18:23 I don't agree that if you are part of a "minority" you may experience worse levels of hatred in the same situation as Phil. Maybe I didn't understand that quite well. Anyway, good video.

Boomers gonna Boom : Okay, the part where people called him a racist for saying Japanese games suck? That's idiotic. Just because he said he doesn't like games from Japan doesn't mean he hates Japanese people. It means that he doesn't like a lot of the things you typically find in Japanese games these days, which is a sentiment I agree with.

ProtoMario : You can learn from other peoples mistakes, and if you learn fast enough, you can prevent yourself from becoming the next Phil Fish.

Dandvadan : saying anita is a hero is not positive for gaming

kingfrederik : I strongly disagree with your ending remarks about privilege and so on. The internet gives you the power to be anonymous and your ideas and thoughts are treated with similar scrutiny regardless. There are racists out there, I won't deny it, however, they do not number enough to destroy someone and their credibility just be being the wrong skin colour for example.

ɢᴀᴍᴇʀ ᴅᴜᴅᴇ™ : apparently stealing code from your former co-workers and using it without crediting them is A-OK

L'homme des citrons : I just watched this video, and imagine how notch felt when he watched this, and cried.

Satchbag's Goods : Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Solid thoughts. Looking forward to more. Got a Twitter handle?

Jimmy William : Probably the best video I've ever seen on the internet.

MeatBoyed : Phil Fish is amazing game developer. The gaming com is really harsh and blow things up. I do not think that Phil Fish is inocent. Nor do I think everything people say about him is right. I think that maybe we should all just live our lives and accept that we are all diffren. Thank you Phil Fish for making Fez.

Aeiou : Defending Anita Sarkeesian. A good thing. Pick one.

Alex Pack : Phil Fish is my hero.

Continue? : Great Job Ian.

Superkh13 : Damn, I didn't know who Phil was before, but now I fucking hate him. Thanks, I guess..?

75rmc75 : tying himself to Anita isn't a positive, bro.

Lucky Ted : Wow it just got social-justicey at the end.

Shadow111111 : This Is Phil Fish He's an idiot. End of video. Also this video is VERY about defending him.