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AliRaeLife : Six years and I am still personally victimized by this video

Aayushma Khadka : Mark Zuckerberg was a player back then😂😂

Swavi : Next video: "hi baby girl, I don't care about the restraining order, it's ok, I love you more than my cell mate loves doing pushups, it's ok I forgive you"

Nightshade Studios : *God has left the server.*

uniqua fan : I feel violated and threatened

Grundal : When the IHOP waitress smiles at you once.

lily chanel : *That was the longest **1:41** minutes in my life*

Low-Class Saiyan : When she says thanks for picking up her pencil.

cutswish : category: education

Gaster Blaster : I feel like I was just sexually assaulted

Jambalaya Jones : It would be 5% more tolerable if he’d stop rotating. 🤮

Sonia Romero : He literally owns one shirt and he isn't even wearing it...

Chiquis Moraila : Just imagine him rewatching this being like, heck yeah she is totally gonna be turned on😶🤭🤮

Jazmin_ G : If i was that baby girl i would not go to school the next day....

Try To Avoid Those Eyes : i want to leave this earth.

lalaisnthome : that's enough internet for today

Robin B : This is what you see during sleep paralysis

ch j : If i was the baby girl, i would have wanted to drop out of school...

LIBERTY PRIME : Please tell me this is a joke

Nanami Chan : Roleplay asmr be like 😂😂

Ziggy Stardust : "I don't want to live on this planet anymore." -Professor Farnsworth 3012

John Compton : Tip: Having "Goodbye Horses" playing in another tab really enhances this video.

Cory Bowers : This video inspired xxxtentacion's killers

Eamonn Doherty : This man needs to be put down

Shaka Smith : Watch out, Justin Timberlake! This guy's hot on your tail!

gabi polich : I legit started laughing cuz I was so uncomfortable 🤣🤣

Just your Average girl : HiS pArEnTs ShOuLd Be WaThcInG WhAt He DoEs On ThE iNtErnEt

Summers Life : The is so cringe and creepy

Dark Starz : Have I died and been sent to hell or is the devil forcing me to watch this😣

-VeX- : stop assuming my gender


ItzWafflezGaming : I feel scard and horrified

Coulda Been : Word on the street.... Mr. Logerado has a bloated 9 inch shaft. Breaking backs and shooting ropes.

Smyc1234 Ky123 : Thats just creepy SON

HGP : I feel like this is the ‘hi stranger’ video in real life

Johnna Cloud : He’s probably single 😂

Terri Hess : This guy makes me know never dating again IS THE BEST POLICY

Casta W/ Abigal Owo : When you just found out your a dweeb.

ToTheWindowToTheWall : Phone is bae😂

Paige_Was_Here : "ill see you at school tomorrow" goD i hope not

Just your Average girl : *WHAT DID HE DO TO HAVE TO APOLOGIZE?!* (literally anything this kid needs hAlP

Darrell Wilburn : I feel uncomfortable and embarrassed for no reason to hear what he is saying 😶

Crystal Waters : I kinda feel sorry for him.😔 I think he sent this to a girl he really liked and like a mean a**hole she spread it to the internet to make fun of him. I mean...this feels uncomfortably personal😳. Now so many people say mean things online but imagine in person....i mean it's soooo cringy...but he seems like he's a nice person.

Aditi Bora : Am i the only person who laughed ans wheezed throughout the whole video Jesus, i can't breathe😂

jonah hutchison : Is this screech from saved by the bell?

:Honey_Nut_Cheetos: : He must be smoking that good Home De *pot*

Max Sahni : 5 minutes into school shoot and chill and he gives you this look

Rebecca : this video took out my last brain cells

Léo Bergeron-Cyr : There is evil energy radiating from this video