Hi Baby Girl

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uniqua fan : I feel violated and threatened

Swavi : Next video: "hi baby girl, I don't care about the restraining order, it's ok, I love you more than my cell mate loves doing pushups, it's ok I forgive you"

Aayushma Khadka : Mark Zuckerberg was a player back then😂😂

Me myself and shane : It's ok,that u tried to escape my basement...

cutswish : category: education

Jamie Wagner : home depot?? wtf lmao...

Grundal : When the IHOP waitress smiles at you once.

Adrienne Sutherland : *God has left the server.*

Da Prinzess : Why does he look like shrek when he gets turned into a person

Ali Flake : Six years and I am still personally victimized by this video

Tim Nevelsteen : i really hope "baby girl" is still alive

nickfn : Plot twist turns out to be his little sister 😳

Rshnnn : Try not to feel violated challenge

lalaisnthome : that's enough internet for today

Kae _ : Can I punch him in the nose now! PLEASE

Sonia Romero : He literally owns one shirt and he isn't even wearing it...

Jazmin_ G : If i was that baby girl i would not go to school the next day....

Rabbid Rabbit : Wtf I'm scared to sleep

LIBERTY PRIME : Please tell me this is a joke

Try To Avoid Those Eyes : i want to leave this earth.

Joey Central : Believe it or not, but Asian women love guys like this.

ch j : If i was the baby girl, i would have wanted to drop out of school...

John Compton : Tip: Having "Goodbye Horses" playing in another tab really enhances this video.

Chiquis Moraila : Just imagine him rewatching this being like, heck yeah she is totally gonna be turned on😶🤭🤮

Gaster Blaster : I feel like I was just sexually assaulted

willow ian : why am i the only one here who wishes someone would love me enough to talk to me that way

Vette Wyatt : I feel violated,akward,andweird #leavethegirlsaloneCREEP

Coulda Been : Word on the street.... Mr. Logerado has a bloated 9 inch shaft. Breaking backs and shooting ropes.

Shadow girl 33 : He lives at home depot

Paige_Was_Here : "ill see you at school tomorrow" goD i hope not

Don't subscribe please : Girl: found death at her apartment room

Cory Bowers : This video inspired xxxtentacion's killers

Just your Average girl : *WHAT DID HE DO TO HAVE TO APOLOGIZE?!* (literally anything this kid needs hAlP

Leah Hopkins : At 1:20 when he starts lifting his eyebrows I instantly cringed, not just the eyebrow part all these vids of him just saying " hey baby girl, I love you so much. I miss you!" Or along those curtain lines. I would hate being this girl though. I mean if she loves him congrats but.... no

caitlin : lyrics: hi baby girl mm-hmm everythings okay i promise i forgive you its okay dont worry everythings going to be okay i love you i love you so much i love you more than there are grains of sand on every beach of every planet of every galaxy of the universe and i need you in my life i need you more than humans need water and foos to survive you mean more to me then home depot means to mr. lo dorado you mean more to me than just anything you mean more to me than golden diamonds mean to the greediest burglar and you're just the most perfect most beautiful girl in all of the world and i love you so much i hope you enjoy watching this baby girl *kiss* *laugh* see you at school tomorrow baby girl i love you *raises eyebrows* *laughs* *raises eyebrows* i do its true i love you more than anything else in the world *laughs* bye baby girl stay perfect just for me

Jimmy Jam : This honestly me and my bf with each other

Mario Gonzalez : I wish I was his baby gorl 😍😍

lily chanel : *That was the longest **1:41** minutes in my life*


cutie noodle : i feel sexually horrased and abused

WaffleGaming : I feel scard and horrified

HGP : I feel like this is the ‘hi stranger’ video in real life

♫ Hello ♫ : It would be 5% more tolerable if he’d stop rotating. 🤮

Aru Akane : Hi Baby Girl ;3

Just your Average girl : HiS pArEnTs ShOuLd Be WaThcInG WhAt He DoEs On ThE iNtErnEt

monkeywithachainsaw : i screamed half way through and just did not stop

Pɾⓘղċɛ : Wtf

BERNIE FOREVER Gay : This video makes me feel relieved to be a lesbian.

Facts Over Feelings : I feel bad for this kid🤦‍♂️you know how much shit he probably got for this😂

Ziggy Stardust : "I don't want to live on this planet anymore." -Professor Farnsworth 3012